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srichteritamar: are you implementing some sort of virtual file system backend for the new FTP implementation, as we descibed in our bug?00:05
itamara much simpler, cleaner one00:16
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regebroHi! I'm confused on the difference between ITraversable and IContainerTraverser.15:30
regebroI'm trying to implement a "virtual" traversing for an object that isn't really a container at all...15:31
regebroAnd the zope3book just made me more confused.15:31
regebroNo, scratch that, I'm confused aboutthe difference between ITraversable and IPublishTraverse15:32
regebroWell, I still don't get the difference, but I think it works now. :)15:48
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srichterdid you read the interface documentation?15:48
regebro    """To traverse an object, this interface must be provided"""15:56
regebroThat makes everything very clear. ;)15:56
srichterwhat does IPublishTraverse say?16:03
srichterI think I publish traverse involves the request16:03
srichterso that you can also look up views, etc16:03
srichterIs ITraversable used anywhere, other than for lookup?16:04
srichterI guess ITraversable would be used for path lookups, when you do not have a request16:04
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regebroAh, OK, that kinda makes sense.16:12
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regebroYesh! I can now traverse to my non-persistent object. :) Phew, that was a bit sweaty. But the code is very simple once you figure out what you need to do.16:27
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itamarwhat's a good source for an overview of ZCML?16:57
srichtermmh, like API?16:58
srichteritamar: install Zope 3 and go to http://localhost:8080/++apidoc++16:59
itamarno, more like overview of how it works/ tutorial16:59
srichterThere is a ZCML documentation module that gives you a list of all registered ZCML directives and their sub-directives.16:59
srichterI am not sure, whether zope.configuration has a README.txt file17:00
itamarit does, but it's not informative enough17:00
itamarI'm thinking about design of config system for twisted, and I want to see if ZCML is good enough first17:00
srichteryou can check out the tests but they are not that helpful17:00
J1mitamar, could you be more specific about what you want?17:01
J1mThe README has pointers to tutorials on how to write directives.17:01
srichtermy book coveres ZCML on a need-only basis17:01
J1mwhat is it you want to know, specifically.17:01
srichteritamar: oh, I see17:01
itamarwell... I'm thinking of stuff like, can I make libraries of pre-made config which people can then override and customize17:01
srichtermy book has a chapter on creating directives17:01
srichterwell, ZCML is made for that :-)17:02
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srichterit is all pretty easy actually17:02
J1mitamar, zcml was designed specifically to support overriding17:03
srichteryou can checkout my book for writing ZCML directives and look at xmlconfig on to use it17:03
J1mThe idea is that someone provides a configuration for a Python package.17:03
srichterok, I gotta run to school and teach17:03
srichterI'll be back later17:03
J1mPeople can "change" the configuration of the package by providing their own configuration file that overrides parts of the original config.17:03
J1mOne issue we have though is with subscribers.17:04
J1mWhich are currently not overridable.17:04
J1mI'd like to add the ability to override sections of a configuration file.17:04
J1mSomething like: <configure id="foo">...</configure>17:05
srichterI think once we get an XPath implementation with lxml, we'll have some interesting new possibilities17:05
itamarI want that built in to design from the start17:05
J1mwould define a section that could be overridden by a section with the same name.17:05
srichter(also with respect to removing directives)17:05
itamaror, very well supported anyway17:05
itamarhave you seen SmartFrog?17:05
srichterit would not be hard to add to ZCML (what Jim suggests)17:06
J1myou want what build in to design from the start?17:06
itamarsummary of relevant bits is, prototype-based (like Self) tree-based data definition language17:06
itamarJ1m: well, not from start, but overriding is something that would be very important to me17:06
itamarI'm thinking of deployment issues we have at work, where we have tens and hundreds of machines17:07
itamarwith similar but not identical config17:07
J1mno, I haven't seen SmartFrog17:07
itamar - the papers section reference specifically17:10
itamara lot of it is outside scope of what most people need, since it's designed for distributed configuration17:10
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TheuniJ1m:  able to talk about
TheuniI'm playing with it right now ...18:08
TheuniIt can't adapt something:18:08
TheuniTypeError: ('Could not adapt', <zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance URL=http://localhost:8080/Address/index.html>, <InterfaceClass zope.interface.common.idatetime.ITZInfo>)18:08
Theuniafter pressing "edit" on an form.EditForm18:08
TheuniI'm not sure I missed something obvious18:09
J1mNo, you missed something very subtle.18:09
J1mThe edit form wants to compute a message that includes the current time.18:10
J1mIt wants to try to get the user18:10
J1mIt wants to try to get the user's time zone.18:10
* Theuni tries really hard to get Zope3 into work for him18:10
* Theuni praises europe for timezones18:11
J1mSo it adapts the time zone to ITZInfo.18:11
* Theuni praises the world for timezones18:11
J1mIt should probably fall back if it can't find one.18:11
* J1m needs to get moved to the Zope repo.18:12
* Theuni kind of says "hooray"18:12
TheuniI'm looking at it for the first time to (again) create a mini-application.18:12
Theuniit looks very promising18:12
Theunialthough i'm not sure what to do with the stuff beside form.py18:13
TheuniSo, what's the short term solution for the adapter problem?18:13
J1mIt's far from perfect and there are a bunch of things that need to be cleaned up, but, so far, we're very happy with
J1mProvide an adapter.18:13
J1mOr hack your copy of the code.18:13
J1mor ...18:13
* Theuni happily hacks18:13
Theunithat works18:14
J1mI was wondering if you could override *just* the status computation, but you can't. Oh well.18:15
Theuninot a problem18:23
TheuniI've thrown out the date completely :)18:23
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TheuniJ1m:  compliments about I'll use that ...18:34
TheuniJust a small application to get my fingers on z3 again.18:36
regebroNewbie question:  AttributeError: 'StorageManager' object has no attribute '__parent__'18:42
regebroDoesn't that get set when you create it???18:43
regebroOr add it I mean.18:43
regebroHm, no evidently not. subclassing from contained.Contained helped.18:46
regebroOh, so I can register several local utilities per object, with different names... ouhhh.... cool. I get it now. Ignore all I say. :D18:50
* regebro is thinking aloud.18:51
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regebroHeummm... Doe there exist another way of contraining what types of objects that can be created in a folder than the __setitem__.precondition of the interface?19:29
J1myes19:32, type2, ...)19:33
regebroAh. Zope 3.1?19:35
regebrook, thanks.19:53
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