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nederhoedsuppose I have a view: index.html, what would it be called when in the browser someone types "index.html/240" ?00:28
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nederhoedIf yes, can I detect the rest of the query string00:29
nederhoedI would like to process the /240 part in my view00:31
projekt01It depends on the traverser of index.html. Find out what traverser is used for index.html00:33
nederhoedmore concrete, when someone requests "image/240" I would like to output the image, using a resize utility, with a width of 24000:34
nederhoedok, thanks projekt00:34
nederhoedI should adapt the traverser?00:34
projekt01The traverser is doing it in the method travers() what you looking for00:34
projekt01Hm, the traverser on the object where index.html is a view of, will call something like getMultiAdapter(object, request, name="index.html") I guess.00:38
projekt01And then the view "index.html" returns00:38
nederhoedthe object I am using is from interface IImage00:39
projekt01Did you take a look on the photo package if this pattern is used there allready?00:39
nederhoedit has no traverse(), I could add the traverse interface maybe00:40
nederhoedthe photo package implements a photo as a BTreeContainer00:40
nederhoedand adds a fixed set of children: some preset image sizes00:40
nederhoedit uses a utility to create the resized images00:41
nederhoedthat last step seems desirable00:41
projekt01Ok I see, not what we are looking for.00:41
projekt01Give me some minutes to take a the source...00:42
nederhoedthough it might be sufficient for my solution, I thought it would be nice to parse what's behind the image path00:42
nederhoedok, I'm in no hurry :)00:42
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nederhoedimage/200x would resize it to a width of 200, respecting x/y ratio00:44
nederhoedimage/x200 would resize it to a height of 200, maintaining ratio00:45
nederhoedimage 100x200, would set its size fixed00:45
VladDracimage/1000000x10000000 would crash XP :)00:46
nederhoedI would restrict its values to the max of the original width or height00:46
nederhoedI am starting to understand Zope3 more and more00:47
nederhoedit took some time00:47
projekt01VladDrac,it depends on the quality of the library. Some renderer can crash the system ;-)00:47
VladDracnederhoed: this sounds like functionality that I should build into my photoproduct00:48
nederhoedI think so, I was thinking of building it for myself and then notifying you of my findings00:49
nederhoedI am too much of a Z3 beginner to add source code to trunks00:49
VladDracwell as long as you work in a branche00:49
VladDracanyway, bedtime00:50
nederhoedok, one last q00:50
nederhoedI should implement that photo package as a product / package?00:50
nederhoedwell whatever, good nigth!00:51
projekt01nederhoed, can you point your browser to our broken viewcvs ta:00:52
nederhoedyes, I'm there00:52
projekt01You see the class class HasProperty00:53
projekt01It collects from the request some variables00:53
projekt01Could be 100x100 in your case00:54
projekt01Goto this url and download the configure file:00:54
projekt01The view of viewcvs is broken, but download works00:54
projekt01See the registration of the HasProperty view, you see also other classes/methods like GetProperty / SetProperty as example00:55
nederhoedI do not yet understand the code, but I will give it a try. thanks a lot00:55
projekt01It's a view on a object like object/getProperty00:56
projekt01Where you can set the property like object/getProperty/foo&bar00:56
nederhoedok ok like that00:57
nederhoedI think this will do indeed00:57
projekt01In you case this could be imageObject/showImageWithWidthAndHight/100x100 and return the right sized image00:59
nederhoedok I'll see how far I getr00:59
nederhoedthis is indeed what I was aiming at00:59
projekt01Hope that helps you for future steps01:00
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nederhoedyou derive HasProperty from BrowserView, should I derive from IImage?01:01
projekt01No also from BrowserView, because it's a view for IImage01:01
projekt01It's a adapter vor IImage which resizes the image01:02
nederhoedok... I'll just try, will you be around tomorrow?01:02
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projekt01Yes, most the time01:02
nederhoedcan I e-mail you for direction might I need them?01:04
nederhoedI could post them to the zope3-users also of course01:04
projekt01Yup, a mail to me is ok if you have question01:05
nederhoedok, I have found your address, good night, greeting from The Hague01:06
projekt01See you01:08
projekt01Btw, What's The Hague?01:08
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nederhoeda city in The Netherlands01:17
nederhoedDen Haag / La Haye / The Hague01:17
projekt01Ah Ok01:18
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nederhoedI just turned down an invitation to go into town to have a drink with 2 girls. :s01:30
nederhoedha changed my mind, bye!01:34
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mnemoc_hi, i have 2.7.6 and X3 3.0.0, i don't understand well how to make my 2.7.6 instances use also X3? (to load Five after that)06:22
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srichtermnemoc_: you really want to ask this question on the #z3-base channel06:52
