IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2005-05-13

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__odieare there SVN snapshots that are relatively intact?02:29
projekt01Use the trunk, it's stable02:30
__odietrunk is what version? Im a bit of a n00b :)02:31
__odiei was just trying to get my hands on the catalog in version 3.1, someone said it was pretty stable02:31
projekt01Do you know Subversion?02:31
__odievery little, trunk is a think I can request in subversion?02:32
projekt01Take a look at this URL, there are infos for the checkout02:34
projekt01Do you use a unix box or windows?02:34
__odieboth? :) im gonna develop on linux though ... I was one of the founders of gentoo actually :)02:35
projekt01Ok, there is no problem with compile the C++ extensions02:35
__odiefinal product might be hosted on windows as thats what our COLO's are running ... but i expect by then 3.1 will be released02:35
__odieyea no problem :)02:36
projekt01Ah, gentoo, nice to know02:36
__odie:) thansk for the advice02:36
__odiehas anyone tried psyco with zope?02:38
__odieim very fond of psyco :)02:39
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__odieShould I ignore the tests that fail in trunk :)03:19
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srichter__odie: there are test failures on the trunk? Can you list them?03:48
srichter__odie: we have not tried psyco03:49
srichterbut if it works with plain vanilla Python, then it will work with Zope 303:50
srichtermmh, I really want to try psyco with Zope now; specifically TAL; it would be great if we can get some real speedup03:56
__odieI might try psyco when I have more time, Its an amazing program as far as im concerned03:56
srichterok, time to go03:56
__odiePsyco will make python run MUCH faster.  However, I dont know enough about it to apply it to a project as complex as zope :)03:57
__odiesure, I'll save those test that failed for ya03:57
__odiefor my simple scripts all you have to do is import psyco and then "psyco.full()"03:58
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__odieis the catalog object a container? or does it just index information in other containers? trying to get the basics here :)04:40
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VladDrac__odie I have some catalog experience -- what do you need to know?12:03
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VladDracmogge j1m12:32
VladDracthat's dutch for "morning" :)12:34
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regebroVladDrac: "Regebro is now known as regebro-lunch" Haha!15:34
regebroSomebody is logging #freenode, obvíously.15:34
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hdimasrichter: ayt?16:12
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srichterhdima: yeah16:16
hdimaShouldn't '<span tal:replace="default">42</span>' results to '42' instead of '<span>42</span>'?16:17
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hdimaNow I'm trying to replace 'tal:replace=...' to 'tal:content=... tal:omit-tag=""' internally and it works just fine instead of the tal:replace="default" case16:18
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andrew_mdoes anyone know if this is expected behavior?: add a normal file to zope 3 (e.g. foo.txt). change its contents to "&lt;" and click "Change". &lt; is replaced by <, although this content type is supposed to be text/plain16:23
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andrew_mand: what is the best way to work around this (&amp;lt; will resolve into < after two updates too)16:24
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efgehdima: no your example should return a <span> around. default means do as if the tal instruction wasn't there16:26
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efgehm actually now that I think about it a by more I'm not sure16:26
efgegood question16:27
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hdimaefge: I think 'tal:content' should return <span>42</span> in this case, but tal:replace just '42'16:29
efgehm maybe, I have no strong feeling. you should ask the guys that designed zpt, on the list16:30
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SteveAhdima: i'm pretty darn sure that <span tal:replace="default">42</span> should result in 4216:38
SteveAif it doesn't do that, it is a bug16:39
hdimaI've just sent the question to the list16:40
hdimaSteveA: I think so16:41
SteveAi wish i had more time to keep up with the zope3-dev list :-(16:42
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srichterhdima: still there?17:09
srichterhdima: I had people in my office, sorry17:09
hdimasrichter: yes17:09
srichterI think you are right with your first case17:09
srichterhdima: yeah, you found another bug :-)17:11
hdimaok, then I've mostly done with TAL/msgid issue :-)17:11
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__odienobdy has made a benchmark sutie for zope3 have they? trying to determine the effect of psyco :)19:56
srichter__odie: well, I think there is20:23
srichterthere is a way to request a single URL and measure its time20:24
srichter__odie: see utilities/runurl.py20:24
srichter__odie: btw, I am really interested in the results20:25
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anguenotok ok22:16
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vinsciI'm trying to repeat what chrisw did:
vinscihowever, it always fails at the bin/zpkg, with: could not load from svn:// (exit code 1)22:52
vinsciis his instructions wrong?22:52
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srichtervinsci: I don't think so23:55
srichtervinsci: do you have svn installed?23:55
srichtervinsci: are you on linux?23:55
vinscisrichter, yes & yes23:56

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