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__odiehow expensive is the zope clustering software?03:26
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projekt01__odie, what do you mean with expensive?03:50
projekt01Note: I have implemented a CalendarDateWidget and CalendarDateTimeWidget based on mishoo's jscalendar04:06
projekt01If you like to try it, you can check it out at:
projekt01You can find more info about the JS Calendar at: or
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projekt01Does anybody know something about DublinCore attributes and their interaction?18:35
projekt01I'm interessted to know if there are some implementation of IDCPublishing18:35
projekt01Is there some workflow implementation using IDCPublishing's attribute effective and expires?18:37
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andrew_mhm - just wondering: is there a concept of links in zope 3?19:12
projekt01andrew_m, you mean a link/relation concept or a content type19:13
andrew_mlinks like links on unix, that if i click on a link that points to folder "a", i see the contents of folder "a"19:15
projekt01You mean klick a link in the ZMI on a view?19:16
projekt01No there is no link content type19:16
projekt01Or something like that19:17
andrew_mok, thanks.. i guess one could implement that with an object that has a default view that does an HTTP refresh or so..19:18
andrew_mwould be more like a 'jump' than a 'link' though19:19
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projekt01Andrew_m, a content type where could store a reference to another object and present a link to it with the real URL19:30
projekt01The link should only presented if the referenced object is still available19:31
andrew_myes, that sounds simple enough. I think I can sell that to my boss ;)19:32
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