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jerugood night all ... cu00:02
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mkerrinsrichter: are you still there00:04
srichtermkerrin: yep00:05
mkerrinI have just gotten SFTP support working with Zope and I am about to add to the twisted branch if it is alright00:05
srichtermkerrin: yipee!00:19
srichteritamar said it should be easy once you get FTP running00:19
srichtermkerrin: now we just need to get logging working for FTP00:19
mkerrinsrichter: it was a lot easier then FTP :-) just one bug found in Twisted00:20
srichterso you and I become regular bug reporters now :-)00:21
srichtermkerrin: do you think you can merge the ftp and sftp package in
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mkerrinsrichter: yeah - think it would be a better idea00:48
mkerrinsrichter: I actually never taught of doing it that way :-). But I am not going to get it done now.00:49
srichtermkerrin: we want to keep the directory structure minimal; that's a general Zope 3 and Twsited development guideline00:50
mkerrinsrichter: makes sense. I can get that done tomorrow has I am getting pretty tried.00:53
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srichtermkerrin: thanks very much for this work00:53
mkerrinsrichter: no problem - all I want now is SMTP support.00:55
srichtermkerrin: me too00:56
srichtermkerrin: let's chat about this tomorrow as this bears some design decisions00:56
mkerrinsrichter: lets00:58
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* VladDrac 's received his srichter zope3 book, hurray!12:59
VladDraclooks like someone at amazon stand on it13:00
VladDraceh stood13:00
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* VladDrac 's trying to reuse boston15:35
VladDracbut my impression is that it's better to copy and start customizing the copy15:35
srichterthat totally depends on how much you want to customize it of course15:36
VladDracnot much actually15:36
VladDracbut, if I understand correctly (also from previous conversations) you need to explicitly redefine all slots if you use a macro15:37
srichterwell yeah, you use it and then you have to redeclare it for the other code15:38
srichternote that this is the same in Zope 215:38
VladDracit feels different somehow15:39
VladDracanyway my skin is currently lacking Contents / Preview / etc15:39
VladDraccan't figure out why15:39
srichterI would comment out anything you are not interested for debugging15:40
srichterif you have not used macros before, then it takes a while to see how they work15:41
srichterI just recently discovered myself on how to effectively use them15:41
philiKONVladDrac, the idea of the boston skin is that you simply (re)define your own pagelets15:44
VladDracI'm quite familiar with ZPT and macro's, just not with them in a z3 context (which somehow feels different)15:51
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VladDracboston has this specific part of tal:17:20
VladDrac          <metal:block tal:condition="python: macroname == 'view'"17:21
VladDrac                       tal:repeat="pagelets">17:21
VladDrac            <tal:block metal:use-macro="pagelets" />17:21
VladDrac          </metal:block>17:21
VladDracwhat's 'macroname'? when is it set to 'view'?17:21
srichtermacroname is the name of the macro used17:21
srichterwe usually have views and pages17:22
srichterviews are a specific view for an object17:22
srichterand pages are just generic HTML pages17:22
srichterwe use the macroname to display certain content based on whether you have pages or views17:22
VladDraca containerView is a view?17:23
srichterthis was introduced to get rid of the superfluous "usage" keyword in view registrations17:23
VladDrac(because the condition seems to evaluate to false)17:23
srichtermmh, strange17:23
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srichteryou have to ask roger (projekt01) for details17:25
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tvonIs packaging z3 something that would be entirely up to the packager for a particular distribution or is there some reccomendation/guideline somewhere for how these packages should be structured?21:10
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srichtertvon: up to the packager21:11
srichterhowever, we would like zope to live in its own directory tree21:12
srichteriow, not together with the other Python libraries21:12
tvonI'm thinking more of how many packages it could be split into.. eg I think it would be great if the very low-dep packages like zope.interface could be stand-alone packages21:12
tvonit would encourage use of some z3 tech outside of z3 proper without people freaking out too much when some pygtk app sucks in all of zope 3 :)21:13
srichtertvon: we have scripts in place for making separate distros21:13
srichterat least for zope.interface we do21:13
srichterwe could easily make one for zope.component21:13
tvonthere arent too many like that... yeah, component is another21:14
srichteryou should look at zpkgtools21:14
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rainmanHi folks -- I have a recurring problem with ZCatalogue searches. They work fine for a time and then all of a sudden, while they will present the appropriate links relevant to the search made, clicking them will simply time out. This will happen every time until I reindex it. Any ideas why this might be occurring and how to prevent it in future?21:53
srichterrainman: are you sure this is in Zope 3?21:58
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__odiesrichter: its zope2 hes having the issue with ...22:45
srichterin this case: wrong channel :-)22:45
__odieI suggested he come here and talk to the people who wrote zope ;)22:47
srichterwrong channel still22:47
srichterfor example, I know nothing of Zope 2 Catalogs22:48
__odiefair enough, in the future I will refrain :)22:49
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