IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-05-04

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mgedminaren't relative imports frowned upon in Zope 3 sources?13:40
* mgedmin sees "from submit import Update" in
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projekt01mgedmin, I think so.13:52
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VladDracnot only frowned upon, they might break/fail your code13:57
* VladDrac ran into that a while ago13:57
SteveAhave an __import__ hook when running zope3 tests13:58
SteveAthat ensures that relative imports either fail tests, or raise warnings13:58
* SteveA is doing something similar for launchpad, but not for relative imports13:58
SteveAhas anyone been running zope3 on amd64 boxes?14:36
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* VladDrac 's diving into his workflow issues again14:58
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VladDracI just might have fixed it now14:59
VladDracbut knowing my current zope3 karma, I probably haven't14:59
VladDracindeed I haven't15:00
VladDracgaryposter are you around?15:04
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VladDraccan you just add Zope3 (persistent) objects to a PersistentDict (that itself is member of a persistent object?15:09
VladDracthe persistent dict doesnt' seem to have a _p_jar15:09
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* VladDrac is totally confused by containment, persistency, annotation, persistendicts etc15:32
MacYET__named utilities are unique in z3?15:41
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SteveAVladDrac: you can just set persistent objects in a PersistentDict.  that's the point.15:51
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VladDracwhat's happening is that a standard Zope3 content type is adapted to a ProcessInstanceContainerAdapter15:55
VladDracwhich uses a PersistentDict in the annotation to store other workflow process instances15:55
VladDracsomewhere in this process, persistency fails15:56
VladDraczope/app/keyreference/persistent is looking for a _p_jar somewhere in the parent chain, which fails here15:57
VladDracprobably because the Persistent doesn't have one15:57
SteveAif it is a newly added PersistentDict, then it won't have one until the transaction is committed15:58
VladDracit is15:58
VladDracshould I commit in between then?15:58
SteveAif that kind of thing is the problem, then the solution is to use _p_jar.add15:58
VladDrac(all of this is not my code)15:58
SteveAyou need to use _p_jar.add()15:58
SteveAyou need to use _p_jar.add(the_dict)15:58
SteveAso, you need to get the database connection from somewhere15:58
VladDracah ok15:58
VladDracI can do that15:59
SteveAthen, the persistent dict will have a _p_oid and a _p_jar15:59
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ignasany Zope experts around ? :)16:09
ignaswhat is the exact purpose of includeOverrides directive ?16:10
SteveAit allows you to include an override.16:10
SteveAinclude says "include this in the bunch of zcml actions parsed so far, and take note of any conflicts"16:10
SteveAincludeOverrides says "let any conflicts be resolved by making the included zcml directive's actions win"16:11
ignaswell the code says otherwise16:11
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ignas_context.actions[nactions:] = newactions => none of the previously contained actions were harmed during the course of this function ...16:12
ignasi mean if i do config.resolveConflicts(_context.actions) before includeOverrides, and i am not geting errors16:13
ignasi should have no errors after includeOverrides unless includeOverrides failed itself16:13
ignasyet somehow i manage to get conflicting directives error after a succesfull pass of the function ...16:14
ignasat least that is what i would expect from the directive, remove old actions in favor of new actions they are conflicting with ... yet show me the part in the function that finds old actions that will be overriden and removes them ...16:16
SteveAignas: write a doctest that illustrates the problem16:16
ignasi'll try16:17
VladDracI know I've said this before16:29
VladDracbut I really give up now :)16:29
* VladDrac will just hack a workaround into zope3, report a bug and hope that someone will fix it16:29
VladDracthis is just too broken and way beyond my knowledge16:29
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ignasSteveA, sorry for false alarm, aparently i misunderstood the way includes work (i thought old ones should be removed), and the problems was in using ajivi-ftesting.zcml to include ftesting overrides, which aparently was the wrong way ...16:46
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jeruhi all, to start with zope3 I want to create a custom skin. but how can I replace the standard navigation tree page template in my skin ?18:28
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projekt01Did you inherit your skin from Rotterdam?18:29
jeruprojekt01: I used the Boston skin as base18:30
projekt01Ok, let me deep into the packages shortly18:31
jeruprojekt01: thx18:31
jeruprojekt01: I created a simple tableless layout so far which works quite well right now18:32
projekt01Take a look a the This is the source for the tree where is used in the Boston skin.18:33
jeruprojekt01: ok ... thanks for the hint :)18:33
projekt01You can simply add your own package for a navigation tree and register then like the default tree is registered in...18:33
projekt01Hope this pagelet concept is understandable ;-)18:34
jeruprojekt01: for now it's quite ok for me as Zope newbie ;-)18:35
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projekt01jeru, Give me some feedback if the Boston skin and the pagelets are not understandable or to complex.18:39
jeruprojekt01: I'll do so :)18:39
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jeruprojekt01: the custom nav tree is working now in my skin ... thanks again for your help :)19:18
projekt01jeru, Cool, this was quick. Did you implement it as a pagelet?19:19
jeruprojekt01: yep19:19
projekt01jeru, keep in mind that the Boston skin is in a early state and not finished.19:21
projekt01We will add nested menus later and also improve the tree.19:22
projekt01If you have a better version of a navigation tree, fell free to commit it to the skintools19:22
jeruprojekt01: I have to hurry because I want to finish the new project site for our OSS project till the weekend19:22
jeruprojekt01: I think I will contribute the whole skin ... if my tests where successful19:23
projekt01Drop me a note about the URL of the project if you are finish.19:23
jeruprojekt01: ok19:23
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jeruprojekt01: btw, how stable is the LDAP authentication ?19:28
jeruand is there sth like a generic LDAP adapter on a todo list ?19:31
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srichterjeru: there is a working LDAP authentication in the repo22:45
srichterit is not part of the core checkout, because it requires the ldap lirary that does not come with python by default22:45
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SteveAsrichter: did you make changes to the zcml parsing code to support apidoc?23:03
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srichterat least not recently23:04
SteveAperhaps a while ago23:05
SteveAi was trying to implement some directive handlers23:05
srichterwe added some code that keeps track of registered directives for documentatoin23:05
SteveAand i discovered that there's some code that keeps track of registered directives for documentation ;-)23:05
SteveAthat requires attributes to be present that aren't described in the interfaces23:05
srichteryes, that was done before 3.023:05
SteveAso makes the code very difficult to extend or to provide alternative implementations for23:05
SteveAi think i'm the only person so far to need to supply an alternative implementation for the directive handlers23:06
srichterI did not relalize someone would ever want to componentize zope.configuration23:06
SteveAbut, when i was looking at it, i wasn't sure what the values are exactly for23:06
SteveAso i didn't feel in a position to just add them23:06
srichterok, I see23:07
SteveAcan we take a look at it together sometime?23:07
SteveAwhat timezone are you on?23:07
SteveAi'm around generally from 7am UTC until 7pm UTC23:10
SteveAmy use-case was writing something that will parse all the zcml my project is using, but not process the browser: directives23:10
SteveAso, i used a config engine that uses "null" factories / processors for browser directives23:11
srichteroh, I see23:15
srichterI have a look before tomorrow then23:15
SteveAthere's no big rush for me23:15
SteveAbut i'd like to get it sorted out, and i think you have the most knowledge in this area23:16
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