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srichteranguenot: how did you install the doctest-mode?16:18
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srichterwow, the doctest mode is very cool16:40
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philiKONsrichter, yes :)16:56
J1mwhat is doctest-mode?17:00
philiKONJ1m, an emacs mode for doctest syntax highlighting17:06
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srichterJ1m: it is very nice, except a small bug that if "#" (the comment char) is followed by a Python keyword, then the text is not highlighted as comment17:18
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jabba2khi, I have a question: how do I open a ZODB connection? I've written a simple irc bot in zope3 (local utility, twisted) and everytime it recieves some data it throws an irc event (using notify from zope.event).17:45
jabba2kthe problem is that I cannot access containers from within an event handler: ZODB.POSException.ConnectionStateError: Shouldn't load state for 0x0406 when the connection is closed17:46
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jabba2k(or modify their content...)17:47
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jabba2kthe calling thead is one of ThreadedAsync (via register_loop_callback)17:51
srichterwell, what you want to do is to have a location based subscriber17:55
srichterto the event17:55
srichterso the subscriber should know about a content object17:55
srichterimagine you have a IRCLog object17:56
srichterIt has a method listen() that you subscribe as a subscriber17:56
srichterthat said, I am not sure how much work has been done in this regard17:56
srichterI am not sure how possible local subscribers are at this point17:57
srichterwith that I mean, you will have to do some work to get local subscribers to work17:57
srichteryou could eventually contribute this back to Zope 3 ;-)17:58
srichter(btw, it should not be that hard)17:58
srichterwe already have local adapters, so local subscribers are not much different17:58
jabba2khow are those db connections handled? the http server for example must open (or get acces to) one as well, so that it can access the content for publishing...(?)18:01
philiKONsrichter, J1m, a thought struck us just now18:02
philiKONsrichter, J1m, wouldn't it be good to have package-includes/*-overrides.zcml files?18:02
philiKONwould make deployment of packages that override zope3 default reigstrations a lot easier18:03
philiKONit's hard to expect site admins to go and edit overrides.zcml18:03
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VladDracis it somehow possible to register 'things' under a fictive dotted path that <subscriber>'s handler can handle?18:35
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VladDracprobably not making alot of sense here :)18:35
srichterphiliKON: sure18:36
srichterjabba2k: the advantage a HTTP request has is that it has information about the object in it; i.e. the path to the object18:37
srichterthe application root is well known to the application and can be easily retrieved18:37
jabba2kyou talked about local adapters. who are those registered?18:38
jabba2kwho=how :P18:39
projekt01there is in the interface ITextIndex a Choice field with a vocabulray like :vocabulary=_("Interfaces"), defined.18:42
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projekt01why do we translate this vocabulary name?18:42
philiKONprojekt01, vocabulary names aren't translated18:52
philiKONusing _() on vocabulary names isn't actually a bug, but it doesn't buy you anything either18:52
projekt01Yes, I think so too, perhaps it's a copy/paste error from the title attribute18:52
philiKONi'd presume so18:52
projekt01I go to eat and fix it later, after testing.18:53
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jabba2ksrichter: transaction.begin() (and stuff) makes me happy for now :)20:34
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srichterprojekt01: its not a bug, but imagine you want to display all vocabulary names in the UI; then it might be useful to translate them21:51
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projekt01srichter, vocabulary names like named lookups, there is no need for what ever to translate it. Or what do you like to do with the translated name?22:25
projekt01Use a translated vocabulary name will end in a exception? (NotFound or something like that)22:25
srichterit is for display only22:43
srichterit will not be used for lookup22:43
projekt01Ah, for endusers, for selecting a vocabulary name. I was thinking about the apidoc.22:44
srichterno, not apidoc, right22:44
projekt01Ok, I see22:48
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