IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2005-07-14

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andrew_mif someone can correct that: in the boston skin, file skin.css there is a spelling mistake line 319: "widht" (however, when corrected to "width" that messes up the slotbox layout a bit)15:52
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_projekt01andrew_m, feel free to remove it or correct it16:59
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horizon5hi, anyone know how i can get a list of all the objects in the current context from a tales expression?22:34
horizon5i.e items of the current folder in zmi22:34
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horizon5is their some utility that I can call that does "get all objects of type x in a folder" ?22:39
srichterhorizon5: what do you need it for?22:39
srichteryou should write a view and do this in Python22:39
srichterclass View:22:39
horizon5ah, k,thought so, but wasn't sure22:39
horizon5so i would say : sorted([x for x in zapi.getParent(passedInContext).values() if type(x) is type(IFoo)]) for a list of objects in a container of type IFoo rite?22:41
srichterpassedInContext is self.context22:42
horizon5sorry, still trying to grok z3...22:42
srichterand IFoo.providedBy(x)22:43
srichterand then you want to sort by name, so this sorted() call will not do what you would expect22:43
horizon5srichter: thx, will play with it and see what happens :)22:44
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