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srichtermmh, this is an interesting pattern00:13
srichterwe had this project (Zope) in mind to develop all those app-server related packages and they work well together00:13
srichternow that they are tested in one configuration and environment, we start rearranging them00:14
srichterI wonder whether this would be a good approach for Z3 ECM as well00:14
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srichterhdima: have you been able to look at the I18n TAL message issue?16:55
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hdimasrichter: issue 415 ?17:12
srichteryeah, I think that's it17:12
srichterthe one fred posted about bogus deprecation warnings17:12
hdimaThe test case I've wrote works just fine, so I've wrote email to Fred17:13
hdimaHe promissed to write a test case17:14
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anguenotHi all, can we discuss this issue
anguenotthe initial thread is there :
J1mI like the original solution.19:46
J1mIt is the system that wants to record the information.19:46
J1mIt is the system's interest that is being represented.19:46
anguenotAnyway, it's possible to either define you own permissions and roles to achieve the use cases described or rewriting the subscriber19:50
anguenotShould I post on the list for this and ask Albertas about this ?19:51
anguenotok within the tracker?19:51
srichtermaybe ask the list20:02
srichterit will be faster20:02
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tvonis there an equiv to the test() method in z2 (or maybe cmf) in z3?20:14
tvontal:attriutes="class python:test(true, 'is-true', 'is-false')"20:15
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mgedmintvon, you can use python: condition and 'if-true' or 'if-false'20:19
mgedminassuming that 'if-true' part is true in boolean context20:19
tvonah, nice20:22
tvonmgedmin: thanks20:23
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regebroHm.... it's possible to use zpts as resources, but... they have no context.20:27
regebroMeaning that a resource can't suck in a variable from the surrounding context. or...?20:27 there another way to solve that?20:27
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srichterbut there might be something like container around, no?20:28
srichtercheck the implementation of PageTemplateFile or so20:28
srichterbut a resource naturally does not know a context20:29
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regebroOK, maybe there is a container, I'll check.20:34
regebroAre resources per site, or global?20:34
J1mper site20:34
J1mthey have no container20:34
regebroThen I guess it would be possible to make a site utility to hold the color setting per site or something silly like that. :P20:35
regebroAh well, future problem.20:36
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projekt01regebro, use preferences for that21:19
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nederhoedehm, I kind of broke my Zope install by 'acciddentally' overwriting my python 2.3.421:37
nederhoedI wanted to install py 2.4 to try out the z3 beta21:37
nederhoednow my yum halts too :(21:38
nederhoeddoes anyone have an idea how to fix this?21:38
nederhoedit's a kind of serious dumbass action21:39
bskahannederhoed: reinstall python 2.3?21:53
nederhoedyes I'm trying using rpm now...22:02
nederhoedlesson learned :)22:02
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nederhoedif my zopetest encounters errors, where should I report them?23:20
nederhoedwell only 1 error actually23:21
SteveA_running as root?23:23
nederhoedI will run the tests as a normal user now23:25
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SteveA_there are zdaemon tests that you can expect to fail when running as root23:26
SteveA_don't run zope as root.  there's no point really.23:26
SteveA_if you need it to appear on port 80, use a proxy.23:26
nederhoedI installed it in /opt as root23:26
SteveA_sure, install it as root23:26
SteveA_just don't run it as root23:26
nederhoedran the tests there as root23:26
nederhoedI understand23:27
SteveA_you'll probably need to chown -r whatevergroup:whateveruser your zope installation23:27
nederhoedwell I used to make an instance in my user folder23:29
nederhoedat the moment I have 3 zope3 instances: a running 'production' instance behind apache, a local develop instance, and now the beta version also23:30
nederhoedit's getting tricky23:30
nederhoedcopying confs and zcmls and products23:31
nederhoedanyway, I'23:31
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nederhoedm very pleased with the results sofar23:31
SteveA_gotta go. good luck.23:31
nederhoedok, cu around, bye!23:31
srichternederhoed: what app is running in production23:35
srichterdo you have a url?23:35
nederhoedbut it is really a minimal application23:42
nederhoedI'm still working on it23:45
nederhoedyou like it? :)23:45
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