IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-04-27

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philiKONsrichter, projekt01: any of you guys attending EP20005?00:57
philiKONEP2005 that is :)00:57
srichterno, I am teaching00:57
C8NphiliKON: you are tooooo far away for us... ;)01:00
projekt01philiKON, I'm not sure its a little far a way for three days.01:01
philiKONtoo far as in time or too far as in place01:01
philiKONC8N, too far as in time or too far as in place01:02
philiKONprojekt01, true01:02
* C8N in a galaxy far, far away...01:02
C8Nin time01:02
philiKONah, that :)01:03
C8Ni'm not sure i'll attend it...01:03
philiKONprojekt01, it's still closer than PyCON :)01:03
projekt01What's about a sprint in germany this year?01:03
projekt01philiKON, Yup, that's true01:03
C8Nroger, remember the eventual sprint in turin :D01:04
projekt01philiKON, are living in the States or in Germany right now?01:04
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philiKONsprint in germany would be cool... in the summer01:04
philiKONi'll be abroad in october01:05
philiKONfor 6 months01:05
projekt01C8N, I didn't forgot it, are you really planing such a sprint? Of corse I will be there if you can organize it.01:05
projekt01philiKON, cool01:05
C8Nit seems that turin universiti is interested... let see01:06
philiKONprojekt01, of course, i would also be willing to come to switzerland, if you guys manage to organize one :)01:06
C8Nand also the local "camera di commercio" (dunno how to translate -_-01:06
projekt01C8N, that would be great01:06
philiKONC8N, chamber of commerce01:06
C8NphiliKON: yep! thx01:07
C8Nand you philiKON? turin? too far?01:07
philiKONnot too far, it all depends on the timing01:08
C8Nthe time seems to be a little far away... if it'll be..01:08
projekt01philiKON, we organized 9 Sprints (One Day-Mini-Sprints) each Month this year. I hope we can organize a weekly sprint at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.01:08
C8Nprojekt01: when you talk about "giving an hand to organize" i didn't realize you have got *so much* expertise in this field o_O01:09
projekt01philiKON, here some german infos about this Mini-Sprints:
C8Nrite, gonna go. nite all01:11
projekt01See you01:11
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VladDracthat's odd.. I think the readme for was quite different (more zmi focussed) a while ago01:52
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VladDraca found it, it's in browser/ :)01:56
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projekt01Argh, why do we not return a simply dict with key, values in the addforms. This implicit add, creat, creatAndAdd is a real pain.02:37
projekt01Hm, I think create and add a object is not the job of a form.02:38
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* VladDrac sighs12:06
VladDracI bet it's me12:07
VladDracbut I just can't get zope3 to do what I want12:07
VladDraconce stuff seems to start working, I run into errors that mean *absolutely nothing* to me12:07
VladDrac      File "/home/ivo/Work/Zope3/Zope3-svn/src/zope/app/preference/", line 141, in __getattr__12:07
VladDrac    value =, marker)12:07
VladDrac      File "/home/ivo/Work/Zope3/Zope3-svn/src/zope/app/preference/", line 153, in __getattr__12:07
VladDrac    raise AttributeError, "'%s' is not a preference or sub-group." %key12:07
philiKONwell, you're trying to access some preference group or something12:21
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VladDracreally? :)12:24
VladDracI'm trying to build a sitemanaged folder12:25
VladDraci.e. derived from Folder, with a LocalSiteManager immediately set12:25
VladDraceither through __init__ or through a factory12:25
VladDracif, after adding, I resolve ++etc++site internally, I get an object. If I attempt to access the zmi, it fails to do so12:26
VladDrac(and when adding content to the folder I get the trace above)12:26
philiKONVladDrac, can you paste the full traceback (e.g. to
VladDrac <- this is what I get when trying to access my folders 'Manage Site'12:35
VladDracwhile     default = zapi.traverse(p, '++etc++site/default')12:36
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VladDracsucceeds in the factory craeting the folder12:36
VladDrac(most of this is still black magic to me)12:36
VladDracperhaps I should sacrifice more sheep :)12:36
