IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-04-17

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srichterhey guys03:12
srichterwe basically got SSL working via Twisted now03:12
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srichterMistaTopfa: looking at Z3 these days? :-)14:29
MistaTopfai try to ;-)14:32
MistaTopfamaybe I get further than last time ;-)14:39
srichteryou will! :-)14:39
MistaTopfabtw, how can I switch the language to english? I am a bit confused by the german names ;-)14:39
srichtergot a book, wither mine or Philip's?14:39
MistaTopfa(except switching my browser)14:39
srichterwhat browser do you use?14:39
MistaTopfaI got both14:40
srichterwell, the browser is it14:40
MistaTopfayou cannot hardwire it?14:40
srichterthat's the default language negotiator14:40
MistaTopfaok, will do the browser thing then14:40
srichteryes, but you have to write your language negotiator, which would just return 'en'14:40
srichter(it's not hard, though)14:40
srichterI think Philip's book describes how to do it14:41
MistaTopfaguess so but I will postpone this right now ;-)14:41
MistaTopfaok, will search for it in there, then14:41
MistaTopfanow first I will cook some lunch :)14:41
srichteryeah, that's important14:43
philiKONMistaTopfa, you can hard wire it; look at the wcsite package on worldcookery.com14:47
philiKONMistaTopfa, there i hardwired it to english14:47
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MistaTopfaphiliKON: thx, will have a look at that16:03
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* MistaTopfa still does not understand why the title of a field in a schema is defined inside the actual contant component and not the view..18:45
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