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bob2hm, where can I find how to use fssync?14:54
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* andrew_m is away: I'm busy15:07
bob2hm, was it you, philiKON who pointed me at fssync?15:13
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mgedminprobably me15:43
mgedminit's in
mgedminand also in zope.fssync15:44
mgedminI've never used it15:44
mgedminand I think it doesn't work now15:44
mgedminbut it was a great idea nevertheless15:44
robrecordi'm so excited about zope 3.15:49
robrecordi can hardly contain myself15:49
robrecordexcuse me15:49
SteveAyou can't contain yourself.15:59
SteveAthere's an event that guarentees that invariant15:59
SteveAyou'd be circular otherwise16:00
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faassenis it possible to have local security policies?16:25
faasseni.e. a site specific security policy possible?16:27
faassendef setSecurityPolicy(aSecurityPolicy):16:29
faassen    """Set the system default security policy, and return the previous16:29
faassen    value.16:29
faassen    This method should only be called by system startup code.16:29
faassen    It should never, for example, be called during a web request.16:29
faassen    """16:29
faassendoes this mean that it's not possible to have a local security policy?16:29
mgedminyou can have a global security policy that knows how to delegate to local ones16:30
* mgedmin is trying to quote J1m from memory16:31
faassenyeah, but that'd be hard to install.16:31
faassenas we'd have to ask people to edit their zcml.16:31
faassenmaybe I'm wrong.16:31
faassenno, I'm not wrong.16:32
faassenit's unfortunate that people have to edit their zcml to install this smarter security policy.16:32
mgedminzope 3 is not ready as an application server that can host multiple unrelated widely different applications, imho16:32
faassenthat's our feeling too.16:33
faassenso the next question do you do this schoolbell trickery that makes it the zope root?16:33
SteveAi think it is... provided you rip out the default publication16:35
SteveAand add an api to get at the zodb root from elsewhere, as a thread local16:35
faassenSteveA: you mean you think it's ready? not security policy-wise, right? as that's a global variable.16:36
SteveAthat smartly starts zodb connections only when needed16:36
SteveAand replace the security policy with a more general one16:36
faassenSteveA: right.16:36
mgedmin/@@view.html with <form action="."> submits the form to /16:36
SteveAi talked with tres about security policies at EP16:36
mgedmin/view.html with <form action="."> submits the form to /view.html16:36
SteveAuse form action=""16:36
faassenSteveA: I imagine something like that might be more sane, as then at least sites are more fundamentally independent.16:36
SteveAi am totally infavour of doing all of this16:37
mgedminno, I'm mistaken16:37
ignas__my bad :/16:37
SteveAsadly i have no time to do it16:37
SteveAignas__: i think you mean "I'm bad." ;-)16:37
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faassenSteveA: revolution is near!!16:37
* faassen looks around to see whether he sees Jim.16:37
SteveAfaassen the apostate16:38
faassenSteveA: darn, you have no time for revolutions either? how are we going to revolution then?16:38
philiKONfaassen, i gues syou have to do your own little mini revolution16:38
faassenphiliKON: hey, I'm actually sneaking in all kinds of mini revolutions, didn't you notice? :)16:38
philiKONfaassen, btw, i released five 1.0.216:38
SteveAfaassen: i'll have to take a revolution sabbatical16:39
faassenphiliKON: I noticed, cool. JW looked at the change log, I haven't had the time yet.16:39
ignas__SteveA, are you sure that an empty string a valid URI accorting to the spec ?16:39
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philiKONfaassen, five 1.1 isn't far away as far as i'm concerned. when are you going to write the adding tests? ;)16:39
faassenSteveA: yeah, that'd be cool. And then you ask Canonical to fund me too and I'll revolution along with you. :)16:39
SteveAi think "sabatical" means "i don't get paid for it"16:39
faassenphiliKON: I really don't have time the coming 2 weeks.16:39
philiKONoh well16:40
philiKONthere can always be a 1.1.1 :)16:40
faassenSteveA: shoot, can't we motivate this as 'fundamental infrastructural thingymabobby which will really help the bla-adapter-interaction-pattern-factory thingy?16:40
faassenmgedmin: you don't override the security policy in schoolbell, right?16:43
faassenI'm worrying about its interaction with, say, functional testing.16:45
robrecordSteveA - your observations are acute - the event could be something to do with zope 316:49
