IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-06-01

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projekt01philiKON, you described a WebDav package on the z3base in a mail today. Can you point me to a source or describe what the package does?01:12
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philiKONprojekt01, read the README.txt, the rationale is explained there03:11
philiKONit's a prototype that could develop into some more (if i had time or funding ;))03:11
projekt01philiKON, thanks, that's very useful sometimes03:12
projekt01Do you know is lock supported in z3 WebDav right now or is it still missing?03:12
philiKONthere is a general locking api in the trunk,
philiKONright now i don't recall whether there's a WebDAV LOCK view that usees it03:13
philiKONi think there's none03:13
projekt01Yes, I think so too03:13
philiKONpart of the whole idea of this package is to develop one, not necessarily as part of davuseragent03:14
philiKONbut either part of the zope3 distro or some 'dav suite' which davuseragent is part of03:14
philiKONwell, not enough time :(03:15
philiKONi still need to finish modzope03:15
philiKONand get Five 1.1 out the door03:15
projekt01I was thinking about implementing a content type for use gantproject files. The gant project uses XML files for sharing the project via WebDAV and supports locking03:16
philiKONwhat's gant?03:17
philiKONgnu ant?03:17
projekt01See here, itps a nice desktop gantt planer where you can publish the xml data file and share it with others03:18
projekt01There is a built in import/export where you can point to a WebDav folder for sharing/publishing the data file03:19
philiKONso, it's a project management tool?03:20
projekt01If the WebDav lock would work in z3, this would fit for a project management for small teams03:20
philiKONlocking isn't trivial03:20
philiKONespecially processing the webdav xml is hard to do with minidom alone03:21
philiKONif we could use lxml's elementtree (or even just ElementTree), that'd be really nice03:21
philiKONwhich is why we might develop a LOCKing view outside of zope first03:21
philiKONDOM is just so painful03:21
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philiKONanyway, gotta go to bed03:22
projekt01Ok, I'm too, see you03:22
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guido_ghi all11:44
guido_gcan someone please point me to a working example for the pluggable auth thingy?11:45
VladDracschoolbell perhaps?11:50
guido_gI already have sb here11:51
guido_gbut first I wanted to use the Z3.1 core functions, just to see how (and if) it works11:51
guido_gbut no go so far11:52
VladDraccheck with jw - he did some answers recently that got him further, I think11:52
VladDracdid = got11:52
guido_gif you create a PluggableAuthentication in a sub-site, it's not even called11:52
guido_gI would, but unfortunately j-w reported sick today :/11:52
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VladDracwell it's stuff I still have to dive in myself11:59
guido_gif you do, monitor your blood pressure carefully12:00
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VladDracyeah need to do that constantly with zope312:04
VladDracranging from 'this is so cool' to 'this is so frustrating' :)12:05
guido_gyeah, I know this feeling... now :/12:05
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guido_gwhat do I have to do, to make a PluggableAuthentication in a sub-site work -- w/o adding things to the PlAu of the root?12:38
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projekt01guido_g, ask J1m what he likes to do for the future. Right now we have a multistep login in z3.14:26
projekt01You have to login to each site and traverse to the subsite and login again14:26
guido_ghmpf, doesn't make much sense to me14:26
projekt01You can avoid it if you register the traversal adapters as trusted adapters for a general solution14:26
guido_gbut thx anyway14:26
projekt01Which let's you traver over not allowed sites to subsites14:27
projekt01Do you see the problem with traversing to a subsite if you don't have the permission to access the parent site?14:28
guido_gyes, this is the default case (afaik)14:28
projekt01You mean have subsites is the default case?14:29
guido_gsorry, confused14:29
projekt01You mean a structure site/subsite is the default setup?14:30
guido_gwe currently create a sub-site when we create (aka add it to the root) our application14:31
projekt01I think J1m has other plans for this. He likes to support multi root setup14:31
projekt01There you could setup a own root at the top and you don't need a site which contains subsites14:32
projekt01This cold solve all site/subsite login/permission problems where we have right now14:32
guido_gi see14:32
projekt01And perhaps there will be support in zcml for such site configuration in the future14:32
guido_gunfortunately I've to solve this problem in the comming days14:33
projekt01But ask J1m if you need more infos, that's just some ideas where we speaking about14:33
guido_gso we'll discuss the general adapter thingy you mentioned above14:33
VladDracwe need acquitision and acl_users!14:33
* VladDrac hides14:33
projekt01Add a subsite challanger and use trusted traversal adapter for traversing to the subsite14:34
guido_g /whereis VladDrac14:34
guido_gok, first I'll find out what a traversal adapter is and how to make it trusted14:35
projekt01<adapter ...trusted="1">14:35
guido_gthx, saw this already14:36
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VladDracguido: going to the pun meeting by any chance?14:47
guido_gdo you mean me?14:49
guido_ghmmm... no other guido here...14:49
VladDracyeahm you14:50
guido_gI don't know14:50
VladDracI know the other guido is going14:50
guido_gyeah, he's dutch :)14:51
guido_gwhy do you ask?14:51
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* VladDrac hates css / html16:54
VladDracand now I have to somehow merge an oswd design and zope3 css :(16:54
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* dagnachew is back17:01
* dagnachew is away: be back17:03
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srichterVladDrac: are you working on a commercial product or an open source app?17:09
VladDracsrichter I saw your posting, not sure if I should respond :)17:10
VladDracsrichter I'm mostly toying with zope3 but my goal is to build a minimal zope3 publishing system using standard components, it will be opensource, it's called (for now) 'cubic'17:11
srichterplease respond17:11
srichterso that I won't forget17:11
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* dagnachew is back18:24
VladDracyou just keep coming back18:25
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__odiesrichter: when you're around and have a moment, id like to ask you some questions about your mysql adapater18:34
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* dagnachew is away: a+19:00
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__odiei just realized Ive been running my linux machine without swap space for two months19:21
__odieno wonder its been locking up so often19:21
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mexiKONjeez, my posting to zope-announce is 19 hours old and still not published...19:48
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* dagnachew is back19:58
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__odieanyone who can asnwer some questions about the zope3 mysql connector? im not quite sure how its supposed to be used22:12
mexiKONyou look it up and use its api :)22:18
__odieYea I know ... what I dont get is the big picture stuff :)22:19
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__odiebecause half the time, I dont htink you guys know the big picture either :)22:19
J1mdatabase connections are utilities22:19
J1mthey are used by sql scripts to access databases.22:19
__odieI've read all that ... my questions are more a long the lines of, how does one say, implement a schema object which is populated by sql? :)22:21
__odieer, I mean, how does one implement a schema interface which is populated by sql22:22
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