IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2005-05-30

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tvonin z3 startup, what is responsible for reading/acting upon configure.zcml files?01:36
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projekt01tvon, see apidoc, I think srichter is reading some registered components for the apidoc regsitration01:50
projekt01Perhaps you can find some hints there01:50
projekt01Or did you mean something different?01:51
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tvonprojekt01: not sure, I'll look :)02:00
tvonzope.configuration seems to be what I want02:01
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tvonactually this is exactly what I'm looking for:
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j-wdo I understand correctly, that there is only one way to override 'default' configuration, and that is using etc/overrides.zcml?14:30
j-wI cannot place the overrides.zcml for "my application" somewhere else (and point to it in some way), can I?14:31
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VladDracj-w: you can15:06
VladDrachmm wait15:06
VladDracin the instances etc/overrides.zcml, yes15:06
VladDracwhich you can symlink of course, like etc/package-includes/yourproduct.zcml15:07
j-wVladDrac: uhm, yes, that's the etc.overrides.zcml I meant :)15:07
VladDracyou can place it somewhere else and point to it someway15:07
VladDracusing <include>, symlinks, etc15:07
VladDracmuch like etc/package-includes/yourproduct.zcml15:08
j-wif I use <include/> I have to know the path to "my package" - sure I know this on my system, but not on the customer's machine.15:08
j-wbut the conlcusion is: you have to instruct the person deploying the app to modify etc/overrides.zcml if I want overrides.15:09
j-w(VladDrac, thx for the suggestion BTW!)15:10
VladDracwouldn't something like <include package="myproducts.overrides" /> work, and then create a myproducts/overrides/configure.zcml?15:10
VladDracyou don't need to know the complete path to myproducts, zcml will scan your $PYTHONPATH15:11
j-whmm, nice idea...15:11
VladDrac(don't forget the __init__.pu)15:11
j-wsure :-)15:12
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j-wVladDrac: that seems too work indeed! Great! Thx!15:17
VladDracah, nice15:20
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mexiKONj-w, you can always use includeOverrides15:28
mexiKONinstead of include15:29
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j-wmexiKON: so, in my application's configure.zcml I use <includeOverrides .../> you  mean?15:40
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mexiKONj-w, yup.15:52
mexiKONi *think* that that'll work15:53
projekt01mexiKON, are you sure you can use includeOverrides anywhere?15:55
projekt01Earlier there was a restriction and includeOverrides could only be used form the ovverrides.zcml15:55
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projekt01I mean the overrides.zcml in the root was the starting point where all additional overrides has to be included15:56
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VladDrac        The queryTaggedValue attribute was not provided.16:56
VladDracverifyObject fails on an object, this is the error I get16:56
VladDracspeaking of cryptic messages :)16:56
philiKONdoes the objec tprovide IInterface?16:57
philiKONand that's not cryptic16:57
philiKONit tells you exactly why it failed16:57
VladDracah now I understand17:00
VladDracqueryTaggedValue is something inherited from IContentType17:00
philiKONbut you don't implement IContentType in your class17:02
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philiKONyou have your IThisIsSomeObjectThatIConsiderAContentType iinterface provide IContentType17:02
philiKONtypically with <interface interface="IThisIsSomeObjectThatIConsiderAContentType" type="" />17:02
VladDracI inherited my interface directly from IContentType17:03
philiKONyou don't do that17:04
VladDracwhy not? :)17:04
philiKONbecause IContentTypeis not an interface17:04
philiKONit's an interface-interface17:04
philiKONyou do:17:04
philiKONclass MyInterface(Interface):17:04
philiKON  pass17:04
philiKONalsoProvides(MyInterface, IContentType)17:05
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philiKONexcept that you can express the last line in zcml17:05
philiKONlike i wrote above17:05
VladDrachmmm ok17:05
philiKONread my book, chapter 5 :)17:06
VladDracah ok, IContentType is derived from IInterface17:06
VladDracstill confusing17:06
philiKONyes, it's a bit mind wobbling, but not that hard to grok17:06
philiKONwe use interfaces as markers17:07
philiKONso, the idea of IcontentType is that we mark interfaces17:07
VladDracchapter 6 you mean? :)17:09
philiKONwhichever is about content objects :(17:12
philiKONwhichever is about content objects :)17:12
VladDracphilipp: do you think a content conversion utility would be useful for the Zope3 core?17:12
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efgeVladDrac: maybe the core of the utility, but the conversion-specific plugins I'd say no, they will be pretty application specific17:18
VladDracefge: depends17:19
VladDracefge: ReST -> HTML will always be usefull17:19
VladDracbut the current implementation is somewhat like the catalog: it has some default transformers you can use, and you can implement/configure your own17:19
efgeVladDrac: yes, those, ok17:20
efgebut I'd want the core to be very light, for instance PortalTransforms is a pig trying to do too much17:20
VladDracit's rather minimal17:20
efgedo you do some kind of pipelining ? If no, good :)17:20
VladDracchaining, yes, sorry :)17:21
VladDracthat is, it's planned in the interface, but the current implementation only creates single element chains17:21
efgeas a user of such a framework, I wouldn't want too much magic or implicit heuristics in the way chains are chosen17:23
efgeasking the list about it would be best :)17:23
