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dipeshhi devels14:04
dipeshmay I am allowed to ask how to use print "test" in a with RestrictedPython compiled python scriptcode? ... I always get the exception "name '_print_' is not defined" ... sounds logical that RestrictedPython tries to wrap print into _print_ ... so, do I need to spend my own implementation or is there a way to use the restricted print? Already a lot of thanks to any hint that could point me to the right direction. thanks :)14:21
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VladDracperhaps you need to install a _print_ handler somehow?14:28
VladDracI know that in Zope2 restricted python, print actually prints to the string 'printed'14:28
dipeshVladDrac: ah, sounds logical. I am bit ashmed to say that I know a lot about python c api, but nbot python itself :-/ ... did you have some "keyword" or a filename where handles are used that way inside zope so I could search for it and get deeper into handle-stuff :)14:29
dipeshah, string "printed" ... ok, should be enough to get more infos out of the code. thanks :)14:31
VladDracin lib/python/RestrictedPython/RestrictedMutator in Zope 2.7.4 there is14:31
VladDrac_printed_expr = stmtNode("_print()").expr14:32
VladDrac_print_target_node = stmtNode("_print = _print_()")14:32
VladDracand a visitPrint14:32
VladDracwell, stuff is happening there :)14:32
VladDracit seems to override some of the parsing14:33
dipeshyes, at ;14:33
dipeshdef simple_print_before():14:33
dipesh    print "foo"14:33
dipeshdef simple_print_after():14:33
dipesh    _print = _print_()14:33
dipesh    print >> _print, "foo"14:33
dipeshI tried something like simple_print_before but it throws with those "_print_ not defined" ... RestrictedPython and PrintCollector and all other modules imports are successfully imported.14:35
dipeshI use compile_restricted() and then just PyEval_EvalCode() the PyCodeObject* compile_restricted() returns... works nice with e.g. "a = 2 + 3" or other "not restricted" code, but fails on e.g. _print_ ... saying that. registering handle means to add a Function as item "_print_" to the dictonary?14:38
dipeshbefore evaluating the compiled pycode object?14:39
dipeshok, enough idears to try it. thanks a lot VladDrac :)14:42
dipeshs/it/them out/;14:42
J1m_dipesh, are you talking about Zope 2 or Zope 3?14:46
dipeshJ1m_: Zope3 cause we're in zope3-dev ... but imho RestrictedPython doesn't differ that much on Zope2 and Zope3.14:47
J1m_Your opinion is off.14:47
J1m_1. RestrictedPython has a *much* smaller role in Z3.14:48
J1m_2. I doubt we will ever have use for "print" in the Z3 usage of restricted Python.14:48
J1m_In Z3, most protection is provided by security proxies.14:48
dipeshJ1m_: I am writting a c++ wrapper around RestrictedPython to use the great security for python scripts Zope3 spends in the embedded python system we use at koffice/kexi.14:48
J1m_Also, in the Z3 releases, we aren't using any restricted code exept in page templates and dtml.14:49
dipeshsecurity proxies. oh, ok. sounds like another part of Zope3 I've to look at.14:49
J1m_What is your goal?14:49
J1m_You should absolutely look at zope security.14:50
dipesha restricted environment to spend some kind of sandbox security for python scripts... at koffice/kexi those python code could be stored remotly and therefore the code is untrusted...14:51
J1m_If you want an "untrusted python" system, you should look at zope,security and you should read the document on untrusted interpreters.14:51
dipeshvery lot of thanks, J1m_!!! will do so right now :)14:51
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SteveAdipesh: if you're coming to europython, i'll be giving a talk on the system14:57
* SteveA --> foodshop14:58
dipeshSteveA: or #europython ?15:00
dipeshor the conference?15:01
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SteveAi mean, at the conference15:02
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dipeshSweden, far away from germany :) ... my timeframe is, like usual, to less anyway to have time for conferences. don't will be at akademy, kde meating, this year too.15:03
dipeshand it's in spain :)15:04
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omegadananybody in the mood for answering a zope3 question? :)22:28
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srichteromegadan: shoot23:19
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omegadansrichter: Im about to start a zope3 app which needs to store 100,000's of objects, which will need to be searchable by some of their properties ... What facilities does zope3 provide for this? or am I best off using a sql adapater?23:38
omegadanIm failry new with zope, I wish there was a best practicies document for it :)23:40
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omegadanhah shit, you're steven ricther ... ive got your book right here :)23:41
srichterthe ZODB will do fine23:41
srichterlook at the catalog and index packages23:41
srichterI think the README.txt is pretty good23:42
omegadanI will look into those things, thanks23:43
omegadanzope needs a best-practicies document ... perhaps when I am more sophisticated I will write one :)23:44
srichterwell, it is well-known that the catalog is the answer for query problems23:45
srichterit was just not available in 3.0 and as such is not covered in the book23:45
srichter(otherwise it would have been)23:45
omegadanI was under the impresion tha the catalog was still not avaliable23:49
srichterit will be in 3.123:50
omegadanaye, and that wont be around for another 6 months or so?23:50
omegadanwhat would be the best work around until that time?23:50

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