IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-07-13

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Pupenoprojekt01: more or less, I am here, but some werk came by, so for a couple of weeks I won't be doing Zope it seems.00:59
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projekt01Pupeno, you where asking for a wysiwyg editor? right?01:23
projekt01Did you see my answer on the mailinglist about the editor and the links to the sources?01:30
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Pupenoprojekt01: yes, I saw it. I worked a let with Zope 2 and Plone where I met Epoz and Kupu. I liked Kupu better but it used to had some showstopper bugs at that time. That might have changed, so, if I ever try to do it, I'll start with Kupu.01:32
projekt01Ok, we did a implementation for kupu too at the sprint last year in munich01:32
PupenoI see.01:34
projekt01Yeah, I found the URL again, seems to be still there at:01:35
projekt01Feel free to use the branch and change it if needed, we don't use it anymore.01:36
PupenoI bookmarked it. Thanks.01:37
projekt01Yup, see you.01:38
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bob2hm, is the new auth system documented anywhere yet?12:42
bob2ah, thanks12:44
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tim2pdoes anyone know if/where sidnei da silva hangs out on irc? i'm having trouble producing a (working) plugin for his (zope 2) PluggableDiscussion13:37
efgetim2p: he's usually at least on #plone13:39
tim2pefge: i just asked there too :-).  do you know his nick on irc?13:39
projekt01tim2p: dreamcatcher13:40
tim2pprojekt01: thanks13:41
philiKONtim2p, actually, it's "sidnei" these days13:45
philiKONand he seems to be in #z3-base more often than in #plone nowadays...13:45
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tim2pphiliKON: ok, thanks. i'll keep scouting around13:47
philiKONi think it's still pretty early over there13:49
tim2pphiliKON: ah, he's not in europe?  is it brasil?13:51
philiKONyep, brazil13:52
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faassenfunctional doctests aren't the most enlightening form of documentation..17:51
faassenat least not the one that contain all this nice TCP traffic. it doesn't help figuring out the API.17:52
Theunifaassen:  is that catalog query stuff also available with a "not" query? :)17:56
Theuni(if it get's public one day)17:56
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faassenTheuni: well, we have NotEquals, but I need to implement Not still more generally.18:06
faassenTheuni: should be reasonably easy I think.18:06
faassennow you gave me a name for the top level package name...catalogquerystuff!18:07
j-wfaassen: nice name indeed :-)18:07
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J1mfaassen, wrt functional tests, I agree.18:39
J1mWe've started doing a lot of selenium tests lately.18:40
J1mI'd really like to combine some of the strong points of selenium tests (high-level browser control, xpath assertions) and functional tests (doctest format, greater speed, no need to run a browser).18:41
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J1mBTW, selenium confirms for me that XPATH is a good way to make assertions about responses.18:41
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Theunifaassen:  :)18:42
srichtermaybe a high-level api that simulates browser behavior would be nice18:43
Theunikeyboard and mouse?18:43
srichterlike: press the button having id X18:43
J1mSomething like mechanise perhaps18:43
TheuniWell. Selenium does that pretty good aside using xpath.18:43
srichterTheuni: no, I mean for functional tests18:43
J1mnot mouse and keyboard.18:43
srichterthe goal would be to run tests without the need of a browser, like functional tests, just on a higher level18:44
J1mmore like: "enter test in this field", "submit this button"18:44
TheuniI pretty much love Selenium ... I actually dislike the idea of simulating a browser.18:44
srichterwell, ut we want to automate tests18:45
J1mI find the selenium HTML files hard to manage.18:45
Theuniwe do that with selenium18:45
srichterand not every server Zope runs on has a browser18:45
J1mWe've also found selenium tests to be too slow.18:45
Theunithat's a good point though. Question is what your "functional" tests shall assure.18:45
J1mIf all of our functional tests were selenium tests, they'd take hours to run.18:45
TheuniI agree on the managability of the HTML files. I agree that it's slow.18:45
J1mfunctional tests should *only* test the server.18:46
TheuniHmm. Ok. We're more like doing "acceptance" tests then.18:46
J1mselenium tests, imo, should be for testing client code.18:46
srichterthe goal of ftests is to make sure that the UI is not functionally broken18:46
srichteriow, you can complete a task at hand18:46
Theuniyeah. that's an acceptance test.18:46
J1mbtw, we've automated our selenium tests.18:47
J1mwhen it matures a bit more, I imagine we'll release what we've done.18:47
Theunizagy made some nightly build/test stuff IIRC ...18:47
J1mwe also run our selenium tests on IE on wondows using buildbot.18:48
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J1mwe also run our selenium tests on IE on windows using buildbot.18:48
J1mbenji_york, did the buildot setup and the selenium automation for us.18:48
faassenmechanize is a python library that can simulate browser behavior on a higher level. I wrote some automated tests for silva with it.18:50
faassenbut they're not maintained, I guess because I didn't integrate them into the test runner.18:50
faassenI also automated uploading products and publishing them etc on new :)18:51
faassenas the UI drove me fairly crazy.18:51
faassenbut I gave that up too as now we do that on our own site with silva.18:51
J1mdid they make HTTP calls? Or did you figure out how to make mechanize use the publisher?18:51
srichter(I do the same with book updates. ;-)18:51
faassenno, http calls. I guess it should be integratable in the publisher.18:51
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benji_yorkI'm interested in writing a front-end to mechanize (or something like it) that would read Selenium tests and run them against the publisher (no network and no browser, but alas no javascript either).18:58
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faassenI'm having trouble setting up a PrincipalFolder from within Python code.19:02
faassenI tried to read the functional doctest with the tcp stuff that left me clueless.19:03
faassenI have code that seems like it produces the exact same setup as what actually works in a normal folder.19:03
faassenbut for some reason it doesn't show up in the grant screen.19:03
faassenanybody has any clue how to accomplish this?19:06
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faassennever mind, I think I solved it.19:10
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j-1i'm building forms with zc.formlib.19:27
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j-1validation errors show up just nice in the rendered forms19:27
j-1but I cannot see how to display the invariant errors19:27
j-1uhm, or zope.formlib of course19:30
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faassenj-1 -> j-w19:31
faassenand he still wants to know. :)19:31
faassenhow to show up invariant errors in the forms rendered by zope.formlib, the library of the next generation.19:32
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jabba2khi, I have a subclass of unicode here and don't want it to be security proxied. is this possible somehow?21:49
srichteryou can declare it to be a rock21:50
jabba2khow would I do so?21:51
srichtersee zope.security21:51
jabba2kok, thanks21:51
srichterI am not sure what the API is21:51
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philiKON    from import defineChecker, NoProxy21:56
philiKON    defineChecker(MessageID, NoProxy)21:56
philiKONwhere you put in whatever your class is for MessageID21:56
jabba2kah thanks21:57
jabba2kah it works, yay!21:59
philiKONnote that subclasses written in python can never be 100% secure wrt to mutability22:00
philiKONif want to be sure, you need to write C code...22:00
philiKON(see zope.i18nmessageid.Message, for example)22:01
jabba2kyes, i used that as a template :)22:01
srichterwe really want to register a setUp function that calls defineChecker as well22:14
srichterso that tests that require security assertions work correctly as well22:14
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philiKONsrichter, placelesssetup already does that (
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