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philiKONuh, that posting is not about preferences12:36
philiKONit's a NotFound12:37
VladDrac <- that's the one about preferences12:37
VladDracI assume it's caused by the fact that it's a sitefolder without a ++etc++site12:37
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philiKONVladDrac, the site concept supports two states:12:41
VladDracIPossibleSite and ISite?12:41
philiKONan object provides IPossibleSite... then it doesn't have a site manage ryet12:41
VladDracI want my folder to be ISite right away12:41
philiKON++etc++site is a naming convention12:42
philiKONnothing in z3 expects it to be ++etc++site12:42
philiKONfolders just happen to do it that way12:42
philiKONimportant are get/setSiteManager12:42
VladDracwhat I'm currently doing is deriving a class from Folder, setSiteManager(LocalSiteManager(instance)) on it in its factory12:44
VladDracit gives me a Sitemanaged folder in the zmi, but with the two exceptions above12:44
philiKONsorry, i've got no idea and no time to look into this now12:46
VladDracnp, thanks anyway :)12:47
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* VladDrac is onto something13:12
VladDrachmm or not. the created object is different from the one I use setSiteManager on13:16
VladDracbut that might be a proxy13:16
VladDrac        <allow attributes="getSiteManager" />13:22
VladDracfixes the problem13:22
* VladDrac feels like a total n00b again13:22
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VladDracI guess my main problem is lack of overview - components, interfaces, adapters, zcml, stuff is coming from everywhere and sometimes I just miss some of it :)13:37
philiKONVladDrac, in case you are looking for a structured introduction: http://worldcookery.com13:37
VladDracphil: bought and largely finished your book earlier this week :)13:38
philiKONah :)13:38
philiKONwell, if you feel that certain things vital to your application are missing from the explanations, feel free to write me an email. i seek to improve the book constantly!13:39
VladDracit made me confident enough to actually try and do some serious zope3 work, but the practice is always harder than the theory13:40
VladDracI specifically like the flashback stuff (I know quite some Zope2/CMF/Plone essentials) - more of that would be nice13:41
VladDracspecifically relating how stuff is equal or different (i.e. Zope3 Sites versus CMF Site)13:41
philiKONok... noted13:43
philiKONi'm off for class. cya13:43
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srichterVladDrac: as a general note you should create security delarations for any interface that your object provides14:09
VladDracI understand14:11
VladDracit's also a change of mindset - you don't do everything in pythoncode anymore14:11
VladDracand problems/bugs/issues very well may be caused by zcml errors14:11
VladDrac(though I would have found a security exception more informative than a notFound in this case)14:12
srichterthat's true, it should have probably thrown a ForbiddenAttribute error14:12
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VladDracdidn't someone have a patch to see which template is causing an error?14:35
srichteryeah, I forgot who so14:39
srichteralso, I think Marius had put such functionality in before14:39
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VladDracyou can limit the displayd widgets in a schema-based view through something like attributes="...,..." right?14:54
VladDrachmm fields?14:55
VladDracyeah that's the one14:56
VladDracI might have fixed a bug, hurray14:56
VladDrac*sigh*15:00 logins are hosed, can't file bugs :(15:00
d2mVladDrac: whats happening at ?15:00
d2mVladDrac: must be your client/connection - login works fine15:02
VladDractried both firefox and opera15:02
VladDracfor some reason, I am logged in at /login_form (it displays My Folder etc), elsewhere I get the 'log in' action15:04
VladDrachmm, something's caching too much15:04
d2mmust be your client cache settings15:05
d2mVladDrac: Firefox settings are at "about:config"15:09
VladDracI usually don't have this problem15:12
VladDracoh well15:13
VladDracsee if it happens again15:13
* VladDrac suspects not sending appropriate headers15:13
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projekt01srichter, the additional configure include for the menu registration works. Thanks.15:29
VladDracdamn, amazing, I'm getting somewhere :)15:32
