IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2005-07-04

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faassenhow is it possible to do testing of integrated code easily? i.e. I want to test whether the catalog in my particular application is really finding something.20:00
faassenI know I can do functional doctests but I don't want to go all the level to TCP, I just want to call methods and see whether they deliver the right output.20:00
algaIn functional doctests you can getRoot()20:03
faassenalga: but how much is hooked up?20:05
faassenalga: I mean, when I add something to a folder, does an event get sent to the unique id service which sends an event to the catalog?20:05
faassenalga: or does one need to hook all of this up by hand in the testing code?20:05
algaI suppose the events will get sent20:07
algathey are sent in the __setitems__ of containers20:07
algaand all the setup is done for the page tests20:07
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faassenalga: right..20:09
faassenalga: is that the best way? I mean, is there something whereI don't have to write a functional doctest first?20:09
algaIf you're willing to go into pains of doing all the needed setup in a unit test, you can do that20:11
algaabusing a page tests seems like a shortcut to me20:11
faassenbut I was hoping there was a proper shortcut.20:12
faassenas opposed to an abusing the page test shortcut.20:12
algahm, the original Marius's ftest framework was more like what you need20:13
algaconfiguration is done for you, and then you can write tests20:13
faassencould be there's a FunctionalTestSetup in there..20:14
faassenI mean, it looks like I might try FunctionalTestCase.20:14
faassenthat doesn't have all the browser stuff yet.20:15
faassenbut does parse the config files.20:15
faassenI'll try that.20:15
algathat's what I meant by the original ftests20:15
faassenlooks for something
faassenI guess my ftesting needs to run zopes somehow..20:22
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faassenI wonder how one does that.20:24
faassenI mean, I can copy the whole zope version and adjust everything inside but that seems rather silly.20:24
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philiKONfaassen, why not write a FunctionalTestCase?20:34
faassenI'm trying to write one.20:34
faassenit expects rather specific circumstances.20:34
faassenit expects an ftesting.zcml to be there.20:34
faassenwhich only exist in etc.20:34
faassenso if I go to the 'etc' of my instance and do ../bin/test20:34
faassenthe tests actually run.20:34
faassenwhich is rather silly, to have to be in 'etc' to run tests.20:35
philiKONthat *is* silly20:35
faassenit looks for ftesting.zcml in the current directory, I think.20:35
faassenbut it does appear to work..I think.20:35
philiKONi don't recall it being that complicated when i wrote the book's code, though20:35
philiKON(that was one of the few times i worked with an instance rather than a checkout)20:35
faassenI'm sure everybody is very happy running the functional test cases from the checkout.20:36
faassenoh, okay.20:36
philiKONwell, coudn't you override the method or whatever it is that loads ftesting?20:36
faassenI guess. another thing, probably intentional, is that zope.conf isn't loaded.20:37
faassenwhich makes it harder to work with external libraries, you have to manually put them on your PYTHONPATH.20:37
philiKONi think it's quite intentional that it's not loaded20:37
philiKONzope.conf is about HTTP server and ZODB conf20:37
philiKONat least ZODB conf shouldn't be part of ftesting20:37
faassenyes, but that makes life hard, if I want to put stuff on my PATH.20:37
philiKONmaybe we should have a stripped down ftesting.conf20:38
faassenguess so.20:38
philiKONanyway, back to my studies20:39
philiKONhave a good night20:39
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