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srichtermmh, strange00:07
srichterI never had troubles00:07
srichterhave you created a zpkgrc file?00:07
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VladDracI want to build a more extended catalog13:27
VladDracsupporting stuff like brains/metadata, for example13:27
VladDracI'm currently wondering if I should write a utility from scratch that requires an existing catalog utility13:27
VladDracor if I should simply inherit from
VladDracor if I should adapt13:28
VladDracis adapting utilities to new (more functional) utilities a common zope3 usecase as well?13:28
vinsciimplementing app/interfaces/catalog/ is probably what you want13:40 is already an implementation, I want to extend it somehow13:41
VladDraceither through inheritance or adapting13:42
VladDrac(or some sort of wrapping)13:42
vinscinote there are several
VladDracsuch as?13:43
VladDracyeah I know how find works :)13:44
VladDracso what are you saying, that I should extend catalog_icon.gif? :)13:44
vinscithat's probably stretching it a bit :)13:44
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VladDracthe only real zope utility is app/catalog/, the rest is interface definition or browser view classes13:45
VladDracand my question remaind: inherit, adapt, etc13:45
VladDracgotta go br13:45
vinsciI'm having trouble understanding your use of OO terminology13:47
vinsciyou may want to compare about adapting13:47
vinsciin other words, you probably do not want to "adapt"13:48
vinscior "wrap" for that matter :)13:48
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VladDracyou know about adapters in zope3 I assume? Then my question should be clear :)15:05
srichterVladDrac: I think you should ask Jim what he envisions15:09
srichteradaptation might be better in this case, since you can reuse the existing catalog15:09
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VladDracsrichter my plan is to reuse the catalog, and I can do it in several ways15:30
srichterI know; I understood your question well15:34
VladDracok :)15:34
srichterI am just not sure how brains and meta-data fits into the scheme15:34
srichterI am thinking that you might not need meta-data, since the lookup to the actual object might be very cheap with the new mechanism15:35
srichterI can't remember what brains are, so I am at a loss15:35
VladDraca brain is some local data describing the object within the catalog15:47
VladDracincluding the metadata, a method to resolve the object, etc15:47
VladDracis object lookup really that cheap?15:48
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srichterwell, we do it now via direct reference15:52
srichteronce you decided you want to display an object it is quick to get to15:52
srichteri.e. it doe not need to wake up all its parents as far as I know15:53
VladDracstill you may find 1000s of object that you want to display in batches of 10s15:57
srichterwell, so you decide the batch before wking them15:59
srichterok, so I see where your meta-data argument is coming from, but it only works if waking objects is expensive16:01
srichterbecause if you have meta-data and brains, you need to generate an object as well, which might be equally expensive16:01
srichterI would really try to use the plain catalog first and see16:01
srichterwhen it gets slow, you can always implement more16:01
srichterdon't overdesign!16:02
VladDracyou have a point16:02
VladDracI've been brainwashed my zope/plone :)16:02
* VladDrac is trying to fix problems in zope3 that only really exist in zope216:06
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* VladDrac would really really really like error reporting improved in Zope320:34
VladDrac(and if I could do it myself I would)20:34
VladDracI'm currently getting zcml parse errors because some deeply nested pythoncode is failing, somewhere20:35
VladDrac(and I only know the zcml entry point where the class is refered as a starting point)20:35
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