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jintyhoi, I have some debian related questions about zope3:16:55
jinty1. what ususally happens with outside libs that are imported into the subversion tree?16:56
jintyfor example pytz, because there is a pytz package in debian, and the ideal would be for the zope package just to depend on that.16:56
jintybut we don't want to break stuff16:57
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bob2so, say I want to provide a configuration file for an app17:14
bob2hrm, I think srichter's book covers this, actually17:15
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elbixioHi everybody. I've never used the ZODB, and I was wondering: Is it possible to modify the ZODB of an instance from an external Python application while the instance is running?18:20
mgedminyes and no18:22
mgedminZEO is one way to do it18:22
elbixioI have a Python app that runs periodically using cron. It extracts data from a website and store it in text files18:24
elbixioI was thinking of using Zope3 to publish the extracted data18:24
elbixioThat's why I wanted to store the data in the ZODB, because I thought it would be easier to access the data from Zope18:25
philiKONz3 doesn't need data to be in the zodb anymore18:27
philiKONbut you can use zeo to access zodb data from multiple python sessions (e.g. a zope instance and a python app)18:28
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tim2phi, are there any examples of using the zope 2 -> 3 interface bridge code?18:38
tim2pi found this <>18:41
tim2pbut it's not clear to me where i can import those new zope 3 interfaces from18:41
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VladDractim2p: zope2.8/five/zope3?19:08
tim2pVladDrac: i'm on 2.8 and trying to bridge a CMF interface19:10
philiKONtim2p, you can import the z3 style interfaces from the module you specify19:13
philiKON<bridge zope2="..." package="my.package" name="IZ3Interface" />19:13
philiKONfrom my.package import IZ3Interface19:14
tim2pphiliKON: oh, that does make sense now I see it :-)19:14
philiKONbtw, the future way will be the other way around19:14
philiKONyou write z3 interfaces19:14
philiKONand bridge them to z2 ones if you still need z2 ones around19:15
philiKONzope 2.9 will have this feature19:15
philiKONmaybe five 1.1 too19:15
tim2pphiliKON: does that mean that all zope core and cmf interfaces will have their source adjusted to be proper zope.interface.Interface derived?19:17
philiKONzope 2.9 core interfaces will be z3 style19:17
philiKONCMF 1.6 or whatever it's called too, i guess19:17
philiKONi'm not a cmf developer19:17
tim2pphiliKON: sure.  thanks19:18
philiKONbut it just doesn't make sense anymore to write z2 interfaces if all you do is bridge them to z3 anyway19:18
d2mphiliKON: just posted:
tim2pi agree, although I'd be worried if i weren't able to bridge legacy interfaces to the new sort (say from third party products)19:18
philiKONright, you'll still be able to bridge old stuff19:19
tim2pcool, then i'm happy :-)19:20
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philiKONwhat's wrong with anyone know?20:34
d2mdont know, should forward to webmaster@zope.org20:36
d2mphiliKON: sorry, wrong answer20:38
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d2mthere was a support mail address for cvs and svn webrepository which is now  linked to webmaster@zope.org20:49
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philiKONJ1m, i'm experiencing a very weird bug regarding the testing of security policies22:34
philiKONgot a minute?22:34
philiKONso, placelesssetup calls newInteraction22:35
philiKONso, before I call placelsssetup.setUp(), I set my own security policy22:35
philiKON      >>> from import setSecurityPolicy22:35
philiKON      >>> from import FiveSecurityPolicy22:35
philiKON      >>> oldpolicy = setSecurityPolicy(FiveSecurityPolicy)22:35
philiKONgetSecurityPolicy() returns FiveSecurityPolicy after those lines, as it should22:35
philiKONnow I do placelesssetup.setUp()22:36
J1mI bet placelesssetup resets the security policy22:36
J1mI'm sure it does22:36
philiKONif it does so, it doesn't do it through setSecurityPolicy22:36
philiKONi couldn't find where it would22:37
J1mSee _clear in
J1mafter calling setUp, call22:38
philiKONright, i've got that working22:38
philiKONit just feels weird22:38
philiKONi see
philiKONbut it's a cleanup22:38
J1mI don't know why22:38
philiKONso, why would placelesssetup.setUp() call _clear?22:39
J1mto make sure it has a known starting point22:39
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projekt01Pupeno, ayt?23:36
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strichterJ1m: btw, I am back :-)23:57
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