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timtephiliKON: I'm half through your book. One thing I'm missing is explanations of @@. I've seen it in a few examples so far, but does not know what it means. Maybe I missed the explanation, is it there?00:10
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philiKONtimte, yes, it's there00:18
philiKONin chapter 3 i think00:18
timtephiliKON: ok, forgot it then i guess00:19
philiKONtimte, page 3100:19
timtephiliKON: you've got good memory00:20
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guido_ghi all11:29
guido_ghow can I set the (default) context for utility lookups?11:30
VladDracguido: you might mean setSite()11:30
VladDracdepending on what your problem specifically is :)11:31
VladDracmy problem was that if you create a sitemanager and access local utilities within the same request, you need to do an explicit setSite() for that request11:31
VladDrac(see my mail on zope3-dev to jw)11:31
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guido_gfound it on zope3 user ml, thanks11:37
guido_gand it works! you rock! :)11:38
VladDractx :)11:45
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guido_gj-w and me are indeed working on the same project12:17
guido_git's a document library application, where you can uplaod/administer documents12:18
guido_gvery short, it's a meta-data system for the documents they want to make public12:18
guido_gof course, there're lots of special ideas... as usual12:19
VladDrachmm ok12:23
VladDracI hope to release some of my code soon - perhaps you can reuse some12:24
guido_gI'm not sure about the release policy of this project12:25
guido_gwill ask Martijn...12:25
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guido_g... ok, now going to ask Kit...12:34
guido_g.. finished12:36
guido_gVladDrac: the first demo is here:
VladDracnice http auth popup :)12:38
guido_gcomes for free with your browser, we thought we make use of it :)12:39
guido_gunfortunately the code is in our internal cvs12:39
VladDracguido: textindexng might be usefull to index documents - I recently "ported" it to zope312:39
VladDrac(the cvs version should actually work)12:39
guido_gsaw the announcement :)12:40
guido_gbut for now the upload is ignored anyway12:40
guido_gwhat's your current project then?12:41
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VladDraca mini cms for a very simple community site12:43
VladDracbasically a toy project to get to learn zope312:43
VladDracusing as many standard zope3 components as possible12:43
timteVladDrac: how many req/s do you get?12:44
VladDractimte: 0 :)12:45
VladDrac(unless I'm testing)12:45
VladDrac(the site's not there, yet)12:45
guido_gahh :)12:45
VladDracthe class you define as class for your template is accessible as 'view' in the associated template, right?12:52
VladDracwhat happens if you nest templates (i.e. macro's)?12:53
VladDracI have the impression my macro is accessing the "wrong" view12:53
guido_ghmmm... good question12:54
guido_gI've a form (the 'Find' from the documents folder) which uses the zmi macros, this seems to work12:55
VladDracwell if I request the template containing the macro directly, it works. If I access it as a nested macro in an outer template, I get an attribute error12:56
VladDracdriving me nuts13:01
* VladDrac 's stuck on something trivial again13:01
* VladDrac had hoped that would stopped after 6 weeks13:01
guido_ghow do you call the macro?13:02
VladDrac     <metal:tree use-macro="context/@@visitortree/visitortree" />13:02
guido_ghmmm... hmmm...13:03
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guido_gdid you hvae a look at
guido_gthere is a class based view defined for @@standard_macros13:07
guido_gthe view class simply sets the class attribute macro_pages13:08
guido_gbut I might be confused13:08
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VladDrac  File "/home/ivo/Projects/Zope3/Zope3-svn/src/zope/app/publisher/browser/", line 433, in __call__13:22
VladDrac    raise AttributeError("__call__")13:22
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* VladDrac cries13:22
VladDracZope3 has passed Plone and Zope by non-descriptive errormessages by far, now13:23
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VladDracfor some reason, my class only works if I define __call__ (returning self)13:26
philiKONwhat class?13:27
