IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2005-04-28

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srichterhey, does anyone know a resource that provides a good algorithm to calculate the next occurrence of an event based on cron-like data?03:20
srichterhazmat: do you know any?03:20
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* MacYET is away: troll hunting11:01
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VladDracphilikon around?12:36
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* VladDrac 's trying to do a bit of skin customization as described in phil's book13:16
VladDracnow I have a broken contents.html13:16
VladDrac(it displays a table with 'content thingy'13:19
VladDracah, forgot the body slot13:23
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VladDracI wonder why I explicitly have to redefine an empty body slot13:25
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philiKONVladDrac, i'm here now14:02
philiKONyou have to re-define every slot when re-using a macro, unfortunately14:03
VladDracphil: I mailed you a smal error in your book (and some remarks in general yesterday)14:05
philiKONyes, i saw that. thank you14:05
VladDracphil: but the page macro has alot more slots that are not redefined, correct?14:05
philiKONi left them out for brevity14:06
VladDracthen everything makes sense again14:06
philiKONrotterdam is really not the ideal basis for skin customization14:07
jpfarias|work[philiKON] hey, can you tell me more about web development with zope on filesystem14:09
jpfarias|workand not on web forms14:09
jpfarias|workis there some good tutorial for that?14:09
philiKONthe programmer tutorial14:09
jpfarias|workabout the buddy?14:10
jpfarias|workis there some other showing how to use relational databases?14:10
philiKONno, unfortunately not14:11
jpfarias|workand the ZODB?14:11
philiKONbut look at
philiKONthe programmer tutorial explains the zodb14:11
philiKONyou might not notice because using the zodb is pretty much transparent14:11
jpfarias|workI would like to see some database aware tutorial14:12
jpfarias|worklike for an e-commerce or something like that14:12
philiKONwell, sorry, there isn't... but you could write one :)14:12
philiKONif you're looking for a more in-depth documentation, see http://worldcookery.com14:13
jpfarias|workfirst I need to learn zope14:13
philiKONit has a whole chapter about the zodb14:15
VladDracdrop the color crap, please14:16
jpfarias|workwhat's the src dir the programmer tutorial talks about?14:25
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philiKONjpfarias|work, it talks about a checkout14:25
jpfarias|workI have no src dir on my zope instance tree?14:25
jpfarias|workI have no src dir on my zope instance tree...14:25
philiKONjpfarias|work, right, in an instance, you have lib/python14:25
jpfarias|workhmm, ok14:26
jpfarias|workcan I create the package direct there?14:26
jpfarias|workanother question14:26
jpfarias|workshould I restart zope every time I change things?14:27
philiKONwell, page templates you can change w/o restarting zope14:28
jpfarias|workI see... I need a restart only when I change the source of some package, right?14:28
philiKONand the zcml configuration14:29
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VladDracphil: al zpt's always reloaded? Plone/CMF only does this in debug mode15:26
philiKONthis is not zope2 :)15:26
VladDracI know :)15:26
philiKONz3 doesn't have a debug mode15:27
VladDracis a skin a utility that implements ISkin?15:27
VladDracif I want to change the skin by default (without override.zcml), can I register my skin as a utility?15:27
philiKONin X3.0, skins are managed by the presentation service15:28
philiKONas well as skin layers15:28
philiKONthey're not utilities15:28
philiKONin 3.1 and onwards, skins and layers are interfaces15:28
philiKONextending IBrowserRequest15:29
VladDracok, I'm trying to understand what skin = zope.component.getUtility(ISkin, 'Debug') does15:29
philiKONand the request is made to provide a certain skin interface15:29
philiKONVladDrac, that's code from the trunk15:30
philiKONthe skin interfaces are also registered as utilities15:30
philiKONutilities providing ISkin (which is an interface extending IInterface)15:30
philiKONsort of like IContentType15:31
VladDracbut what kind of utility do you end up with? What utility implements this interface?15:33
