IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-05-08

srichterSVN HEAD00:01
srichterwe are stabalizing now00:01
srichterI think 3.1 will be out sooner00:01
srichterlike in the next 2-3 months00:01
omegadanthanks, you've been helpfull :)00:04
omegadanmay i ask what the meaning of "svn head" is ? :) I am very new to all this... I have a huge app to write, I love python, and im trying to escape PHP hell :)00:08
efgesvn head (or svn trunk) means the latest version of the code00:14
omegadanfair enough :)00:16
omegadanthanks for both of your advice :)00:16
srichterInstall SVN00:25
srichtersvn co svn:// Zope300:25
omegadanis the svn stable enough for me to develop an app on? im looking at deploying realisti cally by the end of the year01:08
srichteromegadan: yes01:11
srichteromegadan: it is as stable as the release will be01:11
srichterwe have a strong testing policy01:11
srichteromegadan: 3.1, which is the current HEAD is coming out before the end of the year for sure01:12
omegadanthats great nes01:13
omegadannews, I mean01:13
omegadanthats one of my main reasons for being attracted to zope, the emphasis on testing01:14
omegadanIm sure you are aware how many people out there do *ZERO* testing on a release :)01:14
srichterwe learned from those mistakes01:15
omegadanwhich is why I dont want to develop a zope 2 app :)01:15
omegadanat least you learn and try to improve ... most people the response is to "ignore the elephant in the room" as the saying goes :)01:16
omegadanthe app Im rewriting, is 10k of PHP code.  The developer hardcoded *ALL* the html into print statements into the PHP.  Then when 5 users on the app brought a dual xeon to its knees, they decided it must be the SQL server so they hopelessly mangled the schema to save binds :)01:19
omegadan10k lines of php I mean :)01:19
omegadanan example of not learning form your mistakes anyways :)01:25
omegadanI am off to buy a hamster ... thanks for your help, and I hope someday to understand your book! :)01:25
*** omegadan is now known as OD-away01:25
VladDracmy code just works01:54
VladDracI think01:54
VladDractime to file another issue02:33
VladDracworkflow change doesn't trigger ObjectChanged event (I think)02:45
VladDracsomething to look at tomorrow02:45
* VladDrac starts to get the feeling that adapting sometimes means 'working around'02:45
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elbixiohow could i enable zcml mode in emacs?09:43
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VladDracis there a way to get an objects "type name"? I.e. o=File(); o.type_name == 'File'11:46
VladDrac(sort of like portal_type in CMF)11:46
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VladDracso, what are you working on?12:15
VladDracyou :)12:17
projekt01VladDrac, implement the latest API changes form our framework in a custom project.12:18
VladDracwhat kind of project?12:19
projekt01Internet, Intranet and Extranet for Amadeus12:20
VladDracin zope3? Cool12:21
projekt01We started one year ago12:21
projekt01It's finished in one month12:21
VladDracdo you, for example, use workflow or catalog in your project?12:22
VladDrac( and more specifically)12:22
projekt01We don't use a publishing workflow yet.12:22
projekt01And there is no search function right now.12:23
projekt01This two thing we implement later. Right now had the focus on Wysiwyg editor and CMS functions12:24
projekt01You can take a look at it here:
projekt01What are you working on?12:27
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VladDracmostly toying around with zope312:34
VladDracwriting a small publishing system as an experiment12:34
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VladDrac(and unfortunately finding out the immaturity of most zope3 components in the run)12:34
projekt01Do you have tried the catalog or workflow?12:35
VladDracyup, doing so right now12:35
VladDrac(see the posting I just sent to zope3-dev)12:36
projekt01Yup, I see, I think there is a mess in some parts of notify events or theregistration right now.12:38
projekt01I think we need more Placeful tests for this parts and test if this things (indexing etc) are working well12:39
VladDraczope3 tests stuff individually pretty well12:40
VladDracbut as soon as you start mixing components, they suddenly break12:40
VladDrac    <subscriber12:40
VladDrac      handler=""12:40
VladDrac      for=""12:40
VladDrac      />12:40
VladDracfixes my problem btw12:41
VladDracbut still12:41
VladDracmy currently collection of zcml and adapters looks mostly like one huge zope3 workaround :)12:41
projekt01Yes, most component test only itself. And there are really missing tests for testing real usecases in a site.12:41
VladDracif you need to look at workflow/catalogging in the next few weeks - please contact me first, I can save you alot of time12:42
VladDracfood, brb12:42
projekt01Cool, I remember that, thanks12:43
projekt01Btw, did you see our repos?