VladDracmy applicationfolder now has a created+registered catalog upon creation15:32
VladDrac(yeah to me this is a huge achievement :)15:32
srichterprojekt01: I knew it ;-)15:32
srichterVladDrac: it is!15:33
VladDrac(and I semi-fixed a catalog bug in the process)15:33
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projekt01srichter, why do we register a own factory in the addMenuItem directive and not just use the registred "factory name" in the content directive?16:11
srichterwhere is the addMenuItem directive?16:12
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projekt01I think we need only a attribute "action" (TextLine) describing a traversable path or a factory name16:14
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VladDracif I have a catalog in default named catalog, shouldn't zapi.getUtility(ICatalog, 'catalog', self) return it? Or would that be too trivial? :)16:16
VladDrac(self = sitefolder containing the sitemanager with default)16:16
srichterno, I think this is all correct16:17
VladDracah wait, it works16:17
projekt01srichter, Yes, this is correct, I speak about a simplification.16:17
VladDrachad to pass the name to UtilityRegistration() as well :)16:17
srichterVladDrac: under what name is the catalog registered16:18
srichterprojekt01: I do not see how an action would simplify this16:18
srichterit would be much more implicit16:18
VladDracsrichter: it's registered under 'catalog' now, and it works16:18
srichtersince action would accept a factory name or a class path16:18
srichterprojekt01: our solution now is very explicit, which is nice16:18
projekt01The registration uses just a action name for pointing to a traversable path or a callable view. We have only to use the right action name.16:19
srichterVladDrac: :-)16:19
projekt01Ther is no need fora additional factory registration.16:19
projekt01The content directive registres already the factory16:19
srichterthe content directive only creates a factory, if you specify the factory sub-directive16:20
srichterwhich might not always be the case16:20
projekt01srichter, Yes and this is what I except. I don't like that other directive register additional factories for my content type.16:22
projekt01You allways can register additional factories with additional content "factory" subdirectives as well16:23
VladDracwhat's a clean way too lookup your default sitemanager?16:28
VladDracI currently use         default = zapi.traverse(self, '++etc++site/default')16:28
projekt01VladDrac, I think ISiteManager(self or whatever your context is) can be used16:29
projekt01VladDrac, take a look if a dapter is registred provides="ISiteManager" and if this adapter works for your context (for="")16:30
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VladDracgetUtility(IIntIds) would be a lookup for a global utility right? Because there is no context?16:37
VladDracI'm trying to (programmatically) add indexes to my catalog. TTW everything is fine, but my code raises a ComponentLookupError16:38
GaryPosterVladDrac: getUtility uses the thread global site variable, if it is available (and it should be, within a request), so it actually looks through local utilities too.16:51
GaryPoster(and the int id utility is a persistent--local--utility)16:52
VladDracok, somehow it doesn't find my intid utility16:53
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GaryPosterright.  What do you mean by "prgrammatically"?  Out of the context of a request, you'll need to do things a bit differently (which I may or may not remember ATM ;-) )16:54
VladDracgary: I'm creating a folder, making it a Site, adding a catalog and then trying to add an index to the catalog16:55
VladDraceverything up until the catalog goes fine (oh and I create a IntId utility in between of course)16:55
VladDracI can add indexes through the ZMI but not from within my factory16:56
VladDracI'm now trying to lookup the utility right after creation - it fails16:57
VladDrac            default['intid'] = intids16:57
VladDrac            intids_reg = UtilityRegistration('intid', IIntIds, intids)16:57
VladDrac            reg_manager.addRegistration(intids_reg)16:57
VladDrac            intids_reg.status = ActiveStatus16:57
VladDrac        assert(zapi.getUtility(IIntIds))16:57
GaryPosterah.  and you are doing this all within the context of a single request, I bet.  Therefore the thread global isn't set up.  Try passing your site as a context to getUtility (I think that's still part of the API)16:57
