IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2005-05-26

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__odieI'm converting one of my apps from sql to ZODb as an exercise, the program just keeps getting smaller, clearer, and faster02:34
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bob2only if you were previously trying to use sql as an object store ;005:53
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* VladDrac thinks zope3 is too explicit sometimes11:30
VladDracI know adaption is prefered over inheritance, but it feels like you have to *redefine* everything if you inherit11:30
VladDrac(or actually, zcml doesn't understand inheritance)11:31
SteveAi use a decorates() helper11:32
SteveAto do this11:32
SteveAit creates efficient pass-through descriptors in the class of the adapter i'm writing11:32
SteveAi need to get my 'canonical' committers agreement faxed into ZC so i can commit this somewhere11:33
VladDraccould you elaborate a bit?11:37
VladDracmy INameChooser is finally working now - I forgot the set_before_add zcml attribute11:38
* VladDrac now has Plone 2.1-ish behaviour when creating content - take the id from the title11:39
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srichterhey, should zope.i18n switch to using decimal, if available?23:35
philiKONi wouldn't know why23:36
srichterwell, zope.i18n.format parses number strings to floats23:36
srichterwhich is not always exact23:36
srichterdecimal could represent the value including its significant figures correctly23:37
philiKONfloats are 1e-15 precise23:38
philiKONwell, 1e-14 maybe23:38
philiKONi doubt that zope.i18n ever needs to display more precision23:39
srichter>>> 3.423:39
philiKONof course, maybe we shouldn't rule it out23:39
srichterI don;t think this is acceptable, right?23:39
philiKON>>> "%1.3f" % 3.423:39
philiKON>>> "%1.15f" % 3.423:40
srichterbut you have to format it23:40
srichterso anyways, I am not sure how to do this right23:41
philiKONwho says we're doing it wrong right now?23:41
philiKONi call yagni on making zope.i18n decimal aware23:41
philiKONif somebody needs that much precision for presentation, he most likely doesn't need i18n anway23:42
philiKONin scientific apps, everything is US-based23:42
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