IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-04-16

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philiKONmodzope works13:03
philiKONusing wsgi13:03
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philiKONsrichter, modzope works using wsgi!13:44
srichteryipee! :-)13:44
philiKONthough i can't get it to act as a zeo client13:44
srichterI don't know what that means13:45
srichterok, gotta reboot13:46
srichtermy sony keys stopped working :-(13:47
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philiKONsrichter, unless you use a threaded MPM in apache, multiple python interpreters are started (one for each process). the best way to deal with that situation is to have each one act as a zeoclient to a common zeo instance, so that they share the same zodb storage14:20
srichterI see14:21
philiKONright now, i'm using the worker MPM (threaded + fork model), but only with one process and multiple threads14:21
philiKONand filestorage14:21
philiKONmultiple processes might not be good idea for another reason, though14:22
philiKONfor each new process spawned, another zope 3 instance needs to be started14:22
philiKONwhich means the whole zcml config tree is loaded14:22
philiKONso, in the end, i might have to go with the threaded model anyways (although I've read there are subtle problems with it)14:22
philiKONanyway, i'd like to be able to use modzope as an apache client, whether it's necessary or not...14:23
philiKONdebugging zeo is hard, though14:23
philiKON(mainly because debugging threads is hard)14:23
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moodedhmm.. away-msg spam..15:33
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J1msrichter, ayt16:23
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C8Nhi steph18:56
srichterC8N: what's up? Time to play again? :-)19:04
C8Nyup. erar time to play :)19:05
C8Never, sorry19:05
C8Nbtw, referring to the hypotetical z3-app sprint in turin italy19:06
C8Nmy company sayd ni :(19:06
srichteroh well19:06
C8Ntoo earl, sayd my boss19:07
C8Ni've contacted giuseppe adel masini19:07
C8Nowner of also from turin19:07
C8Nand federico fog de gregorio (psychopg, pyorde), owner of, from turin too19:08
C8Nand debian italia speechman19:08
srichterso you all could start working on Zope 3 together19:09
srichterand then get Debian to use Zope 3, like Ubunu19:09
C8Nand luca ldw de vitis, debian packager for zope19:09
C8Nthey seem very excited, let's hope we can do something of it19:10
srichteryeah, did you suggest doing something concrete?19:11
C8Ni've send a mail with some date proposal for a pizza (zopyzza)19:12
C8Ni hope we meet together in front of a big birra and pizza, and plan something concrete, yes19:12
C8Npizza is a flat dish of bread with tomato and cheese19:13
C8Nbirra is beer19:13
C8Nzopyzza is the contraction of zope, python an pizza19:13
C8Nmeaning pizza meeting for zope and python developrs19:14
srichterI knew what birra and pizza were, though ;-)19:15
C8Nehehehe i was sure19:19
C8Njust poking19:19
C8N(i don't know any deutsche not knowin' pizza and birra)19:20
C8Nbtw, ehm, i've got to ask u a question19:20
C8Nmaybe in query.. can i?19:21
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J1msrichter, ayt?21:18
srichterJ1m: yeah21:18
srichterbut I am here with Itamar21:18
J1mHave a minute for a question?21:18
J1min zope.component.__init__21:19
J1mwhen defining adapters21:19
J1mwe have:21:19
J1mif IFactory.providedBy(factory):21:19
J1m            provides = factory.getInterfaces()21:19
J1mdo you know where that came from?21:19
J1mI'd really like to get rid of IFactory.21:19
srichterwhat do you mean where does this come from?21:20
J1mI don't know who wrote that code.21:20
J1mI assumed you did.21:20
J1mBut I don't know what the motivation for it is.21:20
srichterhold on, I am opening the file21:20
J1mfor example, line 31821:21
srichterI did not write getFactoriesFor21:21
J1mI'm talking about provideAdapter21:21
srichterand I did not write provideAdapter() :-)21:22
srichterI thought you did :-)21:22
srichterso I did not put that in there either21:22
J1mI did, but I don't think I had that IFactory crap.21:22
srichterbut it makes sense :-)21:22
J1mIt doesn't make sense to me.21:23
srichterif you really have a factory object, you really wanna know what the created object provides21:23
srichternot what the factory implements21:23
J1mIFactory is an ancient burnt offering to support factories21:23
srichterthen deprecate it21:23
J1mI will eventually21:24
srichterthough getFactoriesFor is a nice API function I bet many use21:24
J1mIFactory was never intended for adapters21:24
srichterjust remove it and wait for someone to scream :-)21:24
J1mIt was for the old factory concept, as in for createObject.21:24
srichterI know21:25
J1mBut somebody probably added this code for a reason.21:25
J1mOK, anyway, you don't know about it.21:25
srichternope, I don't21:25
srichterok, back to twisting my mind in zope 321:26
C8NJ1m: svn blame didn't help?21:26
J1mNo, it blames srichter and myself21:26
J1mI'll probably try to take this code out and see if any tests fail.21:27
C8Nand drilling down to the referenced revision?21:27
J1mI'd have to go past that.21:27
J1moh well, I'll figure it out21:29
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J1msrichter, you did add that code21:35
srichterI cannot recall; maybe something broke?21:36
J1myes, in 2914321:36
srichtermmh, no clue21:36
* C8N gives J1m a whip...21:39
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