VladDrac(I'm actually just trying to switch skins in my site in stead of globally)15:34
philiKONyou end up with an interface15:34
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VladDracanyway, any hints on how I can force a skin to be used within my site?16:04
philiKONVladDrac, are you using trunk or x3.0?16:05
philiKONso, write a traversal adapter that does alsoProvides(request, IMySkinInterface) for your site16:06
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VladDractime to test16:24
VladDracwonder if it'll work :)16:24
srichteractually this is not the best way16:25
srichterthere is an API function for this16:25
philiKONah, true16:25
philiKONsetSkin or somethign, right?16:25
srichterbecause you have to remove the old skin from the request as well16:25
philiKONis this in zapi?16:25
philiKON(if not, it maybe should be)16:25
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srichternot sure16:25
VladDracI'm using applySkin16:25
srichterI think it is in
philiKONright, that's the one16:25
VladDracbut I still have to 'hook' it somewhere in the traversing16:25
philiKONright, in a traversal adapter16:26
philiKONthere's a browser traverser too i think16:27
VladDracMy ITraversable.traverse doesn't work (not called)16:28
philiKONhow did you register it?16:29
VladDrac        <adapter16:29
VladDrac            for=".interfaces.ICubicPortal"16:29
VladDrac            provides=""16:29
VladDrac            factory=".traversable.SkinChanger"16:29
VladDrac            />16:29
VladDrac(yeah naming needs work :)16:30
philiKONactually, ITraversable is the wrong interface16:30
philiKONi just noticed16:30
philiKONit's not even about the request16:30
philiKONi think zope.publisher.interfaces.browser.IBrowserPublisher is the right one16:31
philiKONVladDrac, look at zwiki16:32
philiKONVladDrac, zwiki.traversal16:33
VladDracah ok good tip16:33
philiKONVladDrac, you only want the WikiPageTraverser16:33
philiKONthe first class16:33
philiKONthe thing is registered for the browser request in zwiki.browser/configure.zcml16:34
VladDracstill not called (adapter doesn't get created either)16:51
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* VladDrac 's introspecting16:55
VladDracit has the adapter registered as a view16:56
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philiKONVladDrac, views == adapters17:10
VladDracI know17:12
VladDracmy adapter only works for standard traversal, not when traversing @@views17:13
philiKONyou could also write your own ++view++ traversal namespace adapter17:14
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* VladDrac sobs softly.. all I wanted was to set a skin :(17:17
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VladDraclong live IBeforeTraverseEvent :)17:27
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VladDracmexikon == philikon?17:34
VladDracanyway in case you missed it, subscribing to IBeforeTraverseEvent and setting the skin from there seems to work well17:35
MacYETchilikon: i checked your i18n stuff in five17:35
MacYETtoo z3-ish :)17:35
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mexiKONVladDrac, ah, cool. i think that event is new17:57
srichterVladDrac: yeah, this is what I did in my skin preference demo as well17:57
mexiKONMacYET, not sure what you mean by that. after all, i *am* using z3's i18n facilities17:58
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MacYETit depends on too much z3 apis ...just too much for us:-) we are  trying to reduce the number of modules and not to increase them :)18:00
mexiKONwell, the code in that branch exercise the minimal i18n stuff zope3 has18:01
mexiKONif that is too much z3 api for you, i don't know what to say18:02
mexiKONi don't think you're gonna find something as simple as18:02
mexiKONutil = zapi.queryUtility(ITranslationDomain, domain)18:02
mexiKONanywhere else18:02
MacYETi don't  need z3 interfaces :)18:04
MacYETtoomuch overhead18:04
srichterand why are you using five then? :-)18:05
MacYETsrichter: that's another project :)18:05
srichteroh, I see! :-)18:05
mexiKONok, if you want i18n w/o interfaces, use PTS or something.18:05
MacYETwrote my own thing already :918:07
mexiKONoh well, if that suits you18:08
MacYETone module to load..18:10
MacYETinstead of 20 or so18:10
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