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RaFromBRCwhat's the URL for anonymous checkout... i've tried, i get 301 errors00:38
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RaFromBRCah, found the doc i was looking for... sorry for the noise00:43
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GaryPosterHey--quick question. I wanted to switch from zope.i18nmessageid.MessageID to zope.i18nmessageid.Message and discovered that all kinds of stuff seems to be not hooked up for it. In my sandbox I've declared it to be a brick, in terms of; made it work in zope.i18n._translate; and started to get it to work in tal. Is this in fact the plan,and noone has gotten around to it yet, or am I missing something?05:46
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philiKONw000t. r3000015:59
srichterI really wanted that revision :-(16:01
philiKONbtw, i'm working on integrating modzope using wsgi16:04
srichternote that you might want to use the Twisted branch16:04
srichterI have solved the form problem there16:05
philiKONwhat was the form problem? a seek()?16:05
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srichterit is legel for WSGI for send empty headers16:07
srichterso some empty header existed and cgi.FieldStorage assumes, if its empty it is not there16:08
srichterso it did not know how to handle the request data16:08
srichterokay, time to install Mandriva 2005 LE16:09
srichterI should be back in a couple of hours :-)16:09
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philiKONhey GaryPoster16:19
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philiKONhaving gotten an exception while walking through the code with pdb, how do i see the whole traceback?17:52
Theunigood luck with import sys/import trackeback17:55
Theunidon't get a typo17:56
Theuniimport sys17:56
Theunid = sys.exc_info()17:56
Theunithen you're safe17:56
philiKONwhat's d then?17:56
Theuni(exception type, value, traceback)17:56
Theuniyou can pass the third element to traceback.tb_print() (or a similar named function that i can't remember right now)17:57
philiKON(Pdb) import sys17:57
philiKON(Pdb) d = sys.exc_info()17:57
philiKON> /Users/philipp/dev/Zope3/src/ZODB/FileStorage/
philiKON-> self._file = open(file_name, read_only and 'rb' or 'r+b')17:57
philiKON(Pdb) d17:57
philiKON*** Newest frame17:57
Theunithey myd = sys.exc_info()17:57
Theunidon't be picky :)17:57
philiKONgot it17:58
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philiKONi see now, 'd' was a variable in my frame17:58
philiKONtoo bad myd is an AttributeError while the exception was an IOError17:58
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Theunistill in the same frame?17:59
Theunimaybe someone masked it17:59
philiKONi think i got it now, just gotta repeat the whole procedure18:01
Theunii hate this. pdb support for looking into exceptions would be nice. never found anything that did it, though.18:03
Theunihm. what's the current ETA for zope 3.1?18:04
philiKONalpha next week18:04
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philiKONfound the problem18:06
regebroI have a vague memory of discussing with somebody about how to best make @@standard_macros work in Five.18:07
regebroYeah, I think so... :-)18:08
regebroBut I wasn't sure.18:08
philiKONi know we had a dispute over some emails :)18:08
regebroOh, was it email? :-) OK.18:08
regebroDid you look into it?18:09
regebro(It's not a dispute. I just made a quick hack, because i found the alternative painful and duplicating).18:09
philiKONno, i haven't yet, mostly because a) i had little time and b) you hadn't set up anything that would allow me to have a large enough basis to compare the results18:11
regebroOK. Whats a large enough basis? :)18:11
philiKONat a minimum some unit tests, even better would be a small demo product18:12
faassenyes, unit tests would be good.18:13
philiKONoh, hi fa18:14
philiKONfaassen i meant18:14
faassenregebro: as I don't think I can sell it for zope 2.8 otherwise, even if it otherwise is a bugfix.18:14
faassenphiliKON: hey. :)18:14
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regebroOK, I'll look into that then.18:14
faassenphiliKON: I'm trying to get the Five trunk into somekind of coherent state. I need to fix some bugs concerning some widgets. at least the checkbox widget is broken with Five, I discovered yesterday.18:14
faassenphiliKON: it expects you can do "'foo' in request"18:15
philiKONnot so good18:15
philiKONi haven't started my test cleanup yet18:15
faassenphiliKON: yup. so I need to make five monkeypatch a __contains__ into REQUEST I think.18:15
philiKONit's very high on my list18:15
faassenphiliKON: and for Zope 2.8 I can simply add it to request.18:15
philiKONsounds good to me18:15
faassenphiliKON: cool! I saw you were messing about with wsgi for modzope, that would be good.18:16
philiKONyes, that's what i'm doing right now18:16
faassenphiliKON: I really like the wsgi energy I've been seeing recently.18:16
philiKONso m any things i touched that weren't finished18:16
faassenphiliKON: fits the 'open up the zope 3'  theme song. :)18:16
philiKONi want to finish this modzope thing at least to get to a working state18:16
philiKONdebugging z3 within apache2 is so tedious18:18
th1aAiste:  ayt?18:19
th1aWrong room.18:19
faassenphiliKON: sounds that should get fixed too then. :)18:19
philiKONyay, I get an Unauthorized now18:20
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philiKONwhich means modzope works with filestorage, but not as a zeoclient18:20
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bradbHm, let me see if I've got this right: if I want to access my absolute_url view via obj/@@absolute_url and I want zapi.absoluteURL(obj, request) to work, I have to register two views, one unnamed, and one named absolute_url?21:45
philiKONone unnamed that provides IAbsoluteURL21:46
philiKONand one named "absolute_url" that provides, I think, Interface21:46
philiKONlook at
bradbi did :)21:47