VladDracthe class I'm trying to register as a view13:27
VladDrachmm wait13:29
VladDracit's the implicit calling nature of tal13:29
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VladDracok I think I slowly start to understand stuff13:31
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srichterguido_g: your URL is useless without a login/password pair :-)13:45
guido_gI know ]:->13:46
guido_gbut I had to ask for permission for VladDrac, 'cause this is a demo for the customer13:46
guido_gI think for you, there isn't anything worth to see :)13:47
* guido_g is out for lunch13:47
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VladDracwhat's the best way to, given a SiteManager, find its parent (the "site root", basically?)15:52
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VladDracso zapi.getParent(getSiteManager(self.context)) would do?15:59
guido_gis there a way to get the current request when your're not in a view?16:01
philiKONVladDrac, ypu16:01
philiKONwe really need a zapi.getSite()16:01
philiKONguido_g, no16:01
guido_gphiliKON: thanks16:01
VladDracacquire it!16:01
philiKONif you need the request, your component is either a view (by definition) or it does too much16:01
* VladDrac ducks16:01
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guido_gI'm sending out emails from a event handler16:02
guido_gthese mails have to contain the abs. url of the thing touched16:02
guido_gso the mail stuff is decoupled from the actual form handling, I thought this would be the right way...16:04
guido_g... obviously it isn't16:04
VladDracguido: srichters book has an example of sending mail from zope316:04
guido_gthx, but the mail sending is working fine16:04
guido_git uses DTMLPage for the templates ]:->16:05
guido_gI really just need the f... absolute url of the object16:05
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guido_ghuh? what do you mean?16:08
* MacYET fights16:08
srichterguido_g: you need the URL right?16:09
srichterso there it is16:10
guido_gsrichter: but I'm not in a view, so I don't have a request, that's the problem16:10
srichtera URL without a request does not make sense16:11
srichteryou can always create a simple TestRequest object though16:11
guido_gthat's why I asked if there is a way to get to the current request when your're not in a view16:11
guido_gbecause the place where i need the url is an event handler16:11
srichterno, only view know about requests16:11
srichterso, probably you want to send the URL as part of the event16:12
guido_gyes, have to do it this way then16:12
srichterbtw, this is not a bad thing16:12
philiKONguido_g, have the view pass the absolute url to the mail routine16:12
philiKONwait, you're in an event handler, right?16:13
srichterapplications can do those sort of specific things16:13
philiKONwe need traversal events16:13
philiKONthey could solve this problem16:13
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philiKONguido_g, there's a trick16:16
philiKONit's not too nice16:16
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philiKONbut it's at least not butt ugly16:16
philiKONzope's security machinery has the concept of an interaction16:16
philiKONthey are sort of the transactions of the security machinery16:16
philiKONprincipals can participate at interactions through participation objects16:16
philiKONthe request is such a participation object16:17
philiKONthe interaction is stored in a thread globla16:17
guido_gok ok... my brain already starts to hurt :)16:18
VladDractraversal events?16:18
philiKONVladDrac, yes, object events sent out before and after traversal16:18
VladDracit's in
srichterthere are no after traverdsal events :-)16:19
srichteronly before traversal16:19
philiKONguido_g, anyway, you can get the interaction with
philiKONVladDrac, is IBeforeTraverseEvent sent out as an object event or by itself?16:19
srichterbut that's commonly no problem, since you can handle everything with before traversal events16:19
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philiKONsrichter, well, not really16:19
philiKONsrichter, if your app raises an exception...16:19
VladDracphil not sure what you mean16:20
philiKONguido_g, you can loop over the participations within an interaction by looping over the .participations attribute16:20
srichterbtw, I have demonstrated the use of IBeforeTraversalEvent in my recent preferences demo, where the skin is set by a preference16:20
