IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2005-05-03

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Damasceneoh no08:53
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philiKONMacYET, !12:22
mgedminzope 3 url traversers are too difficult12:25
MacYETcan you explain why utilities registered with a factory can not be created through createObject()?12:25
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MacYETtarek_: you're working with textindexng in cps?12:26
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tarek_hello MacYET,12:39
tarek_It's not the default one yet but will be. It is in some products12:40 might look at txng v312:45
tarek_oh, ok12:50
tarek_thanks for the tip12:50
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tarek_is this something you've just released ?12:53
MacYEThopefully during the next days12:54
MacYETit's in the cvs12:54
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tarek_cool :)12:57
MacYETpreparing beta 1 now13:10
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MacYETtarek_: b1 is available from SF13:19
tarek_ok i'll check for it today or tomorrow thks13:26
tarek_so you dropped left truncation ?13:26
MacYETi re-added it on sunday13:30
MacYETalthough it is an expensive operation13:30
tarek_so have you planned a Z3 version yet ?13:31
MacYETthe core is z3-ish13:32
MacYETthe z2 stuff is just a thin layer13:32
tarek_i've read Jim's doc on Z3 Catalog on CVS, it's quite interesting13:32
tarek_oh ok13:32
MacYETon top of the core13:32
MacYETmeans, you need zope 2.813:32
MacYETbut the core is z3 only13:33
MacYETno z2 magic :)13:33
VladDractarek> which doc/where?13:45
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VladDrac    def __setitem__(self, key, object):14:48
VladDrac        "See IProcessInstanceContainer"14:48
VladDrac        # We cannot make the message the parent right away, since it is not14:48
VladDrac        # added to any message board yet;14:48
VladDrac        setitem(self, self.wfdata.__setitem__, key, object)14:48
VladDraclooks a bit messageboard specific :)14:48
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* VladDrac found out what's wrong15:15
VladDracthe mix catalog + workflow + intid15:15
VladDraccatalog subscribes to IntIdAddedEvent and attempts to index the catalog15:16
VladDracwhich simply fails for some workflow machinery (that shouldn't be indexed in the first place)15:16
VladDracdamn why is so slow?15:24
VladDracyay! bug fixed15:26
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VladDracmy fix won't work16:31
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* VladDrac wonders if his code will ever work16:56
* VladDrac tests zope-hack #90238923416:59
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VladDracand it fails17:02
VladDractime to abort my project and start doign something usefull17:02
VladDraczope3 is just not ready yet for me :(17:03
MacYETtake a beer and php17:06
VladDracyeah or worse, plone17:06
VladDracbut at least it has a working catalog/workflow combination17:06
GaryPosterVladDrac: the original traceback you sent indicates that the workflow object has not yet been added to the ZODB.17:07
GaryPosterI don't know anything about that workflow package, so I can't help you there.17:07
GaryPosterBut basically, if you can see someplace in the workflow code where the object is being added to a parent (already in the ZODB), and move it to before where you are encountering the problem, then that might help.17:08
VladDracthe catalog/intid is trying to index the workflow object. Don't know why it fails, but it doesn't make any sense, but *every* workaround I try has sideeffects17:09
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GaryPosterIt fails because they can only work with objects that have been added to the ZODB.17:09
GaryPosterYou can actually hack around this, even, I think--give the object a connection before you know where you want to put it--but the better approach is to try and add it to the database first,17:10
GaryPosterAnd yes, the catalog/workflow story needs a more user/developer-friendly story.17:11
VladDrachow do you add it to the database?17:12
GaryPosterSo moving on might be a good solution for now.  If you want to explore a bit more, I'd try to figure out where the workflow object is added and make it happen before the event is fired that kicks the catalog/intid utility17:12
VladDraca setitem() is being done17:12
GaryPosterTo what?  Before the event is fired?17:13
VladDracdoesn't setitem() trigger the event?17:13
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GaryPosterdepends on the container17:13
GaryPoster(I'm sorry, I really know nothing about that workflow package)17:14
GaryPosterbut yes, usually.17:14
VladDracok, well the workflow tool is trying to add some state to my object, this causes an ObjectAdded event, which the IntId tool intercepts, whch the catalog intercepts which tries the to index the specific workflow object17:15
* VladDrac often gets lost17:15
GaryPosterheh, understood.17:15
GaryPosterI know the intid/catalog stuff.  Give me a module and line number for the workflow tool bit?17:16
