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philiKONwee, svn 1.2 is out01:02
philiKONwith versioning for symlinks and a flat filesystem backend01:03
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J1mI thought 1.1 had a flat file-system back end01:31
J1mI guess 1.2 has the ability to suppress external output from svn status01:32
J1mwhich is enough reason to upgrade for me. :)01:32
philiKONmaybe it was already 1.101:36
philiKONi'll wait for 1.2.1 to be safe :)01:37
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VladDracLuckily for you, I just made the later easier on the Zope 3 trunk last12:00
VladDracnight.  :-)  See src/zope/app/dublincore/partial.txt for more12:00
VladDracinformation on how to do this.12:00
VladDracwell.. no partial.txt here :(12:00
VladDracit's in testing, hurray12:01
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VladDracI wonder how Z3-ish my implementation is..14:22
VladDracI define a dcmap attribute on my base content type that maps dc attributes to content attributes (which partialAnnotatableAdapterFactory adapts)14:22
VladDracand my derived content adds additional fields to this attribute14:23
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guido_gcan someone enlighten me on how to create a catalog?15:37
guido_gwhen I try to add one through the zmi I get a stacktrace...15:38
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VladDraccan you paste the trace somewhere? (
VladDracalso, Zope3 trunk?15:39
* VladDrac is not only using the catalog, 15:40
guido_gtrunk from this morning, revision 3049315:40
* VladDrac is actually indexing workflow states using the catalog and using TextIndexNG 3 !15:40
VladDrac(well not using ting for the workflowstates, but for other attributes)15:41
guido_ghere's the traceback:
VladDracah ok15:42
VladDracplease read src/zope/app/catalog/browser/README.txt15:43
VladDracthe short answer is: create a intid utility first15:43
VladDracthe shorter answer is: rtfm :)15:43
guido_gjust a second15:43
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guido_gi'm going to create a Unique Id Utility, this is the thing, right?15:44
* dagnachew is away: a coter 15:45
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VladDracguido yes15:46
* VladDrac shoud find some time to finalize and release a very first version of his code15:46
VladDracI think it might alot of people get started with Zope315:47
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VladDracanyone here available to give me a hint on how to intercept the containment of my created objects? (I want to change the default __name__ generation if no name is supplied)15:48
guido_gexcuse me, what shall the above mentioned README.txt tell me?15:48
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guido_gI see a lot of funny requests...15:48
guido_g.. but I doubt that I've to do it this way15:49
VladDracguido: correct15:49
VladDracbut you can derive that:15:49
VladDrac- Before creating a catalog, you must create a intid tool:15:49
VladDracAnd register it:15:50
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VladDracOnce we have a unique-id tool, you can add a catalog:15:50
VladDracand register it:15:50
VladDracOnce we have a catalog, we can add indexes to it.  Before we add an15:50
VladDracindex, let's add a templated page.  When adding indexes, existing15:50
VladDracobjects are indexed, so the document we add now will appear in the15:50
VladDracit'll provide the steps to get started. In stead of replaying the requests, you'll have to perform something similar in the ZMI15:50
VladDrac(or from Code, eventually, Like I do)15:50
guido_gok, I figured this out15:51
guido_gbut even with a Unique Id Utility installed I get this error15:52
VladDracdid you register it?15:53
guido_gwith the 'Regsiter' button showing up after I added it15:53
guido_git look like that the component lookup cant find the utility15:55
guido_gI figure, the empty name parameter indicates that the first found utiklity should be returned15:55
VladDracno, actually, the nameless one I think15:58
VladDracdon't enter a name yourself15:58
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guido_gcan someone add this in bold to the README,txt in catalog, please?16:00""") <- It's there, clearly! >:)16:02
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guido_ghar har har16:06
guido_gbtw, what do you do with the workflow component?16:07
VladDracerm.. workflow? :)16:08
* VladDrac has some simple content types. Their searchable text is indexed, as is ther DC Metadata and workflow state16:08
VladDracI can then use it to, for example, search all "published" News content16:08
guido_gok, indices work for my content type too16:13
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guido_gthanks again16:15
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j-wI'm trying to grant a user the site manager role16:17
j-wso I added a principal source, and added a user to it16:17
j-wthen, I granted this user de site manager role16:17
j-whowever, logging in with this user's credentials doesn't work16:17
j-wso I do something wrong...16:18
j-wbut I don't have a clue where to start looking...16:18
* VladDrac 's not really into authentication yet16:19
faassenit the thing that is easy in Zope 2. :)16:21
faassenyou make a user in some user folder, and give it a role, and then you can log in. :)16:21
faassenin Zope 3.1 this seems to be more involved...16:21
VladDracis infrae moving to Zope3 today? :)16:23
srichterit got easier though16:31
srichtercreate a PAU16:31
srichteradd the credentials plugin and sutnetication plugin16:31
srichteradd a user to the authentication plugin16:31
srichtergo to a folder and enter the grant screen16:31
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j-wsrichter: yes, that16:33
j-w's what I did16:33
j-wsrichter: but I just cannot login with new user's credentials16:33
j-wI used the Zope Realm basic-auth credentials plugin16:34
j-wcreated a user folder, and selected that for authenticator plugin16:35
j-wusing the grant screen I can then search for (and find) this user and I grant it the site-manager role16:36
j-wexpecting this to be "enough" for this user to be able to login16:36
faassenanyway, we must be doing something wrong, but jw and I can't figure it out.16:38