philiKONguido_g, normally the first and only one should be the request16:20
guido_gphiliKON: thx, will save this16:21
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srichter(I personally think this is a really ugly hack and sending the URL as part of the event is much cleaner)16:21
philiKON>>> from import queryInteraction16:22
philiKON>>> from zope.publisher.interfaces import IRequest16:22
philiKON>>> interaction = queryInteraction()16:22
philiKON>>> if interaction is not None and interaction.participations:16:22
philiKON...     request = interaction.participations[0]16:22
philiKON...     assert IRequest.providedBy(request)16:22
philiKONyes, it's a hack16:22
guido_gsrichter: rrright, that's what I do now16:22
philiKONsending it via the event obj is cleaner but not possible all the time16:23
philiKONe.g. when using pre-defined events16:23
srichterright, but that's not the case here :-)16:24
philiKONok. didn't konw16:24
VladDracdoes anyone know right away where the elements of the navigation tree are generated?16:24
guido_gno, I can define whatever event I want.. luck is on my side... this time :)16:24
VladDracfound it16:24
BjornTphiliKON: you're approach isn't always possible as well. it wouldn't work with FTP requests for example16:24
philiKONyeah, then i'd do notify(MyEvent(absolute_url()))16:25
philiKONBjornT, why not?16:25
BjornTphiliKON: how do you get a HTTP-URL from a FTP request?16:26
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philiKONis absolute_url only possible for HTTP? oh well, if that's the case...16:26
srichteryeah, absolute URL is HTTP specific16:27
philiKONthough urls *can* exist for ftp16:27
philiKONwe might just not support 'em16:27
srichterbtw, in those cases creating a TestRequest object might be ok16:27
srichterit sould be application-specific, since you might need to specify app-specific parameters, but other than that it should work most of the time16:28
VladDracwhat would context/@@foo be in pythoncode?16:31
philiKONgetAdapter((context, request), name='foo')16:32
srichtergetMultiAdapter((context, request), name='foo')16:33
srichteror did I miss a change?16:33
philiKONuh, of course16:33
srichterthough I think you are right and we should switch to getAdapter16:34
srichterfor simple cases we are using IFace(obj) anyways16:34
VladDrachmm, zapi.absoluteURL(c, r) != getAdapter((c, r), name="absolute_url")16:39
srichterYou have to use getMultiAdapter16:40
VladDracbut still, they're different16:40
VladDrac(unicode str versus
srichterof course you have to call the adapter16:43
VladDracI want breadcrumbs16:45
VladDracand getMultiAdapter((c, r), name="absolute_url").breadcrumbs() works fine for me16:45
VladDrac(zapi.absoluteURL(c,r).breadcrumbs() doesn't )16:45
VladDracmy point is, I assumed zapi.absoluteURL would be a nice shortcut, but it's different16:45
philiKONzapi.absoluteURL() is a short cut if all you want is the url as a unicode string16:48
philiKONif you want more, you need to look up the view16:48
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VladDracmy heavily-simplified-navigationtree works17:28
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VladDrac(along with a nice piece of recursive tal :)17:34
srichteryeah, macros are great for that17:35
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elbixiohello everybody. is there any way to plot a chart using zope3? if there isn't, how would you recommend to do it?19:44
ignaspyGame, save png and load it :)19:46
gintasPIL (Python Imaging Library)19:50
projekt01Perhaps with ImageMagic?19:51
MacYETimagemagic does no graphs19:52
MacYETalso pil does not graphs19:52
philiKONgnuplot: set terminal png19:52
MacYETgnuplot is the swiss knife for making any kind of charts19:53
projekt01That's true19:53
elbixiois gnuplot the one used in octave?19:53
elbixioMacYET: do you know matlab?19:55
MacYETalgebra stuff19:55
projekt01Perhaps pygdchart does fit19:56
elbixiomatrix and algebra stuff19:56
* MacYET calculates the eigenwert of elbixio 19:56
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philiKONMacYET, eigenvalue20:08
regebroIt's always 0. ;)20:10
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elbixioprojekt01:  pygdchart2 seems really simple to use20:18
elbixioprojekt01: for a newbie like me :)20:19
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