IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2005-07-08

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Pupeno-What version should I use to learn Zope 3 ?09:19
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philiKONPupeno-, 3.1beta09:32
philiKONPupeno-, or svn trunk09:32
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MacYETthe 'for' arg in browser:pages is for specifying an interface and/or class?09:33
bob2interface, yes09:35
bob2maybe a class would work, too09:35
philiKONclass works too09:36
philiKONbut interface is preferrable09:36
philiKONif it's a class, implementedBy(klass) is taken09:36
MacYETic..fix this in your book :)09:37
* MacYET takes the stick09:39
philiKONok, ok, i'll think about it09:39
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MacYETAdapters can be views?09:41
philiKONviews *are* adapters09:54
philiKON(in z3.1)09:54
MacYETok, just preparing a z3 presentaton and trying to sell z3 :)09:55
MacYETand your book is not totally clear on this issue :)09:56
philiKONwell, my book is on x3.009:57
philiKONi was writing it for x3.0 but with 3.1 in mind :)09:57
MacYETyou're confusing us!09:58
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bob2is there a decent guide to out there?10:25
Pupeno-Where is the package-includes directory ?10:33
bob2etc/ in the zope instance10:33
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Pupeno-The budydemo can be located on Zope-instance/lib/python, right ?10:46
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