IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2005-06-10

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drzoltrondid anyone here try to store references in a RDBMS via sqlos ?11:02
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philiKONsrichter, i just saw that ibm's icu locale data is now completely based on the official unicode common locale data repo (CLDR), i wonder if we should update to the most recent version of the locale files. the XML format seems to be the same17:54
srichtermake sure it is17:54
philiKONmost recent version is at
srichterI think they changed the format after my recent refactoring17:55
srichterafter I updated the parser to the format we use now17:55
philiKONhow good are the tests for the parser etc.?17:57
srichteryou can activate the massive test that parses all locale files17:59
srichterthat is the ultimate test and should be run when we update the locale data18:00
srichterother than that the test coverage is okay18:00
philiKONsrichter, how do i run those_18:04
philiKONsrichter, how do i run those massive tests?18:05
srichterbut you have to run them on level 218:08
srichterwhatever this means18:08
srichterJim recently made this change18:08
philiKONi'll try :)18:09
philiKONwhat is the procedure to get the new locale data in? J1m has to check'em in, right?18:09
srichterthis also makes sure that the datetime and number pattern parser works for all occuring patterns in the XML18:09
srichterphiliKON: no, you can do it; just be careful and check the license18:09
J1mIs this the ibm stuff?18:09
srichterif the license has changed, you need to update LICENSES.txt18:10
srichterbut it might not be IBM anymore18:10
philiKONJ1m, well, it's not ibm stuff anymore18:10
J1msrichter, I give you permission to check that in, if you wish18:10
philiKONJ1m, it's from unicode.org18:10
srichterJ1m: ok18:10
srichterlet's have a look what license it is18:10
J1mis it the same stuff with a new owner?18:10
J1mor is it something new?18:11
philiKONsame stuff, new owner18:11
philiKONor, maybe it has always been the owner18:11
philiKONin any case, ibm's icu now contains those files18:11
philiKONso, it is what ibm uses now18:12
srichterno, the data deffinitely originates from IBM18:12
srichterIBM then started openi18n.org18:12
philiKONah, ok18:13
srichterand now it seems to have moved to unicode.org18:13
philiKONsrichter, J1m: license at
philiKONah, i see now, it's also at
srichterno that does not seem to be the same18:14
philiKONfurther down the page18:14
srichteroh, it's exhibit 118:14
philiKONit's the agreement for all data files18:15
srichterno, not either18:15
philiKONto me that looks the same18:15
srichterno we just need to make sure that this is not a GPL-like license, but an LGPL or BSD style18:15
philiKONwell, this is definitely BSD style18:16
srichterok, so once you verified it works, I will check it in and do all the copyright stuff18:16
srichterwe should also let them know that we use this data; they might care to know and may keep us updated18:17
philiKONi'm verifying now18:17
J1msrichter, please do the right thing and then send me some email telling me what you did. :)18:20
srichteryep, I will :-)18:21
philiKONthe icu license doesn't look too much different from what the license is now18:21
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srichterright, the ICU license was BSD-style as well18:25
srichterbut I have to make the right changes at the right places to the copyright notices18:25
philiKONa few modifications to xmlfactory are necessary. i'm making them now and they stay small, we can go ahead18:27
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philiKONbtw, i meant "and *if* they stay small, ..."18:33
srichterof course18:33
philiKONi think the issue runs deeper18:34
philiKONthan i thought18:34
philiKONwe should stick with the old data for now and take our time after the release18:34
philiKONwhat i will do, though, is add a marker for right-to-left18:39
philiKONthe data is already in the xml, the locale parser just doesn't read it yet18:39
srichterbtw, updating the XML factory is not as a daunting task as it might seem at the beginning18:40
srichteryou just have to be methodical and do one tag at a time18:40
philiKONthat's what i figured as well18:41
srichterthe tests of the factory should help with it18:41
philiKONmaybe someday we can replace this with a system based on lxml or something18:41
srichtersure, I don't care18:41
srichteras long as it does not have to be me18:42
srichterI hate writing XML parsers18:42
philiKONthe elementtree api is pretty pythonic18:43
philiKONand that's what lxml exposes18:43
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nederhoedcan someone give me some pointers on how to resize an image to thumbnail format in a view?21:21
nederhoedi have a content component which contains one or more images, I would like to assign a view to wich display its fields and small versions of the images it contains21:23
nederhoedI did know of this lib, I am not yet sure how to use this in a component. but I'll give it a try21:33
srichteryou simply have a view: like: folder1/image.png/thumbnail.png21:36
srichterinstead of returning an HTML response, you simply return an image21:36
srichterall you have to do is write a view that has a __call__ that returns the data21:36
srichterthis is very similar to Zope 2 btw21:37
srichterI would also think that the photo package solved this already21:37
srichteryeah, the photo package seems to do all the right things21:41
philiKONnederhoed, there is a photo product21:44
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nederhoedthanks philipp, it is what I'm looking for, I'm gonna experiment with it now!22:36
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