IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2005-04-29

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* VladDrac (zope3)11:33
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* VladDrac wanted to implement something, thought up what would be the zope3 way to do it (using an adapter), implemented it11:59
VladDracand it works!11:59
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* VladDrac is trying to find the zope3 way of writing a generic form + template14:39
VladDracin CMF/Plone you can just implement a form, some pythonscript, optionally use CMFFormController14:39
VladDracI wonder if I have to encapsulate my form action into a utility first14:39
VladDrac(most stuff until now was just generated)14:39
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* VladDrac is having a relatively good Zope3 day15:28
srichterI told you you would be productive soon ;-)15:33
* MrTopf is again buried in client work..15:35
MacYETshoot the client15:35
MrTopfshooting the client is like shooting myself at some point ;-)15:35
MacYETfirst get the gun, then get the customers money and then kill 'im15:36
MrTopftry to get some z3 playing done at the weekend15:36
* MacYET heads for a textindexng 3 release15:36
* faassen has developed evil plans to use Zope 3 tech for client work. :)15:37
* MacYET starts writing his first adapter15:38
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MacYETfaassen: how do i model the following with five: TXNG expects that objects implement IIndexable to be indexed by TXNG. Plone objects don't implement that interface. Can I tie somehow adapters to classes instead to interfaces?15:43
VladDracyou can configure zcml to link interfaces to plone content, right?15:45
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MacYETplone content has interfaces? :-)15:45
MacYETmaybe with ATCT15:45
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VladDracuse <bridge> perhaps?15:46
* VladDrac 's not familiar enough with five15:46
VladDrachmm wait15:46
VladDrac  <implements15:46
VladDrac      class="Products.CMFDefault.Document.Document"15:46
VladDrac      interface=".interfaces.IDublinCore"15:46
VladDrac      />15:46
VladDracbut you don't want to define this explicitly for all content I assume15:47
faassenMacYET: you can adapt classes, but you could also use five:interface to tel them what interface they have, or use the aforementioned five:bridge15:47
faassenMacYET: look at how Five deals introduces Zope 3 interfaces.15:47
faassenMacYET: or look at how CMFonFive, I believe, might use bridge to convert Z2 interfaces into Z3 ones.15:47
faassenMacYET: possibly that's five:implements, I always mix them up. :)15:47
MacYETmost plone contenttypes don't have any interface :)15:47
MacYETexcept ICrap15:48
* MacYET hides15:48
faassenthen you invent them yourself, perhaps marker ones.15:48
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faassenI'm not a plone hacker, I'm fine with you saying it's ICrap. :)15:48
faassenfaassen: anyway, follow the pattern we use inside five to tell Zope 2 that it has Zope 3 interfaces.15:48
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VladDracif my interface defines a field 'foo', is an object implementing the appropriate attribute required to name it 'foo' as well?16:27
mexiKONof course16:28
VladDracok, so class bar: implements(IFoo) \n blah = FieldAttribute(IFoo['foo']) should not occur16:29
mexiKONright; it wouldn't make much sense anyway16:29
VladDracand, therefor, from an adapter that adapts IFoo I can assume the field foo will be available as self.context.foo16:30
VladDracmexikon: it doesn't, just want to be sure - there's nothing (except common sense) from doing it, right?16:30
mexiKONwell, IFoo describes an api16:31
mexiKONby saying implements(IFoo), a class promises that contract16:31
mexiKONthe 'foo' attr is part of the contract16:32
mexiKONso, you'd be violating the contract (and not be compliant with the IFoo api)16:32
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VladDracis it possible to define a zmi action for a (site) folder and all its subfolders?16:45
srichterhdima: yeah, test 29 is incorrect16:45
VladDracand (related to me) how do I get the url for the nearest sitefolder?16:45
* VladDrac isn't used to not having implicit acquisition 16:45
* MacYET takes the stick16:46
srichterI think this is: getSiteManager(location)16:47
srichterin zope.component16:47
srichteralso in zapi, I assume16:47
VladDracno shortcuts available in any skin macros?16:52
srichterI don't think so16:53
srichteryour view class should handle such logic anyway16:53
srichterZPTs should never contain logic16:53
MacYETany plans to tie browserview classes to a dedicated interface and permission and make the zcml configuration a bit easier?16:54
mexiKONyou can use adapts()16:54
mexiKON(in zope 3.1)16:55
hdimasrichter: Ok. tal code is so hard to understand... %-)16:57
mexiKONhdima, tal code makes you fall on your knees and cry16:57
srichterhdima: I think you are a brave man for trying to fix the problem! :-)16:57
srichterhdima: I have never done anything productive on the code, just helped people find possible places for trouble16:58
mexiKONanyone fixing bugs in tal code should get the zope medal of tal honour16:58
srichterI agree16:58
MacYETpurple heart medal16:58
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hdimaMaybe later I'll be ready for some refactorings in the code :))17:02
mexiKONthat code isn't worth the sweat17:03
mexiKONa spec-compliant rewrite would probably be quicker :)17:03
hdima...but not now definitely %))17:03
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faassenmexiKON: If people pay me I'll do a reimplementation on top of libxml2. :)17:24
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VladDraczope3 has stopped being nice18:12
VladDracit now dumps the same piece of zcml 4 times complainign about a conflict18:12
VladDrachmm wait, it's 4 different times for 4 different attributes18:12
VladDractrying to redefine folder permissions (because I derive from it)18:13
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efgeVladDrac: btw does still work well for you ?19:29
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VladDracefge yes21:33
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