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bcsallerdoes it make sense to people to do something like map IAnnotations for IRead/WriteFile using xattr on the FS? has anyone tried something like this yet?01:40
J1mxatter? What's that?01:41
bcsallerxattr is the interface for binding metadata at basically the inode layer01:42
bcsallerthe result is that the metadata is bound to the file, moves with it01:42
bcsallerso uuid in xattr can resolve sync issues01:42
bcsallerwas what I was thinking01:42
bcsallerthe newer *NIX fs support this01:42
J1mSo you are thinking of some sort of content object that is stopred on the file system?01:43
J1mSo you are thinking of some sort of content object that is stored on the file system?01:43
bcsaller >>> import xattr01:43
bcsaller    >>> xattr.listxattr("file.txt")01:43
bcsaller    ('user.mime_type',)01:43
bcsaller    >>> xattr.getxattr("file.txt", "user.mime_type")01:43
bcsaller    'text/plain'01:43
bcsallernot much to that, but it should be simple to do a mapping if I have it right in my head01:44
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J1mwell, although it doesn't say so, applications expect to be able to store persistent data.01:44
J1mSo, this wouldn't quite work in general.01:44
bcsallera precondition on the an Annotation subinterface that restricts it to strings?01:45
J1mThe original vision for annotations was that they could be stored anywhere, but we've gotten in the habit of putting prettu much anything in them.01:45
J1mwe need something like that, yes01:45
J1mor maybe you just want a different, but similar sort of thing.01:46
bcsallerI am just trying to get some hands on work done with this, want to make sure I have it right in my head01:46
J1mWell, you couldn't do this with the annotation framework as it stands.01:47
J1mI do think you should be able to do this with some annotation like framework though.01:47
bcsallerI suppose the specifics are not that important01:48
bcsallerI am thinking of a UnionFS, a ZODB overlayer for a traditional FS, but I want things to stay in sync, so I wanted the xattr uuid binding to track changes01:48
J1mI don't know which specific are not that important. :)01:48
bcsallerI don't need to bind it to IAnnotation for this to work specifics01:49
J1mIt seems that this is the sort of thing that Ape should help with.01:49
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bcsallerAPE might do it, yes01:49
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bcsallerI am not sure it would do think like track FS moves and such01:50
bcsallerI can look into it01:50
J1mNo, but it could map certain data into xatter calls01:50
J1mNo, but it could manage data with xatter calls01:51
bcsallerthat might be worth having for other people as well...01:51
bcsallerI'll experiment with things a bit more then, thanks01:53
J1mwhere's a good place to get this module?01:53
bcsallerhmm, I'll check01:53
J1mfound it I think01:54
J1mlooks fun. I'll have to play with it. :)01:56
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snakehi all12:11
snakei have some problems starting zope3 under win9812:11
snakeit says12:12
snakeAttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'implementer'12:12
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mexiKONsnake, are you using zope3 trunk?13:18
snakethe release13:18
snakelatest unstable13:18
mexiKONa, 3.1 beta13:21
mexiKONcan you paste the traceback to
snakesorry i already trashed it :D13:23
snakei got fed up13:23
snakewin98 seems barely supported13:23
mexiKONhmm, maybe13:24
mexiKONget yourself a real os :)13:24
snakemexiKON, i have one, but i am stuck with this s***t13:25
snakemy comp is miles away :s13:25
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* Theuni praises Zope 317:55
Theunii just was able to start doing stuff with it (again)17:56
Theuniit took me 15 minutes to create a web UI for the link monitoring server we run using XML/RPC17:56
Theunithat's faster than with archetypes ;)17:56
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srichterwho would have thought that! :-)18:09
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Theunii mean, i still have to fight with the framework all the time18:14
Theunibut i suppose that to go away pretty quick18:14
Theunidon't have the API in my head, so a lot of digging happens18:14
* Theuni heads home for weekend18:15
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VladDrachey mac18:32
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jabba2khi, how do i get an ILocaleCalendar object (from within a view)? I tried to adapt self.request, self.request.locale and self.request.locale.dates, but that failed... (I need translated month names)21:50
srichterjabba2k: check the interfaces for details22:10
srichteronce you have the locale object, you can get to the month names; look at zope.i18n.interfaces22:10
jabba2kuh, I did, but overlooked it. thanks22:15
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The|uniSteveA:  ayt?22:52
The|uniI'm doing Zope 3 application hacking right now ...22:54
The|uniI'd wonder if there is some documentation how you handle the non-persistent objects ...22:54
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SteveAwhat non-persistent objects?22:58
SteveAto not use the zodb?22:58
SteveAyou need to write your own Publication22:58
The|uniThat you do not hold in the ZODB but in SQL/other place22:58
SteveAthat doesn't use the zodb22:58
SteveAi define entry-points into the persistent stuff as utilities22:59
SteveAbut, they need to be utilities that are aware of security22:59
The|uniDo you have opensource examples?22:59
The|uniright. I remember that point.22:59
SteveAso, i defined a securedutility directive for registering such utilities22:59
SteveAso, using getUtility with one of these, you get a proxied object22:59
SteveAso, nothing open source22:59
SteveAyou just need to make sure your system follows the "zope3 security overview" diagram23:00
The|uniok. i'll read some source code for the zodb stuff23:00
The|unibtw: how "fixed" is the Zope3 trunk right now?23:00
The|unii might like fix some bugs when I'm around23:01
SteveAi dunno.  not using the trunk right now.23:02
SteveAalbert mentioned some list of release-critical bugs23:02
SteveAi suppose srichter would know about those23:02
* The|uni poke srichter, but he isn't on irc right now.23:02
srichteryes? ...reading23:06
The|uniyou've been at the top of the list23:07
The|unididn't see your name though23:08
srichterThe|uni: see TODO.tzt23:08
srichterin doc/23:08
The|uniah ok23:08
srichterbugs can be fixed on the trunk, just no new features23:08
The|uniSteveA:  I only want a certain part of the app to be published that way. Would it be correct to write a Traverse then that hooks in?23:17
The|unilooks like that ...23:18
* The|uni tries23:18
SteveAyeah, you can write a traverser that hooks into that23:23
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