projekt01Perhaps you can find some useful components there12:44
projekt01Except workflow and catalog ;-)12:44
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VladDracprojekt cool, I'll have a look13:36
VladDracmorning j1m13:36
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dipeshhi devels :)14:18
VladDrachmm.. this seems less trivial in z3.. the id of an object14:50
VladDracah... __name__14:53
srichterVladDrac: but you really should use the API call:
VladDracsrichter ok tx15:23
VladDracsrichter is there an existing way to get an objects type as string? (for indexing in catalog)?15:28
* VladDrac currently implemented an adapter that returns __class__.__name__15:28
srichteruuuh, no15:31
srichteryou can get its content type interface and maybe use its name15:31
srichterin fact, there is an API call for this:15:33
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jeruhi all, how can I hide the ZMI navtree completly from unauthorized users ?20:50
srichterjeru: write your own skin20:51
jerusrichter: I'm on a custom skin20:52
srichterso change the master template so that it does not show the nav tree for anonymous users20:53
jerusrichter: should I use tal:condition? ... sorry for that newbie question. but unfortunately I'm one. ;)20:55
srichterI dunno; maybe :-)20:56
srichterI think if you want to make elaborate UIs, you really want to look at pagelets20:56
srichteras far as I understand them they are designed to handle such use cases20:56
srichterroger (projekt01) is even here to get you started or correct me20:57
srichterI know he has done such UI tasks already20:57
jerusrichter: I still playing around with pagelets using the boston skin, you and roger created, as base :)20:58
srichterI did not do anything about the UI there :-); I just provide the back-bone technology20:58
jerusrichter: Is there sth. lika a howto for pagelets ?20:59
jeruhehe :)20:59
srichterprojekt01: this reminds me, we should get preferences integrated into boston20:59
srichterjeru: I think there are several README.txt files in the code20:59
srichteryou can also read them in ++apidoc++/Book20:59
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jerusrichter: ok ... will grep the source for pagelet stuff ... thanks so far :)21:02
srichterthere is also a demo in
jerusrichter: ok ... will check the stuff21:09
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jerusrichter: I think I've figured out how to hide the ZMI navtree ... :)21:44
srichtergood :-)21:44
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VladDracboston looks like a nice addon for my toy project22:19
VladDraclet's have a look :)22:19
VladDracinteresting.. zcml inclusion order *does* matter22:27
VladDracif I derive my layer from boston, boston must be loaded before my product22:27
VladDrachmm yeah boston looks okay22:28
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srichterVladDrac: yes, it sometimes matters22:41
srichterwe try to avoid those situations but we can't totally22:41
VladDracskins is an issue22:42
VladDracthey need to be loaded before they're references from zcml22:42
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srichtertheir interfaces have to be created22:53
* VladDrac 's currently trying to figure out how to change the addform/editform templates22:55
srichteryou can't change the default ones22:57
srichteryou have to create your own custom add/edit forms22:57
srichterthere you can specify the template to use22:58
VladDracI'm trying that right now - I want to keep most of the autogeneration, with some changes22:59
VladDrachmmm that's not that hard actually23:00
srichterno :-)23:00
VladDracjust copy and use it as local template23:00
VladDracthough it would be nicer to globally override (in stead of having to specify template= explicitly in editform23:01
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srichterthat would be too implicit23:02
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srichterand cause side-effects you do not want23:02
srichterthat's exactely what skins are for23:02
VladDracI'm currently working in my own skin btw23:03
srichterright, so you override the default edit/add views23:03
srichterwhen the new form mechanism lands, reusability will be better23:03
srichtersince forms are created in Python and then only registered as simple views23:04
jeruhow can I use the root URL as a condition for displaying some piece of content just on the start page ?23:04
VladDracsrichter: I override them, so I have, say, my own, how can I make <editform> use mine instead of the one in
VladDracyeah okay23:06
VladDracin CMF world, placing in a layer above the original layer would imply override the old edit.pt23:07
VladDracsomething like that's not possible here?23:07
srichterbecause is just a file not a registered component23:08
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VladDracso you're stuck with the default unless you explicitly override it? Is it that good? :)23:12
* VladDrac wouldn't mind if was registered as some registered component and then that component is looked up by the addform/editform directive23:12
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srichteryes it is23:20
srichteras I said, I think the new form machinery will fix some of those short-comings, since you can use Python inheritance23:21
srichterof course, you can always write up a proposal and see what other people think23:22
philiKONsrichter, have you had a look at the  new form machinery yet?23:23
srichterno, but Gary and Jim described it to me23:23
VladDracsrichter I might - currently I still need to learn how stuff works, what's possible, and when something's a z3 issue and when it's simply my fault :)23:23
srichterphiliKON: I really want to see it23:24
philiKONsame here23:24
VladDrachmm I might actually be able to do what I want with inheritance after all23:29
VladDracthough I'll need to specify my derived EditView view class23:29
philiKONyou can simply use the class="" parameter in <browser:editform />23:31
VladDracyeah I know :)23:32
philiKONok :)23:32
VladDracit's just that I'd rather not do anything explicit - just define my templates in my skin and have existing content automatically use them (much like CMF)23:33
philiKONz3 is all about being explicit, though23:33

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