IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-05-01

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VladDracif I want to do something with workflow, what's a good start? eventworkflow from svn or the package?13:33
VladDracI'll go for :)13:39
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dipeshhi develsa18:31
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dipeshIs someone aware of the RestrictedPython code? I am one of the devels of KOffice/Kexi and we use python as embedded interpreter. As you may imagine we need some kind of dandbox/security-model and from validating last weeks what is possible with python I note the great Zope3 RestrictedPython codebase. So, I like to use it to secure our embedded system at least a bit. Question is, if someone is aware of more documentation/examples or w18:36
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dipeshlooks like noone is aware of RestrictedPython?! :-(18:55
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mexiKONdipesh, we're all out for sunday :)21:58
dipeshhi mexiKON. ok, thanks. Will try to ask next days then :)21:58
mexiKONdipesh, also, i *think* that RestrictedPython was implemented (or ported) by Fred. you could email him directly (
dipeshgr8, ok. will mail him then. thanks again :)22:00
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