VladDracgary: I have no control over this invocation - it's the catalog that performs the lookup16:58
VladDracgary: all within one request, yes16:58
GaryPosterah.  ew.  Then one hacky approach is to actually figure out where the thread global site is stashed (I'd look in to find out where this policy is) and slam your site in there. :-/17:00
GaryPosteryou see what I mean?17:00
VladDracpartially - way beyond my Zope3 knowledge17:00
VladDracisn't it odd that you cannot create a site, a catalog and add indexes within a single request?17:01
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GaryPosterYeah, I betcha there is a better way of doing it, but I don't know it and am not next to someone I can bug about it :-/17:02
GaryPosterWe use generations, I know17:02
GaryPosterSo it's not in the context of a request17:03
GaryPosterSorry :-(  I'll ask around next chance I get :-)17:04
GaryPoster(today hopefully)17:04
VladDracok tx17:05
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srichterVladDrac: you are registering the intid utility under the name 'intid', but you lookup the utility without a name17:16
srichteralso, if you cannot reach your new site, you can always reset the site global17:18
GaryPosterheh, I didn't notice the name17:19
* VladDrac is figuring that out slowly with pdb himself17:19
VladDracI just removed the name17:19
VladDracso a named utility can't be found using a lookup by interface?17:20
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GaryPosternot supplying a name means you are looking up the name ''17:20
srichterwell, getUtility(iface) == getUtility(iface, name='')17:20
VladDracah ok17:21
VladDracI did have to derive from SiteManagerContainer as well17:22
VladDracand do a setSite()17:22
VladDracwhich is somewhat what gary described I think17:22
VladDracwithout the setsite (and name='') I get the lookuperror again17:22
VladDracso my pdb quest wasn't completely useless :)17:22
* VladDrac is learning sooo much and coding sooo slow right now :)17:22
srichterwell, that means that you will be coding soo fast soon17:23
VladDracI hope so :)17:24
VladDracanyway, I now have a catalog *with* an index, hurray :)17:24
GaryPoster:-) cool17:24
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regebroYesterday somebody mentioned a trick with translating drop down lists through vocabularies.17:41
regebroI'm not able to figure that out. How it is done?17:41
regebroSorry, damien kicked my hob downm so I lost connection. I'll try that again. :)17:41
regebroYesterday somebody mentioned a trick with translating drop down lists through vocabularies.17:41
regebroI'm not able to figure that out. How it is done?17:41
*** philiKON has quit IRC17:42
regebroAnybody knows how to do i18n with vocabularies?17:46
regebroOr for that matter *any* type of drop down box?17:46
srichtercreate a vocabularies with itesm that have a message id as title17:46
srichterI think zwiki might do it this way17:47
regebroHmmm. I did that, it didn't translate it.17:47
regebroLets try again.17:47
srichterI am pretty sure it should work17:47
regebronope. damn....17:49
srichtermaybe there are some translation hooks that are not setup correctly in Fivce17:51
regebroCould be.17:51
srichterlook at
srichterclearly term.title is translated there17:52
srichterLine 11417:53
regebroHmm. ItemWidgetsBase....17:54
regebroAh. This is not translated in 3.0.0... :-/17:54
srichterI see17:55
* regebro bangs head again keyboard.17:55
srichterregebro: I think the best would be to backport the bug fix17:55
srichterso that we can release 3.0.1 in time for 2.8?17:55
regebroYeah, that might help.17:56
regebroIt doesn't help me short-term, but I just hav eto live with that..,17:56
srichtersuch effeorts need to come from the Five people17:56
srichterI am willing to help out with the actual release creation, but you guys need to backport bugs and get the branch ready17:57
regebroOf course.17:58
regebroI'm going away for a week starting tomorrow evening, so this really sucks.17:58
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*** __gotcha_ is now known as __gotcha18:14
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projekt01GaryPoster, srichter, can we change the directive "addform" to "addForm" with the form framework refactoring?18:23
