IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2005-06-27

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andrew_mi have some troubles understanding a deprecation warning: "[...]/zope/app/component/ DeprecationWarning: Use of factory without provides to indicate a handler is deprecated. [...] Use the handler attribute instead."13:48
andrew_mis that something in a <factory> tag? what does that new 'handler' attribute do?13:48
J1mLook for a subscriber that factory rather than handler13:49
J1mNo, a subscriber tag13:49
J1mWe can improve that message.13:49
J1mIt was written assuming that people knew which directive we were refering to.13:50
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J1mWe have a general problem with warnings that, because they are not exceptions, it is hard to give people information about code affected.13:50
andrew_mJ1m: ahh, all clear now, thanks. Yes, hard to track these warnings back to the source13:51
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eldara quick question, is zope3 picky about objects having attributes with names like "id"?16:29
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srichterthat was one of the major design goals of Zope 316:36
philiKONwell, it is picky about __name__ and __parent__16:36
srichterwell, everyone should be carefull if it comes to __<name here?__ variables16:37
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itamarsrichter: here?17:20
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VladDracheya itamar17:33
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srichteritamar: I am now; but I will be gone in 10 mins for lunch again; but I will be around all afternoon20:47
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itamarsrichter: just wanted to let you know exarkun and I have started working on fixing the twisted ftp server21:37
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mkerrinitamar: just saw your last message. Are you working on the twisted FTP server.22:43
mkerrinI have done some work on this that I am about to update that may help22:44
itamarwell, we have a branch22:45
itamarpatches against that branch would be welcome, but we did some major surgery on the current code22:45
itamarso patches against trunk may not be very useful for most parts of the code22:45
mkerrincool - is this on the against the twisted trunk22:45
mkerrinsorry - are you taking about patches against Zope or Twisted22:46
itamaroh, Twisted22:47
itamarthe interface for the backend is still in flux, so patches against zope aren't worht doing yet22:47
itamarbut the goal is for srichter to be able to add ftp to his twisted http patch for zope22:48
mkerrinI have gone some work on this already - bug #1003 on and a half working Twisted FTP server22:50
mkerrinSo which branch are you using?22:51
mkerrinthanks - I will take a look22:52
itamar is viewcvs22:52
itamarpatches against that are more than welcome22:54
itamarwe were mid-way through reimplementing ftp_* commands22:54
itamarUSER, PASS, LIST and PASV kinda work22:55
mkerrinexcellant work. i see the backend interface looks a lot nicer then before22:57
itamaryes, though send() and receive() may still change somewhat22:59
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mkerrinI have go home now - but I will try and do some work on this in the next two days23:04
mkerrinis there anything in particular I should attempt to try so I don't duplicate your stuff23:06
itamarwe'll only probably get back to this on weekend23:06
itamarunless exarkun does it on his own23:06
itamarask him first23:06
mkerrinright will do - he is on  #twisted23:08
srichteritamar: fixing ftp: yipee!!!23:09
srichterthat fits our schedule pretty well23:11
srichteritamar: Jim wants me to keep zservre in the code, but make twisted the default, so I have to do some redoing, but it should nto be too bad23:11
srichterI want to shoot for October 1 to get the twisted integration stable and merge it to the trunk23:12
srichter(at the latest)23:12
itamarok, cool23:12
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