IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-06-29

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* mozillaman hugs everyone19:13
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mozillamanYou guys are using for logging, right?19:13
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jabba2khow do I open a ZODB connection for a thread?  I get "ZODB.POSException.ConnectionStateError: Shouldn't load state for 0x06d2 when the connection is closed" errors all the time when trying to add stuff to a container...23:00
J1mconnection =
J1mhow are you getting the container?23:02
philiKONhi J1m23:02
jabba2kI have it available via annotations23:02
philiKONEP was cool23:02
J1mjabba2k, how did you get the annotations?23:03
jabba2k:)  I have a twisted reactor and irc connection object that gets called when data arrives...23:03
J1mphiliKON, I thought it went through Friday. Hm.23:04
philiKONno, monday thru wednesday23:04
J1mjabba2k, how did you get the annotations?23:04
jabba2kis that what you mean?23:05
J1mphiliKON, was there much discussion of the zope foundation or Z3ECM?23:05
J1mjabba2k, that's a start23:05
J1mjabba2k, where does context come from?23:05
J1mjabba2k, is this a multi-threaded app?23:06
philiKONJ1m, we had a z3 ecm panel23:06
jabba2k:)  i looked at the messageboard example and kinda copied the mail subscriber thingy, context is a Network container.. i better explain the structure of my app:23:06
philiKONJ1m, i had to leave early for the flight so i missed rob's talk on the foundation23:06
J1mphiliKON, dang23:07
philiKONJ1m, i talked to rob about it for 5 minutes though23:07
J1mphiliKON, about zf? or z3ecm?23:07
jabba2kthe connection gets data and generates an event object incl a network object, then notify'ing it with zope.event.notify. a subscriber that accesses that network object in the event and uses annotations to get a list of subscribers23:07
philiKONmost of the issues and questions were answered during the irc session anyway, though23:07
philiKONabout the zf23:07
philiKONthe z3 ecm panel was technical23:08
J1mjabba2k, are you talking about a zope app?23:09
philiKONmartijn, florent, joel burteon, stevea and me were in it; tres led it23:09
jabba2kyes, I want to create an irc bot within zope23:09
philiKONwe talked about release management, focus of z3 ecm, development cycles and methods, etc.23:09
J1mjabba2k, does this bot run in it's own thread?23:10
jabba2ki'm using ThreadedAsync.register_loop_callback23:10
J1mThat just lets you find out when someone starts the async loop.23:11
J1mjabba2k, does this bot run in it's own thread?23:11
srichterjabba2k: you should really wait for the twisted integration or use my twisted branch23:12
jabba2ki'm using twisteds  threadedselectreactor reactor, which wants a callback method. i use ThreadedAsync.register_loop_callback to get those callbacks that drive twisted23:12
jabba2ksrichter: yeah, is there a public viewcvs for your branch?23:13
J1mjabba2k, I can't believe that ThreadedAsync.register_loop_callback has anything to do with what you want, whatever that is.23:13
srichteryeah, go to; go to the Zope 3 branches and look for twisted23:14
jabba2kJ1m: I need to run the twisted reactor, and as i don't wanted to create my own thread i tought i could use that ;)23:15
J1mAnyay, connections and their persistent objects cannot be shared accross th23:15
J1mAnyay, connections and their persistent objects cannot be shared accross threads23:15
J1mFurthermore, if you grab some persistent object you got from a web request, you can only use it in that request.23:16
J1mYou can't save it and use it in another request or outside a request.23:16
J1mIf you want to access persistent objects outside of a web request you need to open your own database connection and get the persistent object from that.23:17
jhauser_in zope-2.8 I try to get at the acquisition context in the setter method, but there seems to be no such context, is this a feature of property?23:17
srichterjhauser_: this is a Zope 3 only room23:18
philiKONsrichter, i told jhauser_ to ask j1m here23:18
J1mjhauser_, what is a setter method?23:18
jhauser_data=property(getter, setter)23:19
philiKONfoo = property(getFoo, setFoo) i presume23:19
J1mproperties don't participate in acquisition.23:20
J1m(or, pyt another way, acquisition doesn't mess with properties.23:20
jhauser_oh ok, thanks so it is not a problem in my usage23:20
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andrew_mis it generally possible that a custom widget can add something to the header of a page (e.g. a <script ..> tag) by filling in some slot or so?23:54
philiKONno, unfortunately not23:55
philiKONa pagelet driven skin and form machinery shoudl solve that23:56
andrew_mok, i am using boston which has pagelets23:56
philiKONthen you can register a pagelet that provides some JS23:57
andrew_mok, i'll try that instead23:57

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