projekt01...use camel bucket like we do in other directives like "addMenuItem"18:23
projekt01... with BBB support for "addform"18:23
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regebrosrichter: For the time being, I'm monkey patching Zope3 from my Zope2 product. Hehe.18:44
srichteroy, but ok18:45
projekt01srichter, what you think about a optional nextURL attribute in the addform directive?18:47
projekt01Right now we use the context.nextURL in add forms (context=AddingView)18:47
projekt01This could be the standard if nextURL not set in the directive18:48
srichterplease discuss this with Gary18:48
srichterhe might have thought about it already18:48
srichterI am not getting involved in the Form refactoring18:48
faassenFive 1.0 released!18:49
projekt01Ok, I think a will hold a bigger session with him.18:49
jhauseryeah faassen18:49
projekt01faassen, cool18:50
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efgethere's not much visibility on this form refactoring :(18:57
srichteryou can always demand it18:58
srichterthere is not much visibility on any development right now18:58
srichterthe community has shrunk so much that we got lazy about writing proposals18:59
srichterusually 2-3 people get together and discuss and agree on something18:59
srichterwhich has worked out recently18:59
srichterwriting a full-fledged proposal is a lot of work and a waste of time if noone participates in the discussion18:59
projekt01srichter, YUP, I also added the two proposal, but no feedback! If this will be the standard we can rename "proposals" to "outlook"19:03
efgesrichter: yes, I expect the community will grow back quickly in the upcoming months due to Five19:04
efgeI know I'll be participating more19:04
srichterno, I think that through Five, we might have more people being interested in the development of Zope 3 itself again, which will render the proposal mechanism usefull again19:04
projekt01I belive it, if I see it... (or how this is called)19:06
*** anguenot has joined #zope3-dev19:06
projekt01But I see it also positive for the future, it's just a question about the timeframe.19:07
srichtermkerrin: btw, did you see Andrew's response?19:08
srichtermkerrin: also, if you have some more time, it might be nice helping Andrew cleaning up the FTP code, so that it becomes more solid19:08
mkerrinsrichter: I saw it. I will get back to him before I go home today.19:12
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anguenotJust to be sure : the current supported version of Python with the trunk is 2.3.5 right ?19:24
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GaryPosterprojekt01, efge, srichter: I'm paying attention to IRC as I can.  Just wanted to send a quick response.  Jim has developed a pretty radically different approach to the forms package.  One of its core design decisions is to abandon zcml as a form programming language, and use Python as the way to build forms, and simple adapter zcml to register them.  We are still iterating over this quickly, making changes as we need them, but we already like it a lot b21:25
philiKONGaryPoster, long lines on irc get cut off...21:26
GaryPosterWe (ZC) are probably effectively abandoning for our own work21:26
GaryPosteroh :-(21:26
GaryPosterwhat was the last line?21:26
philiKON... but we already like it a lot b21:26
GaryPoster...but we already like it a lot better than  We will open source it after zope 3.1 release...or after we stop needing to make quick changes to it, if that comes first.  My guess is that will live its own life, undisturbed by the new code, which will probably be in or something.21:27
GaryPosterIf that ended with "or something." then we have a winner.21:27
*** mkerrin has joined #zope3-dev21:27
philiKONit did21:27
GaryPoster:-) cool21:27
philiKONbtw, i have been thinking about forms too21:27
philiKONi want to pageletify everything, basically21:27
GaryPosteryes, a very, very similar thought here21:28
GaryPosterWe have been trying to determine what best encapsulates a 'pagelet' :-)21:28
philiKONwould be cool if the zc approach would play well with
philiKONneither has z3 in itself, i think21:28
philiKONi have a few ideas floating around my head, i plan to write a largish proposal on this some time in the future21:29
GaryPosterI haven't looked at; I'll try to soon.21:29
philiKONJ1m, did you get my email regarding the talks?21:39