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bradbit provides IAbsoluteURL21:47
bradber, well, the allowed_interface attribute is set to that21:48
philiKONthat's the first one21:48
philiKONthe named view21:48
bradbhaving to register is twice seems like a bug to me. as a user of this API, i was surprised that naming my adapter just broke.21:48
philiKONthe second one is the unnamed one21:48
bradber, naming my view just broke my zapi.absoluteURL calls, i meant to say21:49
philiKONwell, it's not a bug21:49
philiKONthat's how adapter lookup works21:49
philiKONyou need two different registrations21:49
bradbwhy can't it be smart enough to Just Work? i.e. in this case, why can't it just find the first registered view providing IAbsoluteURL?21:50
philiKONmaybe that's what the adapter machinery should do21:51
bradbthe current behaviour does not seem to be written to make paying clients happy :)21:51
bradbphiliKON: yeah, that's what i'm hinting at. :) i understand why it breaks currently though.21:51
philiKONnot sure what that has to do with the clients; they won't see the two registrations...21:51
philiKONwrite an email to the list and cc jim21:51
bradbthey just paid for an extra half hour of my time though :)21:51
bradbok, i'll email the list, thanks.21:52
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bradbphiliKON: Am I correct in understanding that nowadays that a <view></view> registration really registers an adapter? (i.e. views are simply adapters now?)22:09
philiKONabsolutely correct22:10
bradbok, thanks for your help, this email is almost ready to send :)22:10
bradbphiliKON: or, perhaps it should first try to find an adapter called absolute_url, and if not that, then perhaps an unnamed adapter that provides IAbsoluteURL?22:19
bradb"it", i.e. behind the scenes of zapi.absoluteURL.22:19
philiKONbradb, that would be a feasible solution, too22:20
philiKONthough your issue is really all about testing, right?22:20
philiKONbecause in a normal application, you always have the two adapters22:20
philiKON(unless you, for some reason, don't configure
bradbphiliKON: no, my issue is about making real world code work. i want just one registration for both /@@absolute_url and zapi.absoluteURL to Just Work.22:22
bradbgiven that /@@absolute_url seems to be the standard way to lookup a URL in ZPT, it seems surprising to me that zapi.aboluteURL attempts to find an unnamed adapter as its default behaviour.22:23
philiKONwell, actually it's ZPT that is stepping out of the lin22:23
philiKONin z3 there are two sorts of views22:23
philiKONviews that are presented to the user and are accessible thru some protocol (e.g. HTTP)22:24
philiKONthose are typically *named* views22:24
philiKONand there are views that are really adapters, but we call them (or used to call them) views because they also adapt the request in addition to the object22:24
philiKONnow, absolute url functionality is really not some view that gets presented to the user via HTTP22:24
philiKONyou can't type into your browser   http://server/object/absolute_url22:25
philiKONand you shouldn't22:25
philiKONabsolute url really is an adapter22:25
philiKONhowever, we have no way yet to look up views providing an interface a.k.a. adapters for object + request in zpt22:25
philiKONso, right now, we have to resort to looking it up by name in zpt22:26
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bradbphiliKON: yes, i've always been quite confused by thinking of having to get the absolute URL of an object via a "view" :)22:28
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philiKONwell, by terminology it *is* a view because it involves the request22:29
BjornTone option is to have the ztp-absolute_url use the unnamed adapter to do it's work, then it would Just Work if you register a new unnamed IAbsoluteURL22:30
philiKONthat would be even more complicated22:31
philiKONright now we have one comopnent22:31
bradbphiliKON: according to what you've just said though, the terminology seems like an accident of the implementation, rather than then intent of the implementation.22:31
philiKONand two registrations22:31
philiKONwith BjornT's idea, we'd need 2 components and 2 registrations22:31
bradbphiliKON: i.e. when you said "we have no way yet to  look up views providing an interface a.k.a. adapters for object + request in zpt"22:31
philiKONwell, that "aka" was just for your better understanding22:32
philiKONi think the definitions are quite clear22:32
philiKONalmost everything in z3 are either utilities or adapters22:32
philiKONsubscribers are adapters (they're subscription adapters)22:33
philiKONtheir use determines their name22:33
philiKONviews are adapters, their use and lookup determines their name22:33
philiKONetc. etc.22:33
BjornTphiliKON: think in terms when you have several IAbsoluteURL adapters. with the current solution you have to register it twice, with my solution only once. that way you also mark that zpt is special...22:33
bradbphiliKON: by the way, we've had a way to lookup views providing an interface for quite a while, afaik22:34
bradbi.e. getViewProviding22:35
philiKONyes, of course22:35
philiKONi'm quite aware of that22:35
bradbi was a bit confused when you said "ever, we have no way yet to look up views providing an interface..." :)22:35
bradber, however, that is22:36
philiKON"... in zpt" i meant22:36
philiKON(and i think i wrote)22:36
bradbah yes, ok, in zpt, fair enough22:36
philiKONmaybe it wasn't clear22:36
philiKONof course, youc an import zapi to zpt22:36
philiKONbut that's probably not the point22:36
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BjornTphiliKON: btw, today we have 2 components and 4 registrations, with my solution we'd have 3 component and 3 registrations. and for each new component there would be 1 more registration, instead of 222:46
philiKON4 registrations?22:47
BjornTyeah, 2 for AbsoluteURL and 2 for SiteAbsoluteURL22:48
philiKONah, ok22:48
philiKONfair enough22:48
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