IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-07-03

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AlefIs anybody waiken?03:50
AlefI have just one small question, that I couldn't find an answer03:51
Alefis Script (Python) implemented in Zope303:51
AlefMaybe it's written on the first page, but it too late here and I didn't saw it03:55
philiKONAlef, nope, no such thing03:58
philiKONand not much use for such a thing int he component architecture anyway03:58
Alefbut it's written in the FAQ03:59
Alef  Will Zope X3 or Zope 3 support Python scripts?   Yes and Yes, although as of 2003-02-19 it hasn't been implemented   yet. According to Jim:03:59
philiKON1. the faq is outdated04:00
philiKON2. jim has ambitious (some call them wild) ideas04:00
philiKON3. if you write 'em, fine with me; i won't need them04:00
philiKONand i think you won't either04:00
philiKONzope3 is not about through the web (TTW) development04:01
Alefthanks for the answer.04:02
Alefis there any up to date FAQ?04:04
philiKONno, not really04:04
philiKON if you're looking for some reading material04:04
Alefthe zope3 developer handbook, is it up to date?04:05
philiKONthe online version... not quite. it's not up to date with printed version04:05
philiKONyeah, it's too bad04:06
Alefi didn't quite understanded when you said: zope3 is not about through the web (TTW) development04:07
Alefwhat is it about then?04:08
philiKONabout developing components on the file system04:08
philiKONwriting regular python packages04:08
philiKONzope 2 is this system that's not "pythonic" at all04:08
philiKONdoes a lot through the web, etc.04:08
philiKON(and so-called "Products" were not like python packages, but in a way they were ... really confusing)04:09
philiKONwith zope 3, you start out with a python packages and develop individual components; on the file system04:09
Alefthanks a lot :)04:11
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