*** mohsen is now known as mohsen|away21:41
J1mYes. I'm pondering my reply -- and discussing it with others here over email21:42
philiKONno rush, i'm just submitting my other talk now so it came to my mind...21:43
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J1mphiliKON, you understand pagelets?21:48
philiKONi pretend to :)21:48
J1mThere seems to be a lot of machinery, but I don't understand what it's doing.21:49
J1mOn key feature of the form system we're working on is that forms are defined in Python, rather than zcml.21:50
philiKONhow's that an advantage?21:51
J1mPython is much more expressive than ZCML.21:51
J1mZCML was designed to be for configuration.21:51
J1mNot to be a programming language.21:51
J1mZCML does to much definition.21:52
philiKONyeah, that's true21:52
philiKONespecially the whole widgets thing21:52
philiKONloads of magic happenign with forms21:52
J1mYou shouldn't be implementing things in zcml. You should be registering them.21:52
*** jpfarias|work has joined #zope3-dev21:52
philiKONvery true21:52
jpfarias|workhey people21:52
jpfarias|workcan I ask beginner questions here?21:53
philiKONJ1m, so, pagelets in itself are nothing more but adapters (as you've probably seen)21:53
philiKONjpfarias|work, sure21:53
J1mIn our second-generation forms system, which Gary developed a year or two ago, we has facilities for complex forms with buttons and inheritence of form features.21:53
philiKONJ1m, the actual concept is the 'slot', or as i like to call it, a 'region'21:53
jpfarias|workwell, how do I install the psycopgda Data Adapter on zope 3?21:53
philiKONjpfarias|work, isn't there a README or INSTALL?21:53
jpfarias|workwell, I did what they told21:54
jpfarias|workand installed it on my zope instance dir21:54
jpfarias|workbut can't see it on zope manager21:54
jpfarias|workmy procedure was:21:54
J1mphiliKON, I understand slots, I just don't understand what pagelets do beyond that.21:54
philiKONJ1m, you define a region in your page template to be filled and pagelets registered for the current object, the current request and that region are inserted21:54
philiKONJ1m, zpt slots != pagelet slots21:54
jpfarias|workpython build21:55
jpfarias|workpython install --home=/path/to/my/zopeinstance21:55
J1mphiliKON, yes, I know and the pagelets seem to be macros21:55
philiKONjpfarias|work, did you install the zcml slug?21:55
J1mBut I can't see anything beyond that.21:55
jpfarias|work[philiKON] I don't think I did....21:55
philiKONjpfarias|work, i can't read that last line21:55
philiKONJ1m, yes, currently it's assumed that  pagelets are macros21:56
jpfarias|workI ever don't know what zcml means21:56
philiKONjpfarias|work, then you should read some zope 3 docs21:56
philiKONJ1m, and i think most of the time it makes sense to use macros for that21:57
*** mkerrin has quit IRC21:57
jpfarias|workman, the docs are a bit confusing21:57
philiKONJ1m, a zpt slot is sort of an implementation detail, a pagelet region is a conceptual thing21:57
philiKONJ1m, so, the point is that pagelets are really something like browser views providing a certain interface (iw ould like to change them to providing the region interface)21:58
J1mIt's all too vague to me.21:58
philiKONwell, there *should* be a good definition and use cases, but alas there weren't any proposals... i have one on my plate, but other things are calling too21:59
J1mHave you ever written a pagelet?21:59
philiKONyeah, to demo21:59
J1mah cool21:59
J1mIs it checked in?21:59
philiKONuh, no, not to demo in that sense, but to play with it21:59
philiKONthere are pagelets checked in22:00
philiKONe.g. in the skin22:00
philiKONjpfarias|work, unfortunately they are a bit confusing. but you can read the zope3book online at
jpfarias|workphiliKON ok, thanks22:01
*** RaFromBRC is now known as RaFromBRC|mtg22:01
J1mso anyway, in this generation of our form machinery, we define forms totally in Python and it's much simpler and more powerful.22:02
philiKONi can imagine22:02 is a mess22:02
J1mIt's pretty good for a first try. :)22:02
J1mAnd it handles simple cases pretty well22:03
philiKONoh, sure22:03
philiKONbut you reach its limits quite soon22:03
philiKONi sure did even writing the simplest things for the book22:03
J1mI expect we'll release our work in a couple of months.22:04
philiKONthat'd be cool. it'd be even cooler if it could make it into 3.222:04
