IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2005-05-31

projekt01Ok, I see this, but this isn't good and give allways problems. Because I don't have a X3.0 setup and can't test before commits00:00
philiKONwell, then get a X3.0 setup00:02
projekt01And as I remember, there was a agreement that this merging happens by X3.0/2.8/Five developers00:02
philiKONit's not that big of a deal00:02
philiKONi don't know of such an agreement00:02
philiKONand i would neve rhave agreed to sonmething like this00:02
projekt01But that's the way it is00:02
philiKONwe can't possibly maintain all of the fixes to the trunk and check whether they apply to X3.0, merge etc.00:02
philiKONshow me a quote of that agreement00:03
projekt01We discussed this many times. I'm sure this was the last statement form Jim00:03
philiKONi'll ask jim about this00:03
projekt01I told every time, I like if somebody does something like Five etc. but I don't manage this additional to the work we do right now.00:04
projekt01Because it's not our job to manage the Five project. Because nobody take care of the actual work on the trunk00:05
philiKONnobody wants you to maintaint he Five project00:05
philiKONbut you need to maintain Zope 300:05
projekt01Ok, then I'm wrong, but then we don't need a X3.0.1 release00:05
philiKONand applying a bugfix to zope 3 means applying it to the currently maintained release branch and the trunk00:06
philiKONyes we do. we have users of x3.0 out there. every zope 2.8 user is a x3.0 user00:06
projekt01Ok, true. I didn't realized that we support additional release since we support BBB on the trunk till we get the next release00:07
philiKONthat's something different00:07
philiKONBBB is so that old code runs on the new one00:07
philiKONX3.0 has been neglected, that's one thing. but it's officially our release branch00:08
projekt01But the next release is in my point of view 3.1 and not 3.0.1 for all X3.0 compatible work. Or not?00:08
philiKONevery other project maintains minor releases of the current release branch while working on the trunk00:08
philiKONthere is no "next" release in that point of view00:09
projekt01Minior release, Ok, true, but this never happens00:09
philiKONyes it does00:10
philiKONlinux kernel, apache, debian, ...00:10
philiKONto name *big* projects00:10
philiKONheck, even with zope00:10
projekt01There where many needs for a minor release in the past! And this never happens.00:10
philiKONzope 2.7.x releases are coming out while zope 2.8 is being developed00:10
philiKONjust because you don't have a need for minor releases of x3.0 doesn't mean there isn't a need overall00:11
projekt01Yes, yes, I just speak from z3 reality. I was allways saying we are far away from a real release and project management00:11
philiKONi know waht the z3 reality was like. when x3.0 was out, nobody cared about it anymore. and that sucks00:12
projekt01Yes that's not nice, but that's how it is.00:13
philiKONyep, and it's going to come back and bite us in the a** when zope 2.8 users realize they're using buggy software00:14
projekt01I can agree on your statement. I hope it becomes better now.00:14
projekt01I'm sure I can find some time next week for fix some bugs. Because I installed our z3 project can pause for the next 4 weeks in this project00:15
projekt01I plan to fix the i18n implementation00:15
philiKONwhat's the problem with i18n?00:15
projekt01The i18n image is broken00:16
philiKONah, that thing00:16
projekt01And I like to move our local negotiator utility to the trunk00:16
projekt01Argh, this would be a feature ;-(00:17
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projekt01philiKON, I updated the missing changes text in the trunk00:23
projekt01Thanks to you00:23
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__odiephiliKON: i liked your book so much I just ordered a second copy :)04:57
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__odiesrichter: you aronud? haveing a bit of trouble with your mysql adapater07:09
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drzoltrondoes Z3 have a portal_catalog_alike_thingy ?10:46
VladDracit has a catalog10:59
drzoltronVladDrac: good to know ;)11:04
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VladDracdrzolton: I'm currently using it to index content and do simple searches11:06
guido_ghi all11:16
drzoltronVladDrac: ok, what about external storage ?11:16
guido_ghas anyone ever tried to attach an editable schema to an object?11:17
guido_gI mean a schema that is not related to the object it is attached to.11:18
VladDracdrzoltron: what about it? If you can adapt it to some attribute that the catalog can index, no problem11:18
VladDracclass ESAdapter:11:18
VladDrac  def getSearchableText(self): return open('readme.txt').read()11:19
VladDracin pseudo code :)11:19
drzoltronVladDrac: sory, was unprecise, can I store Z3 objects in an external storage ?11:22
VladDracyou're not forced to use persistency I think, and you can always wrap your external storage11:24
VladDraccheck sqlos - it does some magic with sql databases (never looked at it myself though)11:24
VladDracI don't think things have really changed from Zope2/CMF here11:24
drzoltronVladDrac: good have to hook up a geoserver to the externally stored Z3 data11:31
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VladDracmgge j1m12:48
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srichtermgedmin: was the key I sent you on Friday ok?16:10
mgedminsrichter, I haven't received it16:13
* mgedmin checks mail logs16:13
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VladDracinitid + catalog + workflow = still broken :(16:24
VladDracactually, the whole NotYet stuff has broken even more16:29
srichterwell, you might want to E-mail the list about it and forward it to Jim16:30
srichterI mean CC Jim16:30
VladDracI will16:31
VladDracbut first I need to hack in some workarounds in my working copy16:31
VladDracmy project is completely broken now16:31
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VladDracI'll see if I can write some test that triggers this bug16:45
J1mWhat problem has the NotYet change caused?16:47
VladDracj1m: I'm continuously having problems when mixing a site with a catalog and workflow16:49
VladDracI hoped the recent fixes in intid would fix these problems, but things appear worse now16:50
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J1mThere were no tests that broke16:50
J1mwhich workflow are you refering to?16:50
VladDracj1m: there are no tests that test workflow and catalog combined :)16:51
J1mYou should talk to the maintainer of :/16:52
VladDrac <- my current stacktrace (still looking into it myself)16:52
J1mI have nothing to do with that.16:52
J1mIs anyone maintaining it?16:53
J1mDoes anyone but you care about it? :)16:53
VladDracI think philipp/srichter care16:53
J1mk, then hopefully, they can figure out what's wrong with it.16:53
VladDracbtw, I think the actual problem is with the intid utility - it tries to assign id's to workflow subobjects16:54
VladDracthere's already a related issue in the tracker16:54
J1mProbably because someone is asking it to.16:54
VladDracj1m aren't id's assigned based on events?16:55
J1mYes, but only for objects for which there are IKeyReference subscribers.16:55
J1mAre these persistent objects?16:55
J1mIs someone generating an added event for them?16:56
VladDracI think so, but they may not be persisted yet (have a _p_jar)16:56
J1mIs someone generating an added event for them?16:56
VladDracI think the exception takes somewhere during the handling of an added event16:58
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J1mit sounds like something is being added to something that hasn't been added yet.17:07
J1mI wonder if that should be an error.17:07
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VladDracI dived into it a while ago with someone else from (forgot his name)17:19
VladDracah right17:23
VladDracgary poster17:23
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regebrophiliKON: A quick test confirmes that the 1.0 branch now ha no unicode problem!20:43
regebroSo now I want you to realease it tonight. Hehe. :)20:43
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regebroOh, wrong channel. Well, no matter.20:54
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