IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2005-05-10

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* andrew_m is away: zZz02:05
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* VladDrac dives into boston again12:42
VladDrachmmm...  <configure zcml:condition="have onlinehelp">12:45
VladDracI though zcml conditions were rejected12:46
philiKONthe original impl12:53
philiKONusing tales expr12:54
VladDracwhat's "KON" anyway? :)12:55
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VladDraczope/app/rotterdam/ starts with 3 bytes of noise - any idea why?13:17
VladDracin boston's and rotterdam's the macro is defined as 'page', but later there's a check if macroname == 'view'13:23
VladDracwhy's that? Under what condition will the macroname be view then?13:23
VladDrachmm, could it be the number of macro inclusions? A macro named view including a macro named page versus a macro named view including a macro named page including a macro named page (multiple skin layers)13:25
* efge pukes13:25
* VladDrac opens a window13:26
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regebroMacros are evil. There should be template "functions" instead.13:34
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efgeI was looking at the internals of TALInterpreter / TALGenerator yesterday, and it may be fast but it's really not maintainable13:37
efgeand even fast is debatable13:37
VladDracI know the zope2 implementation is horrible13:40
efgethe zope3 implementation is nearly the same13:40
faassenI am vaguely thinking about rewriting it on top of libxml2's tree one day. :)13:42
faassenin pyrex.13:42
efgethat would be a nice hack13:42
faassenwell, I don't have funding so it's unlikely to happen.13:42
faassenwouldn't be a hack, would be faste.r13:42
faassenbut lower hanging fruit is the clearsilver stuff.13:42
faassenthat *is* fast.13:42
VladDracwhere is @@skin_macros/view defined?13:45
* VladDrac is lost13:45
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VladDracthe macro is accessed as 'view', then translated in to 'page', then invoked on my macro template14:15
VladDracwhere macroname is no longer 'view' but 'page', causing conditions to fail14:16
* VladDrac still does not understand what's going on14:16
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ignaswhose fault is the IWriteFile interface ?14:21
VladDracwhat's wrong with it?14:26
ignaswell, no content/type14:28
ignasWriteDirectory gets it passed ...14:29
ignasso when creating something you know what is the encoding of the content passed14:29
ignasyet you must somehow deduce it when modifying the resource you have just created ...14:29
ignasIFileFactory __call__() gets data, content-type and a name14:30
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ignaswhy IWriteFile is not allowed to get the content_type ? what about a non ascii text file being uploaded (that kind of breaks application sometimes)14:32
srichterIFile really needs a redesign14:51
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* Theuni ducks when hearing IFile15:57
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ignashow zope determines the mime type of a resource registered through zcml ?16:19
tarek_is there a way in Zope 3 to link an icon resource to a menuItem ?16:25
tarek_ignas, i don't knwo how it is done in Z3 but i have done it myself for a product, if you need to get the mechanism16:26
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tarek_i'd like to specify in the menuitem an icon, for a custom rendering (icon+text)16:34
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* VladDrac is still fighting is skin problem17:04
* VladDrac is less amused by now17:04
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VladDraceither I fix it today or I'm dropping the boston skin (and all goodies unfortunately)17:17
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VladDracprojekt you know something about the boston skin right?18:11
* VladDrac is completely lost18:14
projekt01I'm too right now18:14
VladDractrying to customize a skin, and it just structurally fails with the boston skin (rotterdam works fine)18:14
projekt01The Boston skin uses pagelets from the package18:15
VladDracthe boston skin by itself works fine18:15
VladDracbut if I define my own skin, and use boston as a layer, it fails18:16
VladDracspecifically the part in where macroname == 'view' fails (its value is 'page' in stead)18:16
VladDracoh well have to go - if you have any hints let me know18:17
projekt01Ah, this part should be changed, It's really ugly18:17
VladDracelse I'll just use 'rotterdam' and reinvent alot of wheels boston has invented18:17
VladDracprojekt still, the same code works fine within the rotterdam skin18:17
VladDracbut still, have to go18:17
VladDraclet's hope my current zope3 headache clears :)18:18
projekt01I take a look at or after the weekend. I hope I can implement the nested menus too.18:18
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tarek_VladDrac or projekt01 : do you have a minute for some questions about menuitems ?18:21
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tarek_anyone willing to help me ? :)18:30
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projekt01 tarek, yes18:52
tarek_cool :)18:53
tarek_i was wondering if i could link an icon to a menuitem with existing stuff18:54
projekt01Yes, see sample18:56
tarek_this would be helpful to display menus with icons18:56
tarek_great thank you18:56
tarek_i have another one18:57
tarek_i've tried to use the filter parameter18:57
tarek_with a tales expression that calls a method on my context18:57
tarek_using a bit of python :18:57
tarek_but this raises an error : ForbiddenAttribute18:58
tarek_i have added a <content> for my context class18:59
tarek_in the zcml, with IAttributeAnnotatable and IContentContainer implements18:59
tarek_but the bound method cannot be called18:59
tarek_i think i am missing something (notice that i am under Five, but I don't think it interfers)19:00
ignastarek_, is telIfOk in the Interface that is set through the content directive ?19:05
tarek_ignas: yes19:06
ignascan you access other attributes set in that interface ?19:09
tarek_no but it seems that i can access them through talse this way :19:10
tarek_the error occurs on Python when it makes a __call__ on context.tellifOk()19:11
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mgedmindoes it actually work if you use the tales syntax?19:25
mgedmintales checks whether the object you get is callable at the end19:25
mgedminmaybe when it gets ForbiddenAttribute it decides it just isn't callable and just checks that it is not None, or something19:26
* mgedmin is grasping straws19:26
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J1mForbiddenAttributeError extends AttributeError20:44
J1mAn objet without __call__ is assumed to be non-callable.20:44
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