efgeJ1m: does the python form declaration result in an abstract datastructure ?22:05
J1mIf people like it, I don't see any problem with that.22:05
J1mefge, not intentionally. :)22:05
J1mUltimately, it results in a Python class.22:06
philiKONwhich you hopefully have to declare yourself...?22:06
efgeargh, Archetypes all over :(22:06
J1mIt happens to have some data structures (for form fields and actions)22:06
J1mNote at all22:06
J1mNot at all22:06
philiKONefge, i don't think it'll be as monolithic as AT22:07
philiKONefge, in zope 3, you have a separation of the schema and the form, to begin with22:07
efgeyes, thankfully. Hm let me try to put in words what I don't like...22:08
GaryPosterAnd in this case we have a better separation of abstract form (controllerish) and display (display templates and widgets for the form fields and actions) in addition to the separation of schema and form.22:09
efgeIn many of my applications I have, it's essential that the user be able to customize forms on the fly, document by document22:09
efgeso if the form is described by code, it really gets more complex to manipulate22:09
GaryPosterwhat sort of customization?22:10
philiKONor easier...22:10
philiKONi mean, code can be dynamic22:10
philiKONzcml can't22:10
efgeGaryPoster: yes that's also the approach I use in CPSSchemas with the layouts and widgets in addition to schemas22:10
philiKONARGH. the europython talk registration app breaks22:10
efgecustomizations like adding new fields to a document on the fly, and therefore creating widgets for them22:10
efgegotta go, I'll reconnect from home and reads the logs22:12
*** efge has left #zope3-dev22:12
GaryPosterefge: I think you'll find that the design makes that significantly easier.  I would much prefer to do this with the new design.  You have a form_fields attribute which can be efge :-)22:12
GaryPosterbye, I meant22:12
*** J1m has quit IRC22:13
jpfarias|work[philiKON] hey, I got psycopgda installed22:16
jpfarias|worknow I can see it on tools/Data Adapter22:16
jpfarias|workbut I don't know how the DSN should look like... :(22:17
jpfarias|workshould I use the same I used on psycopg.connect()?22:17
Damascenejpfarias|work:  yeah22:18
jpfarias|work[Damascene] why it doesn't work then?22:18
jpfarias|workit gives me an error :(22:18
*** MrTopf has joined #zope3-dev22:18
Damascenejpfarias|work:  i havent' worked with it in a while.  sorry.22:19
jpfarias|workon the zope log, it say the dsn should start with dbi://22:20
jpfarias|workso, it's different from psycopg param22:20
philiKONno idea what the pscyopg param is22:20
jpfarias|workI use psycopg.connect('host=myhost user=myuser password=mypass dbname=mydb')22:20
philiKONdbi://host:port/database i think22:21
philiKONit's like a URL22:21
jpfarias|workI see22:22
jpfarias|workwell, I tried: dbi://user:password@host/dbname22:23
jpfarias|workwhen I test it gives an error: need more than 1 value to unpack22:23
jpfarias|workhey, got it22:24
jpfarias|workI forgot the port value22:25
jpfarias|workI thought it would use the default22:25
jpfarias|worknow I'm connected to my postgres db22:25
projekt01GaryPoster, if you are interested to take a look at Pagelets, see and it's all based at the Pagelet pattern.22:30
GaryPosterprojekt01: ok, cool.  thanks, I will.22:30
*** mohsen|away has quit IRC22:34
*** mohsen has joined #zope3-dev22:34
*** mohsen is now known as mohsen|away22:34
jpfarias|workhmmm, how do I use an SQL Script inside a ZPT page?22:36
jpfarias|workI mean, I want to show the data returned by the SQL Script inside a ZPT Page22:36
jpfarias|workis that possible?22:36
*** efge has joined #zope3-dev22:40
philiKONof course it's possible, but we don't use database adapters like that. Through the web development isn't really zope3's focus22:43
philiKONwe usually write our code on the file system (most of it in python); for sql storage there's sqlobject and the sqlos support package22:44
jpfarias|workI'm confused again.... isn't zope good for web development?22:47
Damascenehe means through teh web development.22:51
philiKONjpfarias|work, of course, zope is all about web development22:51
philiKONjpfarias|work, but we don't enter the code through browser forms anymore22:51
philiKONjpfarias|work, we write filesystem code like everybody else does :)22:51
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MrTopfhi hazmat23:16
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