IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-06-26

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VladDracah someone at the sprinting area11:16
VladDracI'll be on my way as well then11:17
VladDracmalcom is paul there?11:17
VladDracoh well, on my way11:19
MalcolmCYes, Paul is here11:22
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VladDracso I see11:39
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VladDracis there any other way to subscribe to events besides GlobalSiteManager, and can they persisted? (or else, is there some event triggered on appserver startup?)16:23
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srichterVladDrac: there are several events being triggered during the app server startup.17:20
VladDracyeah tres told me - doesn't fix my problem unfortunately :(17:27
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