VladDracI'll do that17:31
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mgedminZope i18n message IDs aren't rocks?18:46
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dagnachewall by my self20:21
dagnachewfixed the right speaker20:21
dagnachewyou were right20:21
dagnachewone of the litle metal was disconnected from the thingy20:22
mgedminsounds like a bug in zcml :-)20:23
mgedmin<connect what="" to="" />20:24
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philiKONanyone know who dman13 is and if he's here right now?22:17
__odie--- dman13 :No such nick/channel22:19
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philiKONsrichter, do you remember why the value_type parameter was removed from SequenceWidget's __init__?!?22:25
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philiKONsrichter, ayt?22:50
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srichterphiliKON: can't remember, sorry23:13
philiKONsrichter, hi there23:16
philiKONsrichter, i foundt he problem23:16
philiKONit cost me 2 hours23:16
philiKONsomebody didn't merge something down to the x3.0 branch23:17
philiKONand it's been one heck of a hard time finding out what he did and why23:17
philiKONaha, svn blames projekt0123:17
srichter(btw, I am not really here; it's a holiday today ;-)23:18
philiKONprojekt01, you didn't merge your invention of CustomSequenceWidget down to X3.0 branch23:18
philiKONyeah, yeah, stupid memorial day23:18
__odieon memorial day we remember all the people who have died in wars we shouldn't have been involved in ...23:19
philiKONyou're right, it's not stupid23:19
philiKONi take that back23:19
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__odiethere was some irony in that sentence :-)23:19
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philiKONbut the essence is right23:19
philiKONonly that most of the people of our time don't seem to hold much value of that gift--living in peace23:20
__odiewell, its suposed to be about remembering the sacrafice of the soliders, but it is hard to not be political at the same time23:20
philiKONnot to mention over-patriotic23:20
__odietheres a good saying around here, "if you can read, thank a teacher.  And because its english, thank a solider" :)23:20
philiKONgood one23:21
__odieyou are german if I recall?23:21
philiKONsorry, i'm a bit cranky right now having spent 2 hours in vain tracking down a bug23:21
__odieI am sure there will be some horrible price for us americans to pay for having been allowed to be foolishly lead into this war :)23:22
__odieI am not angry at all :)23:22
philiKONbecause two people in line failed to do the right thing while i can't really blame all of the guilt on them :)23:22
projekt01philiKON, what's wrong with the merge?23:22
philiKONprojekt01, you didn't do it. that's wrong23:22
projekt01philiKON, as I can remember there was a conceptual problem in the CustomWidgetFactory or something like that23:23
projekt01Which requires this changes.23:23
philiKONin any case X3.0 branch is broken23:23
philiKONthat's unacceptable23:23
philiKONand the issue was resolved23:23
philiKONeven more so unacceptable23:23
__odiejust say you're sorry projekt01 ;)23:25
__odieim just kidding :)23:27
__odieSorry, I am on heavy narcotics as I just had surgery two weeks ago23:27
philiKONprojekt01, it's not a big deal, i'm just quite aggrivated. it was an oversight of yours, nobody's perfect23:27
philiKONi'm just telling you so you won't forget the next time :)23:28
projekt01philiKON, that's Ok. I think I correct some commits from somebody because there was a problem after some changes23:29
projekt01And I implemented a custom sequence widget factory or something like that23:29
projekt01Perhaps you mean this part23:30
projekt01Did you run also in a error while the widget don't adapt the right context?23:31
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philiKONvery frustrating23:34
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projekt01Argh, did I missed to merge this changes to the branch because this happens in the release time?23:34
philiKONit was feb 2023:38
philiKONanyway, i just merged it to X3.923:39
philiKONanyway, i just merged it to X3.023:39
philiKONthe fixes were trivial to make it run23:39
philiKONi'll check it in after running the tests23:39
projekt01Ok, thanks I remember that for the next time ;-)23:39
philiKONprojekt01, there doesn't seem to be an entry in CHAGNES.txt, though; maybe you could write that one?23:40
projekt01Ok,I will do that, but first I have to take a look at the problem I solved with my changes.23:41
projekt01Ah,thanks, what do you mean is this a bugfix or a feature or both?23:43
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philiKONmore bugfix, i guess23:45
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philiKONprojekt01, ok, i checked in the merger. please also add an entry to X3.0 branch's CHANGES.txt. thanks23:48
projekt01Oh, I don't have a working X3.0 branch could you add this note? I'll add it to the trunk.23:49
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projekt01I think this was the initial problem I solved.23:53
philiKONbut derick hudson fixed one side and broke the other23:54
philiKONso you fixed both on the trunk :)23:54
projekt01And missed the branch23:54
philiKONsrichter, please don't discourage people from merging their fixes to the X3.0 branch. X3.0 will play an important role for Zope 2.8 (because it includes it and Five)23:54
philiKONwe *will* have to make a X3.0.1 release sooner or later23:55
projekt01To bad that we can't use the release form the trunk. I think it's really not nice to support 2 versions.23:56
projekt01What's the reason for not using 3.1?23:57
philiKONbecause 3.1 wasn't ready when 2.8 entered beta23:58
philiKONand Five is about X3.0, not 3.123:58
philiKONthere will be at least one more X3.0 based release of Five, I presume23:59

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