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roymphiliKON, looks great.. thanks00:26
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bob2possibly stupid, but where is the default permissions for object attributes set?13:44
bob2for instance, I've subclassed File, and .data and such get set fine when cerated13:44
bob2er, "created"13:44
bob2but I get a traceback when contentType is tried13:45
mexiKONbob2, you need a <content class="...">...</content> directive for every class you write13:47
mexiKONthat isn't a utility or adapter13:47
mexiKONif you subclass an existing class and want security delcarations to be like the orgiinal class, you can do <content ...><like_class class="..." /></content>13:48
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bob2working, awesome14:05
bob2zope is amazingly intricate, but well thought out14:05
mexiKONbob2, well, we're always looking for good suggestions to lower the bar14:18
mexiKONzope3 is meant for complex apps, it's not a scripter platform; however, we aim for a gradual learning experience14:19
bob2oh, of course14:19
bob2I think my only real complaint is that there's lots of bits you need to understand before you get going14:19
bob2and I haven't found a 2 page document that gives a brief explanation of each and how they fit together14:20
mexiKONwell, there's the programmer tutorial (which might already be too lenthy for your taste):
mexiKONi also composed this a while ago (not completely up to date):
bob2lengthiness isn't what I'm complaining about, really.  I've read srichter's book (it's quite excellent), but it'd be good to start it off by explaning how it all fits together.14:24
mexiKONbob2, you mgiht want to take a look at http://worldcookery.com14:26
bob2ah, I forgot about that14:26
mexiKONi've heard from a few people that they liked it better as an introductory text14:28
bob2the series on is quite good, too14:29
bob2from a "teaching you the gist"-perspective14:29
mexiKONah, yeah, founds this a while ago, too14:29
bob2I hear zope3 3.1 will simplify the component you happen to know if it'll be backwards compatible with 3.0 still?14:31
mexiKONit will14:31
mexiKONbackward compatability is always guaranteed from one version to another14:31
mexiKONbackward compatability is always guaranteed from one version to the previous one14:31
bob2minor versions ;p14:31
bob2has someone written up a sumary of the changese somewhere?14:32
mexiKONnope; i plan to do this soon14:32
mexiKONyou can read CHANGES.txt , of course14:32
bob2oh, hah, you're the author of worldcookery14:35
mexiKONsrichter, ayt?15:15
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bob2how do I set the default skin?16:11
nederhoedbob2, in /etc/overrides.zcml16:16
nederhoedfound it?16:16
bob2yes, thanks16:16
bob2that answers a question of mine from yesterday, too16:17
nederhoedAdd: <browser:defaultSkin name="" />16:17
bob2yup, it's there and commented out16:17
nederhoedwith the name off your desired skin16:17
bob2and now uncommented and set :)16:17
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nederhoedgood luck!16:17
bob2thanks :)16:17
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bob2I guess I can use overrides.zcml to set the "root object" of the instance, too.16:35
nederhoeddunno sorry17:00
SteveA_bob2: there's some fancy interface thing to set the default skin17:02
SteveA_so, you need to override that17:02
* SteveA_ gets vague cos he's working on something else17:02
mexiKONSteveA_, actually, nederhoed was right. <browser:defaultSkin /> is the right directive17:08
SteveA_oh, i missed that17:10
SteveA_as i was disconnected from irc17:10
mexiKONah, ok. now is ee17:41
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drzoltronany sqlos sharks around ?21:14
roymfunny - I am having problems w/getting sqlos to work - I just updated ZopeX3 from svn.21:17
roymI get:     ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/var/lib/zope3/instances/instance1/etc/package-includes/sqlos-meta.zcml", line 1.0-1.4321:17
roym    ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'package', "Couldn't import sqlos, cannot import name IRollback")21:17
drzoltronroym: works fine here21:23
drzoltronI just wanted to know id there was one to give me some hints how to realize references21:24
roymdrzoltron, what version of python are you using w/sqlos21:26
drzoltronI think I write to the list :)21:27
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drzoltrondrzoltron: read the sqlobject doc at
drzoltrondrzoltron: thanxalot ! looks good, especially the RelatedJoin section :)21:57
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mexiKONroym, i added support for sequence and vocabulary widgets (e.g. RadioWidget and DropdownWidget) to the <widget /> subdirective. philikon-widget-subdirective branch if you wanna try it out.22:54
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roymmexiKON, thanks - how do I check out the branch? I only know "svn co" from main...23:01
mexiKONsvn co svn://whatever-the-public-svn-method-is/Zope3/branches/philikon-widget-subdirective Zope323:09
roymmexiKON, gracias.23:10
roymmexiKON, can I continue to use my old Zope instance when I run the branch code?23:14
roym mexiKON, I must be missing something...23:28
roym Here is the error that I get with the new branch23:28
roym |   ...23:28
roym |   File "/usr/local/Zope3/src/zope/app/form/", line 119, in __call__23:28
roym |     raise TypeError, "Provided field does not provide ICollection."23:28
roym | TypeError: Provided field does not provide ICollection.23:28
roym |23:28
roym Here is how I use the addform directive...23:28
roym |23:28
roym | <addform23:28
roym |     name="AddQDatum.html"23:28
roym |     label="Add QDatum information"23:28
roym |     schema="anoobe.quiztaker.interfaces.IQDatum"23:28
roym |     content_factory="anoobe.quiztaker.qtmodule.QDatum"23:28
roym |     permission="zope.ManageContent"23:28
roym |     >23:28
roym |     <widget23:28
roym |       field="hxDxTx"23:28
roym |       class="" />23:28
roym |23:28
roym | </addform>23:28
roym |23:28
roym Here is the schema entry:23:28
roym |     hxDxTx = List(23:28
roym |         title=u"HxDxTx",23:28
roym |         description=u"whether in Hx, Dx or Tx",23:28
roym |         required=False,23:28
roym |         unique=True,23:28
roym |         value_type=Choice(title=u"HxDxTx", vocabulary="hx/dx/tx")23:28
roym |         )23:28
mexiKONroym, you can't use the RadioWidget for a List field23:33
mexiKONroym, RadioWidgets are for Choice fields23:33
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roymmexiKON, sorry to be so dense - I changed the List to a Choice and used the widget as follows23:54
roym |     <widget23:54
roym |       field="hxDxTx"23:54
roym |       vocabulary="hx/dx/tx"23:54
roym |       class="" />23:54
roym | ...23:54
roym | </addform>23:54
roym - and I get23:54
roym | ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/var/lib/zope3/instances/instance1/lib/python/anoobe/quiztaker/configure.zcml", line 8.223:54
roym | AssertionError: You must specify either values or vocabulary.23:54
mexiKONChoice and List are fields with different meanings23:58
mexiKONyou can't just exchange one for the other without consequences23:58
mexiKONList means that the resulting value will be a list with 0, 1 or more objects of the kind specified by the value_type field23:59
mexiKONChoice means that you choose *one* out of a given set of values which is represented by a vocabulary in zope23:59

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