IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2005-07-05

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SuperPhlyhello all, i've been a zope 2.x developer now for a little while (4 months)09:45
SuperPhlyand i was going to take a look at zope 309:45
SuperPhlyi've installed python 2.4 and the newest zope 3.1b (i think)09:46
SuperPhlyHow do i get it running and perhaps take a look at the ZMI (if that still exists)09:46
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VladDracsuperphly: the same way as with zope 2.7 actually11:39
VladDracfollow instructions to build the stuff and use mkzopeinstance + zopectl11:39
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VladDracgetting crowded here12:48
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VladDracwe must have won some new souls at ep ;)12:48
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SteveAuse some_interface.extends14:09
VladDracit's just a matter of knowing the API :)14:09
SteveAuse some_interface.extends() or some_interface.extends(strict=False)14:09
VladDracok, sounds simple14:09
SteveAdepending whether you want to include that exact interface or not.14:09
sashav_what zope(3) related tools are there for translating from one xml to an other?14:42
srichteryou can use Python tools to do that14:48
srichterthere are many alternatives14:48
srichterZope 3.2 will include lxml14:48
srichterwhich is a library on top of libxml214:48
sashav_ok is there any products I can look at to see a good approach in z3 model?14:51
srichterwell, it totally depends on your use case14:52
sashav_just need some source code to look at :) xml1 -> xml2 -> sent to a product I have14:53
sashav_I am on z2.8 so I can use z3 stuff14:53
srichteryou can look at zope.configuration.xmlconfig, zope.i18n.locale, zwiki - export/import14:57
srichter(all in the trunk)14:57
srichterthey use the xml.sax and xml.dom.minidom modules from Python14:58
sashav_ok, trunk != z3 in z2.8?14:58
srichterno, z2.8 uses the old zope 3.0 release14:59
srichterwell, zope.configuration.xmlconfig and zope.i18n.locale should be in z2.8 as well14:59
sashav_is it possible to replace what's in the z2.8 stuff with current z3 release?14:59
sashav_ok I'll check what's there15:00
srichtermmh, ask the five people15:11
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sashav_srichter can't find the export/import stuff of zwiki, is in the zwiki package? the other seem to be xml input only not converting to other15:56
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itamarsrichter, mkerrin: the twisted ftp server is basically done16:41
itamaronly thing missing for us to merge it is new tests16:41
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mkerrinitamer: excellant - thank you very much16:56
VladDrachey itamar16:57
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itamarso if either of you want to start developing the zope3 backend, the code is ready for that17:01
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itamarplus you may find some edge cases we missed17:07
itamarwe tested with the whatever the command line ftp tool is on linux, gftp and nautilus17:08
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SteveAJ1m: any idea why dropping into pdb from application code called by a doctest, then setting a breakpoint in other application code, then continuing, fails to stop at the breakpoint ?20:18
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