IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2005-05-16

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vinscisrichter, when finding errors in the zope 3 book, (I'm looking at the online pdf version from, what's the preferred way to 1) check if the error has been fixed, 2) report it?17:55
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srichtervinsci: mmh, check whether it is still wrong in the paper copy18:02
srichterbecause the online version is somewhat outdated18:02
srichterI just never got around merging everything back in18:03
vinscithat's the crux - I don't have the paper copy :)  Will double-check that I didn't miss anything and email you...18:03
srichterok, cool18:04
J1mhm, I'm getting a test failure18:14
J1mLooks like pytz expects Python 2.418:14
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projekt01J1m, yes I got the same error on windows18:56
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J1mprojekt01, I checked in a fix a coupld of hours ago19:27
andrew_mmkerrin: if i remember correctly, i heard you talking about sftp support the other day.. is that in the trunk already or still in twisted?19:32
projekt01J1m, thanks19:33
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mkerrinandrew_m: yes - I have checked it into the srichter-twisted-integration branch.19:39
andrew_mmkerrin: ok - thanks19:39
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