IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-04-30

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VladDraccan't resolve this conflict12:02
VladDracah fixed12:12
* VladDrac mixed up some interfaces and definitions12:12
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* VladDrac 's heard some negative remarks about 'registries' here - what's that all about?14:31
VladDrac(to me a registry is just a utility where you register and lookup stuff)14:31
philiKONmost of the time that's even unnecessary14:31
philiKONutilities in itself can most of the time the stuff you want to lookup14:32
philiKONso, you can use the utility lookup facility for a registry14:32
srichterVladDrac: often one utility is one element in your registry14:34
srichterfor exampl, every database adapter instance is a utility providing IDatabaseAdapter14:34
srichteryou can then say: getUtilitiesFor(IDatabaseAdapter) which will give you all DB adapter instances14:35
VladDracso why not getUtilitiesFor(ISmileyInterface)? :)14:37
srichtersame idea14:38
srichterwell, every smiley theme is a utility14:38
srichterbut I decided that it would be too tedious if every smiley would be a utility as well14:38
srichterbecause a single smiley is looked up by smiley interface, theme interface and name14:39
srichterso I would have needed to create an interface for each theme14:39
srichterwhich I did not want to do14:39
projekt01How do I lookup adapters for a class? I know I can register the adapter for classes as well, but that's not the case.15:07
projekt01 I have to check if I have to create a object if there will be a adapter otherwise I don't create the object form the class.15:07
srichteryou lookup adapters for a class the same way as regular adapters15:14
srichterif you want to talk to the adapter registry directly via lookup(), then you need to get the specification for the class15:15
srichtersimply check out how the registration for class adapters is done15:15
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MacYETanyone awake?15:21
MacYETcan i do the following easier:15:24
MacYETif Isomething.providedBy(obj) or zapi.queryAdapter(obj, ISomething):...15:25
srichteryou can do just the latter15:29
srichterif obj provides ISomething, then ISomething(obj) will return obj15:30
srichterso in effect, you can do:15:30
MacYETso an object implementing IX adapts to itself?15:30
srichterif ISomething(obj):15:30
MacYETbut ISomething.providedBy(obj) does not check if there any adapters?15:32
srichterof course not15:35
MacYETif ISomething(obj) because it might raise an exception...ugly15:38
srichterthen you need to use zapi.queryAdapter as you suggested before15:39
srichterwhich is effectively the above call, but with an exception handler15:39
MacYETbut queryAdapter requires the 'name' attribute which is unknown to the application if someone resgisters an adapter under a certian name15:39
srichterwell, everything is nameless15:41
projekt01srichter, thanks I'll try this.15:42
srichterISomething(obj) --> zapi.getAdapter(ISomething, obj, name='')15:42
srichterbecause it makes really no sense to ask: do you have any adapter for obj providing ISomething15:43
MacYETah...Isomething(obj, None) works.15:43
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* MacYET beats philiKON for his docs15:43
srichterbecause you do not know the name15:43
srichterMacYET: oh, totally forgot about this Zope 3 extension to the feature :-)15:43
* MacYET writes the everything-you-should-know-about-z3-book15:44
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MacYETok, got it working :)15:47
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* MacYET really starts to love z315:59
VladDraclet's find out today if I can define dynamic constraints :)15:59
VladDracif I derive from an interface (IContained) then I end up with an interface, right?16:20
VladDracraise TypeError(iface_type, "is not an interface type")16:20
VladDraczope.configuration.config.ConfigurationExecutionError: exceptions.TypeError: (<InterfaceClass cubic.core.interfaces.ICubicContentContained>, 'is not an interface type')16:20
VladDracif I explicitly implement the interface in my content type, it works, if I try to add the interface through zcml, it doesn't16:29
VladDracstuff like this confuses me like hell16:29
VladDrachmm okay I think I know what I'm doing wrong I guess16:30
VladDracstill confuses me though :)16:31
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* VladDrac shoud use the introspector more often16:51
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philiKONMacYET, what's wrong now18:01
philiKONMacYET, i'm pretty sure my book explains that if obj provides ISomething, ISomething(obj) will return obj18:02
MacYETat least i did not find it18:07
srichterthe thing is that books are often not flexible enough for immediate needs18:15
srichterI think we need some sort of info-tidbit database that has a very good idex that can be searched18:16
srichter(like "Did you know?" for applications)18:16
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srichterhey, would anyone here be interested in coming to a Zope 3 sprint to Boston this summer?20:02
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