IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-07-02

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The|unicool. that works.00:34
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The|uninow ... why does xmlrpc have no notion of transactions? ...00:35
* The|uni grumbles00:36
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srichterThe|uni: in Zope 3 it does01:11
srichterit is a simply HTTP request01:11
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The|uniwell yeah ... but i'm the client. the other side has no notion about that ...01:17
The|unianyway ... that other side needs to go on a rdbm anyway01:17
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Subvertirsvn co svn:// Zope310:15
SubvertirI downloaded a tree with that command, and there are no makefiles in it10:15
Subvertirwhat's the deal?10:15
Subvertirthese are apparently out of date, does anyone know where I can find more current info?10:18
d2mREADME.txt has recent install instructions10:19
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VladDrachey martijn18:51
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willybwhat is the status of zope3?22:40
philiKONwillyb, 3.1 beta1 is out22:48
philiKONor what do you want to know specifically?22:48
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