IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-07-06

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kikohey hackers01:21
kikodoes anyone have a tip on some auto-linkification code that might already be present in zope3?01:22
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VladDracauto linkification?01:39
VladDracdidn't you use to be a pygtk developer? Or am I mixin up nicknames? :)01:39
kikoI still am, VladDrac!01:42
kikoessentially, identifying a URL in some text and converting it to a real HTML link01:42
VladDracdon't know if such code exists in zope301:44
VladDracdon't think it's in which would seem a locical place01:44
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VladDracrenderer even02:02
kikoI suppose only the great Jim will know02:02
kikoSteveA is a close second though02:02
J1mI know nothing of such code02:03
kikoJ1m, should such code exist (i.e. patches welcome) or is it application-level code?02:05
philiKONkiko, look for zwiki02:06
philiKONit should either have the code in there or use it02:06
kikophiliKON, good suggestion; will do.02:06
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sashavdoh did anyone see my 4 postings 2 secs ago?11:50
* sashav got disconnected11:50
VladDracto a list? Or messages to irc?11:51
sashavmessages here11:55
VladDracseen none11:55
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sashavok yesterday srichter answered me "you can do that with python/zope3" when I asked for tools to transform from one xml to an other. now I wondered if he ment "instead of xsl" or "with xsl" I have found following11:58
sashavwhich seams to be zope3 + xsl example but little old11:58
sashavand now I found
sashavanyone tried the last one or know the status of it?11:58
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* sashav is just wondering for the "best practice"11:59
VladDracwhat he probably meant is that there are standard python modules for doing anything xml related you can imagine12:01
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scottleshi, i have just started learning zope3... is this a suitable channel for asking questions regarding zope3, or is there another channel better suited to zope3 newbies?13:45
VladDracthis is the right channel13:50
VladDracthere's also #z3-base, but that's a bit more five and z3ecm focussed13:51
VladDrac(and products related to the z3base on, i.e. sqlos)13:51
scottlescool :)13:51
VladDracand you're not allowed to ask questions until you've read both zope3 books >:)13:52
scottleshehe.. well.. i have the zope3 books on order from amazon.. waiting for them to arrive.. :p13:53
scottlesI was europython and there was a guy there that wrote the books.. so i decided to order them :)13:54
scottlesi mean i was at europython..13:54
VladDracwell, one of the guys was there13:54
* VladDrac points at philiKON13:54
sashavphiliKON, is this still up2date or do you recommend other examples?
scottleshow do you define which page template is loaded when you first visit a zope3 site? schoolbell appears to be loading something called "view_macros" which defines the layout of teh page.. but im not sure how i would get it to load an alternative layout for a specific url..14:28
VladDracthroug (skin) layers, views and zcml configuration14:35
scottlesim looking at the zcml configuration for schoolbell.. but im actually a bit confused.. as i cant make out which bit actually defines the default page..14:37
VladDracthat tends to happen with zcml, yes :)14:38
scottlesim kinda hoping these zope3 books will arrive soon.. im not making huge progress atm :/14:39
VladDracscottles: srichters book is available online as well14:39
scottlesit is? where? :)14:40
scottlesah cool :)14:41
VladDracbest is probably to start reading from the beginning14:42
VladDracunfortunately, skinning is discussed in ch. 2414:42
scottlesright.. i got a lot of reading to do then!14:43
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