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srichterI think you have to use 2 credential thingies16:48
srichterone that is a null thing that ignores everything, if the user is already logged in16:48
j-wsrichter: aha... let me try...16:49
j-wsrichter: is that the 'No challenge if authenticated' credential thingy you meant?16:51
j-wmaybe its because this is all configured in a local site manager (I guess that's the right terminology)16:55
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VladDracthe hunt for where-is-that-error-exactly starts again :(16:58
VladDrac(z3 stops at zcml, the error is at a much deeper level)16:59
VladDracthis is sooooo frustrating17:03
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VladDracI don't understand I'm the only one having a problem with this :)17:05
* VladDrac considers it a Zope3-developer-acceptance-showstopper17:05
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VladDrac*finally* found it17:07
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srichterj-w: yesh17:08
VladDracanother 20 minutes wasted on crappy zcml error reporting :(17:08
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projekt01VladDrac, I'm sure with the right UnitTest this whould not happen ;-)17:11
VladDracprojekt: somewhat true17:15
VladDracstill I don't see why ZCML must "mask" inner python stacktraces17:15
projekt01Yes, this makes the traceback sometimes not very usefull.17:17
VladDrac(and yes, I should write unittests, but at this moment I'm still prototyping/trying to understand how stuff works)17:19
j-wVladDrac: that's exactly where I am too :-)17:21
j-wtrying to understand how stuff works17:21
projekt01Mee too17:21
VladDracjw if you get stuck, let me know - I might have been there already :)17:23
VladDrac(jw and guido, btw)17:26
guido_gyep, thanks17:26
guido_gbtw, I get a traceback when I click on a index in a catalog17:27
VladDracguido yeah17:27
VladDracprobably involving string.replace?17:27
VladDraca zope3 bug - I reported it in the tracker17:28
VladDracthe fix is to limit the attributes the schemaview should render17:29
guido_gahh... ok, thx17:30
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projekt01Are the last changes in i18n:translate="" somewhere documented?17:37
projekt01Whould be nice to have a deprecation warning index and some documentation about a deprecation index number ;-)17:38
SteveAlike, a bug URL ?17:42
projekt01SteveA, yes, why not. Could ba a link to additional infos on the web, where this changes can be explained or disscussed17:48
* dagnachew is back17:56
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tarekhi all18:04
tarekshould i use PyTZ (Python Time Zone) to translates datetimes or there's such integrated feature in z3 ?18:05
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regebrotarek: translate how and to what?18:08
regebroThere is a timezone implementaion in if you wonder. It ain't great, but it's there.18:09
tareki think this module is gone18:10
tareki remember srichter saying it, if i am not mistaken18:11
tarekis or *will*18:11
regebrowill, it's still in the trunk.18:13
tareksrichter: ayt ?18:13
regebroProblem is that you kinda need to use the same tz implementation as Zope in some cases, so having your own wont help. :-/18:14
tarekno it wont be a problem because it is just a translation of dates in mails to display them with the same zone than the imap server it was dropped in18:15
* tarek tries to search irc logs18:16
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VladDracas soon as I have my content implement, I get (to me) completely unrelated errors18:18
VladDrac  File "/home/ivo/Work/Zope3/Zope3-svn/src/zope/app/container/", line 207, in sublocations18:18
VladDrac    for key in container:18:18
VladDracTypeError: iteration over non-sequence18:18
guido_guhhh... sounds like something I got days ago18:19
guido_gdo you have an adapter registered for INameChooser and you content type?18:20
guido_gI think the point was: even when the content-type implements INameChooser, you have to have an adapter for it18:25
guido_gah, ok18:26
VladDracwell no, it implements IContainerNamesContainer (through a zcml directive)18:26
VladDracwhich is basically a marker interface18:26
VladDracand it adapts to INameChooser through an adapter18:26
guido_gah, I see18:26
VladDracwithout IContainerNamesContainer, my chooseName only gets invoked if name is empty18:26
VladDracand things work okay, but I won't be able to 'intercept' non-empty names18:27
timteis zope 3 harder to develop with than zope 2 ?18:30
VladDracin theory: no, in practice: yes :(18:30
VladDracbut that's the immaturity of both Zope3 and the developers18:30
guido_gfor me? no, because I don't know much of zope218:30
VladDracI'm giving up on IContainerNamesContainer18:31
VladDracI'll call it an awkward undocumented z3 feature18:31
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guido_gdo you use the setitem from
guido_gbecause this simply returns if the object has a __name__18:36
guido_g... and the name is in the container18:36
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*** SteveA|afk is now known as SteveA19:51 are deprecated19:55
srichterif not officially than at least inofiicially19:55
srichterone should use the zope.i18n code instead19:56
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philiKONVladDrac, IContainerNamesCOntainer is not undocumented; i'm fairly certain it's in my book20:23
VladDracphil it's definately documented in your book20:23
VladDracthe odd behaviour I'm experiencing, isn't :)20:23
philiKONah, ok20:25
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philiKONJ1m, srichter, right now doesn't check whether a principal provides IGroupAwarePrincipal but it just tries to getattr the 'groups' attribute. wouldn't it be saner to test for the interface?20:51
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J1mphiliKON, sure20:55
philiKONok. i thought maybe there was a reason for the current impl20:55
SteveAor adapt?20:55
philiKONadapt would probably be the sanest approach20:56
philiKONSteveA, will we see you at EP, btw?20:56
philiKONnevermind, i already know you#re coming...20:56
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