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VladDraclet's see17:17
GaryPosterAlso, has your object already been added to a container at this point?17:18
GaryPoster(a container which is itself already connected, eventually, to the Zope root?)17:18
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VladDracit's in the process of being added17:20
VladDracadding the object triggers both catalog and workflow subscribers17:20 ProcessInstanceContainerAdapter.__setitem__ plays a role17:20
VladDracah yeah, that addapts IAnnotatable to erm...17:21
VladDracsomething else :)17:21
VladDracdef NewObjectProcessInstanceCreator(obj, event):17:24
GaryPosteryeah, it looks like your context (your object) hasn't been added to a container yet, so it doesn't have a connection yet.  Either that, or the annotation you're using has a bug...hoping that's not the case.17:25
VladDrac            pi_container[pd_name] = pi17:25
GaryPosteryou ok with pdb?17:25
* VladDrac 's been pdbing for two days now :)17:25
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GaryPosterlol.  I'd try a pdb in app/worflow/ the __init__ of ProcessInstanceContainerAdapter...and see if context has a ._p_jar attribute17:26
VladDrachold on need to revert my workarounds17:27
GaryPosterok cool, need to do some work :-).  ping me when you're ready.17:27
VladDrac> /home/ivo/Work/Zope3/Zope3-svn/src/zope/app/workflow/
VladDrac-> self.context = context17:28
VladDrac(Pdb) print self._p_jar17:28
VladDrac*** AttributeError: 'ProcessInstanceContainerAdapter' object has no attribute '_p_jar'17:28
GaryPosterprint context._p_jar17:30
GaryPostercontext is your object?17:31
VladDrac(Pdb) print context17:31
VladDrac<cubic.types.document.Document object at 0xb677bf6c>17:31
VladDracit is17:31
GaryPosterso that's the root of the problem (or getting closer to it, at least): context must have a _p_jar by now.17:31
GaryPosterusually that happens by having put your object in or on another object that already is in the ZODB.17:33
VladDracafaik I'm depending on the basic Zope3 machinery here17:33
GaryPosterYour code needs to make sure that happens before you do whatever you do that's running this code (waves hands)17:33
VladDracerm and well, workflow stuff of course17:33
GaryPostergive me a 'w'.17:33
GaryPosteri.e., pdb 'where'17:34
VladDrac <- there17:34
GaryPosterk one sec17:34
GaryPosterp context.__parent__17:36
GaryPosterfor me?17:36
GaryPosterk.  brb.17:38
GaryPosterback.  What version of Zope 3 is this?17:40
GaryPosterNot head, right?17:40
GaryPosterah, here's the problem.17:41
GaryPosterthe workflow stuff is connected to the create event.  This workflow code can't work connected to the create event.17:42
GaryPosterit can work connected to the add event.17:43
GaryPosterthe create event is fired before the object gets added to the database17:44
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GaryPosterdid you hook the event up (in zcml) or was that in Zope 3 proper?17:44
GaryPosterI mean, is this potentially a bug in your zcml or is it a bug in the Zope 3 zcml?17:46
GaryPosterVladDrac, ping me (write my nick) when you reply...17:48
VladDracI didn't add any events for this (garyposter)17:48
GaryPoster:-) that was quick17:49
VladDracgary all I'm doing is mix catalog and workflow17:50
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GaryPosterVladDrac: sorry, my client crashed :-(17:54
VladDrac<VladDrac> gary all I'm doing is mix catalog and workflow17:54
VladDracis what you might have missed17:54
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GaryPosterRight, so here's the problem: zope/app/workflow/stateful/configure.zcml line 127.  Like I said, I don't know the workflow package, but that should not be a create event subscription.17:56
GaryPosterthat should be to in order for what you want to work.17:59
VladDracah ok18:00
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VladDracI assume I'm not the only one right? :)18:00
GaryPostersrichter, does anyone maintain
GaryPosterJim thinks its not really maintained18:01
* VladDrac has to leave in a few minutes18:01
VladDracbut I'll try the new event first18:01
VladDracproblem seems to remain18:02
VladDracrestarted yeah18:04
VladDracadded the breakpoint again - context now has a proper parent18:05
GaryPosterok, next time you want to tackle this send me the traceback18:05
VladDracgottago now18:06
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* Theuni notes that there would be potential for gocept's workflow engine to make it to the Zope 3 world in some future18:08
GaryPosteryep, that would be good.  Jim has some workflow code in zope/wfmc that we're using internally18:11
GaryPosterbut it needs a lot of connecting wires18:11
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srichterGaryPoster: I maintain it as it is in my and Phillip's book18:19
srichterI will fix it for the release again18:19
GaryPosterok, cool.  thanks18:19
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J1msrichter, ayt?22:36
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xerophytehow can i check out the zope3 dev book from svn.. just wanna know the URL for the book22:46
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