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roymHi - I would like to know a good way to create a radio-widget with add/delete semantics for the items - is there something I can already use. Thanks.01:32
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roymor should I simply create a composite widget (seems like overkill).01:35
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projekt01roym, what would you like to delete with the radio input field02:04
roymprojekt01, Sorry - I had stepped away - I would each element of the radio field group to be manageable (ie: have add/delete operations available on it).03:08
roymIn Zope2, this was managed by editing a separate lines item... clumsy but it worked.03:08
srichterroym: See manageable vocabularies in the bugtracker product03:29
roymok - thanks, stephan.03:39
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roymaha - I also see that chapter 31 of the book has gobs of info on this topic; excellent!04:31
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roymFolks, is there an equivalent of the "Zope2 product refresh" in zope3? Or is it always necessary to restart the server when python code changes are made.15:24
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philIKONroym, there's no such equivalent15:27
roymok - thanks philIKON.15:28
roymmsg nickserv set email roymath@yahoo.com15:29
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mash-i wand to install the Zope.interface 3.0.1 on my iMac (v10.3.9), but it doesnt work...15:35
mash-when i try to build the a lot of warnings appear, and then it exits with the error: "error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1"15:35
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mash-im using the gcc (v gcc 3.1) of darwin15:37
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roymFolks, where can I read up online on what the '++' and '@@' shortcuts mean?15:50
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philIKONroym, @@ means ++view++, ++foobar++ means that the 'foobar' traversal namespace adapter is invoked15:55
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philIKONroym, so, the ++view++ namespace adapter (or, its shortcut @@) enforces view lookup15:55
philIKONroym, some_folder/@@index.html and some_folder/index.html may resolve to different objects, because some_folder might have a subobject called 'index.html' and a view 'index.html'15:56
roymphilIKON, thanks - your explanation would make a good addition to the Zope3 book.15:58
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roymAlso, I have to confess, as a newbie to Zope3 (have written a decent sized zope2 app), I am finding the going a bit hard. I have been doing OO for years, but grokking zope3 is hard. I have Stephans book - but I suspect that I missing some required reading - any recommendations (both online and in book form).16:01
timteroym: philIKON has written a book,
roymtimte, thanks - I am on the right track then (I have ordered that).16:05
philIKONroym, as timte said, i wrote my own book targeted towards zope3 "newbies"16:05
philIKONroym, in case that ordering meant my book, i'd be interested in feedback, especially whether my book made it any easier...16:06
roymphilIKON, yes, it meant your book and I will be happy to offer feedback. I see your book website - it might be a good idea to have a wiki page there for feedback about the book (or should I just email you?)16:09
faassenphilIKON: your book seems to be finding quite a bit of use here. :)16:10
philIKONroym, interesting idea, i'll think about it16:13
philIKONfaassen, here as in infrae?16:13
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faassenphilIKON: yes.16:27
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nederhoedI have a simple question about using page templates21:59
nederhoedin my zope3 root I have a which defines a macro22:00
nederhoednext to it I wrote a index.html which uses the macro in this template and fills the body slot22:01
nederhoedwhen I move index.html to a subdir, I cannot get it working22:01
nederhoedthe macro is appointed as 'context/'22:02
nederhoedany suggestions?22:02
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nederhoedWarning: Macro expansion failed22:03
nederhoedWarning: zope.exceptions._notfounderror.NotFoundError: ''22:03
nederhoedquite clear...22:03
philiKONare you usiing ZPT pages?22:03
philiKONthat is not the preferred way of developing22:04
nederhoedehm, I do indeed22:04
nederhoedI'm not yet developing a skin22:04
philiKONwe still prefer to develop on the filesystem22:05
nederhoedI understand22:06
philiKONto answer your question, try: context/
nederhoedthanks, I will22:07
nederhoedI am Robert-Reinder by the way, nice to talk to you22:08
nederhoedand it worked, danke sehr22:08
philiKONnederhoed, ah, hi robert22:09
philiKONnederhoed, i thought i heard that name before :)22:09
philiKONor, read, rather22:09
nederhoedI understand creating a product via the filesystem is the way to go, but since I'm not familiar enough with zcml, I'm first playing around with basic features22:11
philiKONah, ok22:11
philiKONthat's what ZPT page is for22:11
philiKONbut not more22:11
nederhoedpoint taken22:12
philiKON(i'm just trying to discourage ppl from going too far with the TTW development methods Zope 3 has right now)22:12
philiKONthrough the web22:13
nederhoedah ok22:13
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nederhoedat work we use python scripts a lot, Zope222:17
nederhoedI'm the first to work with z3 (at home)22:17
nederhoedwe're planning to convert to z3 but it's a kind of different approach22:18
nederhoedI read the discouraging texts about "inline scripts"22:18
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srichterplease filesystem development only22:36
srichterthe tools for TTW development are just not ready22:36
srichterI think they could be polished to provide a good TTW development experience, but certainly not right now22:37
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roymHello folks, how does the line numbering scheme work... I am trying to make sense of "line 3.2-6.8" in the message  'ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/var/lib/zope3/instance1/lib/python/worldcookery/configure.zcml", line 3.2-6.8'22:56
philiKONline 3, column 2 through line 6, column 822:56
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roymphiliKON, thanks again.22:57
philiKONroym, it took me a while to figure this out, too. i guess J1m made it this way so that his emacs can jump to the line automatically :)23:04
J1mA wildly valuable feature23:05
philiKONyep. i wonder if it could be a _little_ more human-readable than it is while retaining that feature23:05
philiKONanyway, i'm off to sleep; g'night all23:06
philiKONroym, maybe you manage to figure this out if you feel too distracted... any contriubtions are welcome :)23:07
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* dagnachew is back23:34

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