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srichterd2m: so do I have to wait sometimes for a while before the published resource becomes available on
d2msrichter: best bet is, not to publish the objects directly, but submit them and then use the 'Pending' link ( to bulk-publish all submitted items00:10
srichterok, I dunno whether I have access to that page but I will try next time00:18
srichterI think I have only limited admin access on, namely the Products folder and in
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SteveAsrichter: ping20:15
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srichterSteveA: pong21:24
SteveAhi stephan21:24
SteveAi was wondering21:24
SteveAwhat do you think the tales expression foo | bar should evaluate to21:25
SteveAif foo is None (nothing) ?21:25
J1m| is not an "or" operator.21:26
SteveAassuming bar is not None21:26
SteveAbut, say, the literal string 'bar'21:26
J1mIt's more of a "default" operator.21:26
J1mNo, not assuming anything about bar21:26
SteveAthis has confused people on my team21:26
SteveAalso, simpletal works with | as an 'or' operator21:27
J1mtry to get a, but if you can't, use b.21:27
J1mI can't help it id simpletal uses a different meaning.21:27
SteveAat least, the simpletal docs explicitly say that | defaults if the left side evaluates to nothing21:27
J1mI can't help it if simpletal uses a different meaning.21:27
J1mOK, that's different than tal21:28
SteveAoh, i had an idea the other day to take 'structure' out of a lot of uses of templates21:28
J1mBTW, this has nothing to do with tal. :)21:28
SteveAespecially where things like widgets are concerned21:28
SteveAthat is, tales currently has 'text' and 'structure' to say whether the result is to be rendered with or without escaping21:29
SteveAalmost always, people omit 'text'21:29
SteveAbecause that is the default type21:29
SteveAi propose introducing a third type of rendering: decided_by_value21:31
SteveAif the value provides the interface IAmSomeTextThatKnowsHowToRenderMyself21:31
SteveAthen tales renders it as structure.  otherwise, as text21:31
J1m(Note that | is pretty clearly defined bythe TALES specification for path expressions:
SteveAthis new decided_by_value would become the new default rendering-method21:32
SteveAand code such as the code that renders widgets can return a unicode object that provides IAmSomeTextthatKnowsHowToRenderMyself21:32
SteveAbecause almost all the time,21:33
J1msounds good to me.  You should run it by the ZPT list.21:33
SteveAi need some better names for things21:33
J1mPerhaps ;)21:33
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J1msrichter, are you going to generate a windows tar ball for Tim?23:11
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srichterJ1m: already done23:23
srichterJ1m: its in the software release folder23:23
srichterJ1m: all he needs to do is download it from there23:23
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J1mwhat is the softwarr release folder?23:28
J1mwhat is the software release folder?23:28
J1mnever mind23:28
J1msorry, I didn't read his note carefully enough23:29
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