IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2005-06-24

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projekt01Does somebody know a method for testing if a there is a missing tearDown somewhere?01:34
philiKONprojekt01, you can use the test runner ( to run a certain test repeatedly (see --help for info)01:35
philiKONusually, if you're missing a tearDown, a repeated execution of a test fails01:35
philiKONof course, there's no guarantee01:35
projekt01One test fails if I run only this test, because the test uses some settings from another test setUp()01:36
projekt01philiKON, Ok, I try this, thanks01:37
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andrew_mi'm trying to access the underlying content object from a custom widget - is that possible or generally a bad idea?13:30
J1mit is possible and usually a bad idea. :)13:31
andrew_moh, nice, thanks13:32
efgethere's this comment in zope.interface.interface.__call__: An embedded function is used to allow an optional argument to __call__ without resorting to a global marker13:33
efgewhat's wrong with resorting to a global marker ? speed ?13:33
J1mI don't like global markers because they seem to be misinterpreted.13:34
J1mI've seen bugs where people treated them as part of a module's interface, leading to subtle bugs.13:34
efgecan't you just del them afterwards ?13:34
J1mHading them in a nested function makes them truly private.13:35
efgethe contorsions of defining a function in a function makes things not very readable13:35
J1mNo, you can't delete them because the function using them needs them at run time.13:35
efgehm right13:35
efgea decorator would solve this :)13:35
J1mI *thought* this was also a speed advantage, but it turns out that the global lookup is faster, much to my surprise.13:36
J1mIn general, I don't like the use of an extra argument to change semantics of a call.13:37
J1mThis is why Zope 3 generaly has get and query calls.13:37
J1mI made an exception in this case because I find calling nterfaces so comelling.13:37
J1mI made an exception in this case because I find calling nterfaces so compelling.13:37
J1mYes, a decorator could probably solve this.13:38
J1mRewriting this in C would solve it too.13:38
J1mWhich I do plan to do at some point.13:38
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efgesrichter: you've made the adapter_hook hookable, (in zope/component/, is there any current use of this ?13:53
J1mactually... not sure13:58
efgeI'm not finding any, but I think it's exactly the mechanism I want, rather than adding another one in the adapter_hooks list14:00
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J1mIt is used14:02
J1mat the end14:03
J1msee setHooks14:03
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efgeHm and you cannot hook something that's already hooked, no stacking...14:07
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J1msure, you can get the existing hook and regsiter a new hook that calls the original14:09
efgethx I'll try that14:10
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srichterefge: right, uses those hooks for its local lookup14:37
efgesrichter: I finally saw that14:37
efgeok, my sethook on top of the existing sethook works, but I'm concerned that just does a reset() so assumes it's the only one having hooked the thing14:47
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srichterI think you can get one back at a time, iirc15:18
srichterif not, we should add this to the hook API15:18
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efgeJ1m: FWIW I'm abandoning the ideas of proxy-based verisioning for now, too much hard-to-control magic.17:35
efgeI'll be basing my devs on, with some changes17:35
J1mI'm glad you are passing on the magic.17:36
J1mAt some point, I'd like to discuss this issue with you in more detail.17:36
J1mI'll note that I'd prefer a simpler model for version control.17:37
J1mWhere versions are just object copies/17:37
efgeRe proxies: I still feel it's possible, but I don't want to tackle it now17:37
efgeWhich z.a.versioncontrol is, right ?17:37
J1mThis is one of the things I percieve and like about CPS's repository model.17:37
J1mNo, version control involves mummification. :)17:38
J1mNo, z.a.versioncontrol involves mummification. :)17:38
J1mWhen you create a version, it is an internal resource in the repository.17:38
efgeI see17:38
J1mI'd prefer that versions be live objects.17:39
efgeIs it implied by the z.a.versioncontrol interfaces, or just the current implementation ?17:39
J1mThat they can be used just like other objects with the exception that they have some state that is fixed and can't change.17:39
J1mis mummification implied?17:40
J1mNote that my vision for a simpler version model is incompatible with some use cases.17:40
J1mNamely, use of an external version repository.17:40
J1mOTOH, these use cases have never been realized afaict.17:41
J1mI'm not an expert on content repository, but my feeling is that content repositories should be more like homeless shelters than like inode tables.17:42
J1mCPS's repository model and some of our past models treat respositories like inode tables.17:43
J1mThey then need objects like hard links to tie objects into content space.17:43
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J1mI'd prefer a simpler modules where repositories are just public folders that contain objects (e.g. old versions) that have nowhere else to live.17:44
J1mI'd prefer a simpler model where repositories are just public folders that contain objects (e.g. old versions) that have nowhere else to live.17:44
VladDracanyone in goteborg already?17:46
efgeVladDrac: lots17:46
efgeJ1m: I agree with that, actually I want the links between the repository content and the workspace checkouts to be stored as relations inside a relation tool17:47
J1mWe *are* using z.a.versioncontrol for our current z3 project, so I know it works. :)17:47
efgeInstead of storing histories & such, and of annotating the checkout, put this as relations in the realtion tool17:47
efgeThat'll be my sprinting these few days :)17:48
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ciphergothI'm using a Zope3 application called "SchoolTool" and I've tried to use Apache as a reverse proxy to expose it to the world18:36
ciphergothbut it seems to use absolute URLs to refer to its own resources, and those URLs don't work elsewhere...18:37
ciphergothis there a way to make Zope3 applications use relative URLs instead (ie leave off the host and protocol)?18:37
VladDracthere is, check srichters book on apache / virtual hosting18:38
VladDracit requires inserting appropriate ++vh strings18:38
ciphergothso I redirect http://my.long.url/this/that to http://localhost:port/++vh/this/that18:40
VladDracI said "appropriate" :)18:41
VladDrachere's an example, you need to consult the documentation to get it right18:41
ciphergothie RewriteRule ^/(.*) http://localhost:7180/+vh/++$1 [P,L]18:41
ciphergothoh, I have to specify what absolute thing to use instead,  OK.18:42
VladDracmore like http://localhost:7180/++vh++http:yourdomain:80/++$i18:42
VladDracoffline now, good luck :)18:42
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ciphergothgot it working - rah!19:31
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efgeCan I remove INonVersionable from ? It's used nowhere I can find.19:54
J1myup19:58 seems to be dead code too, it even contains code with obj._delOb(name), kill it ?20:07
efgeOTOH I can imagine it updated to be useful. I'll see if I can fix it and use it.20:08
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J1mkill it and fix it if and when you need it20:10
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J1mImagination is a dangerous tool, at least wrt requirements. :)20:10
efgeok :)20:12
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srichterJ1m: can you give Corey, who just got his access today, access to the special projects repository, please?23:40
J1mplease remind me what his id is23:55
J1mnever mind23:55

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