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projekt01srichter, did you see my mail about the ErrorReportingUtility? I run into this because I use the ++apidoc++.00:51
srichteryes, but I have not checked it out00:51
srichterI'll look at it tomorrow00:51
projekt01I'm sure I missed somthing to register for the apidoc, but I can't see what.Because the error of the utility00:51
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VladDracsrichters book describes a 'tools' tab11:59
VladDracwith what has it been replaced? :)11:59
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VladDrachmm, should I create statefull workflows next to workflowmanager in my sites default folder?15:34
VladDrac(I guess things have changed alot in trunk since srichters book)15:34
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VladDracsrichter do you happen to know the current state of
* VladDrac 's currently even getting stacktraces when trying stuff15:43
srichterI only know that the 3.0 version works15:44
srichterit probably needs some fixing15:44
VladDracok I got something working15:45
VladDracand it broke again15:51
VladDrac  File "/home/ivo/Work/Zope3/Zope3-svn/src/zope/app/keyreference/", line 65, in connectionOfPersistent15:51
VladDrac    raise ValueError('Can not get connection of %r' % (ob,))15:51
VladDracValueError: Can not get connection of < object at 0xb398fd2c>15:51
VladDracand svn is dead15:52
VladDracmust be monday :(15:52
VladDracmight be that my catalog is conflicting15:54
VladDracwhat's the different between adding components to the 'default' sitemanager and by using 'site management'16:04
VladDracexcept that the latter gives a 'tools' folder16:04
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VladDracok, I guess order is important16:47
VladDracworkflow + definition before intid + catalog16:48
VladDracthen it works16:48
VladDracuntil you add content, of course16:48
VladDracstuff all of a sudden needs to be contained16:58
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VladDracfor some reason, my object provides IContained but has no __parent__ (when adding)17:07
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* MacYET bangs his head against the wall17:22
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* MacYET wonders if registering factories as utilities is a good thing17:25
VladDracI guess if it makes sense..17:26
MacYETcan utilities be attributes of persistent class?17:31
VladDracI think they can - isn't that how sitemanagers work?17:32
MacYETno idea17:32
* MacYET needs a shower to think about the problem17:32
VladDrachmm most of my workflow experiments fail TTW, but succeed from code17:55
VladDracbut in the end, I still don't get a workflow tab anywhere17:55
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GaryPosterMacYET: It'd be better if ya didn't stash the persistent utility, stylistically18:08
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MacYETmy problem is another one: the utility registry fools me18:11
MacYET<utility provides="someinterface" factory="...."> is the registration and zapi.getUtilitesFor(someinterface) returns []18:12
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* VladDrac should read better18:19
* VladDrac forgot to implement an interface18:19
VladDraclet's see if it works now18:19
VladDrac  File "/home/ivo/Work/Zope3/Zope3-svn/src/zope/interface/", line 406, in adapter_hook18:23
VladDrac    adapter = factory(object)18:23
VladDrac  File "/home/ivo/Work/Zope3/Zope3-svn/src/zope/app/keyreference/", line 65, in connectionOfPersistent18:23
VladDrac    raise ValueError('Can not get connection of %r' % (ob,))18:23
VladDracValueError: Can not get connection of < object at 0xb677beec>18:23
VladDracthis is *really* getting annoying by now :(18:24
VladDracI give up18:25
VladDracfor now18:26
VladDraczope3 is not ready for lamers like me I guess18:27
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VladDrac^- that's me swearing18:39
* MacYET throws python against the wall18:45
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bskahananyone know why went away?19:39
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illingi work for an open source consulting company that is looking to deploy Zope21:03
illingi'm unable to find any production servers running Zope X3 that I can check out21:03
illingcan anyone point me to a list of sites or name a few sites that are running Zope X3 that i can look at?  please?21:03
* illing rocks out to the new wave sounds of The Crickets21:05
C8Nthe developer site of ubuntu, for example21:06
C8Nafaik, is powered by z321:06
illingthank you C8N21:07
C8Nde nada21:09
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illingchatty bunch ;)22:27
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