mnemoc_cpssharedcalendar docs confusedme06:53
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bob2srichter: how closely does your book ( version) match what 3.1 will be like?08:39
bob2also, is it possible to change the template used to render built-in objects, like IFolder?08:47
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SteveAbob2: you can override zcml declarations, so yes, you can override the template used to render such objects10:50
SteveAi do think that the idea of IFolder being "built in" is wrong, though10:50
bob2I seem to get errors when I naievely just add <page> entries to configure.zcml10:53
VladDracthen don't do that :)11:09
bob2how should I override the defaults then?11:11
philiKONbob2, see overrides.zcml11:12
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bob2what does an error like this tend to indicate:11:36
bob2ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass zope.component.interfaces.IFactory>, u'AddDirectory.html')11:36
bob2(when clicking on the "Add" link for a class I created.)11:37
VladDracthat AddDirectory isn't registered11:38
bob2I've done an addMenuItem for it11:39
bob2ah, I think I see what I've done wrong11:40
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elbixioHello all. I just wanted to know what's the function of the "title" attribute in the ITitledTokenizedTerm interface when using Vocabularies?11:44
elbixio"value" attribute -> term's value; "token" attribute -> term's identification; "title" attribute -> ???11:45
elbixioAm I missing something here? Thanks.11:45
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elbixiohi philipp, can i ask you something?11:53
elbixio:) i'm just trying to understand the "title" attribute in the ITitledTokenizedTerm interface11:55
elbixio"value" attribute -> term's value; "token" attribute -> term's identification; "title" attribute -> ???11:55
elbixioAm I getting it right?11:55
mexiKONhang on, phone11:56
elbixiook, np11:57
mexiKONelbixio, back12:18
elbixiomexiKON, hey :)12:18
mexiKONelbixio, the 'title' is used for representing vocabulary tokens in forms12:19
mexiKONimagine a dropdown box12:19
mexiKONwhere you can choose from different values within a vocabulary12:19
mexiKONyou don't want to see the token (which is supopsed to be an all ascii representation)12:19
mexiKONyou don't want to see the value because it is an object generally12:19
elbixio"...the value because it is an object generally" :O i didn't think about this12:20
elbixiothought that values where like strings12:21
elbixioand titles where used for the same purpose12:21
elbixiobut i understand better now12:21
mexiKONimagine a vocabulary of utilities12:26
mexiKONthe values are the utilities12:27
mexiKONbecause for example you want the user to choose a utility, but the user doesn't want to see < ... >12:27
elbixioit opens a world of possibilities, right? :)12:27
mexiKONyup :)12:28
elbixioi was thinking too simple because i just need a "cities" dropdown box12:28
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nederhoedVladDrac, are you there?18:55
roymor can someone please point me to an example of where RadioWidget is used. thanks.19:00
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VladDracI am19:09
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nederhoedok, should I register utilities from the photo package by hand?19:52
nederhoedI get a ComponentLookupError for the PILImageUtility19:53
nederhoedI'm off19:57
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philiKONroym, use CustomSequenceWidget factory21:18
philiKONfrom import EditView21:19
philiKONclass MyEditView(EditView):21:19
philiKON    foo_widget = CustomSequenceWidgetFActory(RadioWidget)21:19
philiKON<browser:editform ... class="MyEditView" />21:19
philiKON(foo is the name of the field)21:20
philiKONwe should make the <widget /> subdirective handler check whether to use CustomSequenceWidgetFactory or the plain CustomWidgetFactory21:21
roymphiliKON, thanks - I also saw this discussion by you (on RadioWidget) a while ago ( - is that still relevant?21:36
roymphiliKON, also am working my way thru your book - makes things much clearer...21:37
roymphiliKON, it does strike me as odd that there is no straightforward way of using a RadioWidget (ie: without custom code). Is this a hole - or am I missing the point?21:47
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philiKONroym, you're right it is a whole22:42
philiKONroym, as i said above, we shoudl make the <widget /> directive work with sequence widgets22:42
philiKONi have a plan how to do it already, maybe i'll manage to check it in tonight or tomorrow22:42
roymphiliKON, thats good to know - I will be your beta tester if you like.22:50
roymmy email is if you need.22:51
philiKONroym, no checkin to the zope 3 repository without an automated test :), but human testers are always appreciated, of course23:19
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roymFolks, I would like to use postgresql as the storage for a couple of attributes from a class, rather than ZODB. Since Zope3 is so wonderfully pluggable, I imagine this is doable.. where can I find some pointers to this? Thanks!23:56

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