IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-07-17

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roymfolks, has anyone had problems doing an ftp to zope3?01:05
roymI get the following error:01:05
roym192.168.1.100 - roy [16/Jul/2005:18:03:51 -0400] "PASS /"01:06
roymerror: uncaptured python exception, closing channel <zope.server.ftp.server.FTPServerChannel connected at 0x4127cbcc> (exceptions.AttributeError:'_socketobject' object has no attribute 'sock' [/usr/local/Zope3/src/zope/server/linereceiver/|service|43] [/usr/local/Zope3/src/zope/server/ftp/|cmd_list|235] [/usr/local/Zope3/src/zope/server/ftp/|write|887] [/usr/local/Zope3/src/zope01:06
roym/server/ftp/|_open|881] [/usr/local/Zope3/src/zope/server/ftp/|asyncConnectData|583] [/usr/local/Zope3/src/zope/server/ftp/|connectPort|758] [/usr/lib/python2.3/|__getattr__|365])01:06
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srichterroym: usually the FTP server works for people, but we know it has hickups02:21
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* wiggy waves02:21
srichterroym: we are not fixing the FTP server anymore, since we are going to switch to Twisted in 3.202:22
wiggyis it a known problem that the zope 3.1.0b1 release fails to find its own modules in some situations?02:23
wiggylike make check and zopectl start02:23
wiggyhm, zope 3.2 on twisted?02:24
wiggythat would mean not having to port a few things02:24
wiggyhm, svn trunk has a completely different install method it seems02:37
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srichterwiggy: it is not known to us that 3.1.0b1 does not find its own modules04:18
srichterwiggy: the SVN checkout does not have any install method; just make && make run04:18
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wiggysrichter: are you interested in a bugreport?10:08
wiggyor more interested in me messing with svn trunk?10:08
bob2srichter: where would I look to configure a PAU statically (ie without using ZMI)10:53
bob2er, s/srichter: //11:17
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srichterbob2: look at the *.txt files in
srichterwiggy: if you are sure what you are doing, fixing the problem on the trunk would be better (don't forget to write tests)14:36
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roymfolks - is it me or is ftp broken in the  ZopeX3-3.0/ branch? It appears to work ok in the srichter-twisted-integration/ branch.16:07
roymI get:16:08
roymreceive aborted16:08
roymwaiting for remote to finish abort16:08
roym500 Internal error: AttributeError: '_socketobject' object has no attribute 'soc16:08
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roymok - never mind - the trunk version works fine...17:07
roymDoes anyone know if sqlos will work w/trunk?17:07
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horizon5hi, i'm following the tutorial in Stephen's book, using svn zope3.1. @ step 8 i hit  a problem, but up to that point everything worked as expected. is this a known issue?17:30
bob2which is step 8?17:30
horizon5AttributeError: 'object' object has no attribute 'getProcessDefinitionNamesForObject'17:30
horizon5step08 deals with adding workflow to the messageboard17:31
bob2did you install the workflow package?17:31
* horizon5 blushes17:31
horizon5sorry, was rash17:31
bob2I only suggest it because I forgot :)17:32
horizon5thanks  bob2 :p17:32
horizon5bob2, where did u download the wf addon?17:35
bob2let me see...17:35
horizon5checked zope3 wiki, but doesn't seem to be up there... :s17:35
bob2hm, I don't know17:36
bob2hm, it seems to be in the svn checkout17:37
horizon5yep, just checked, and i do have it (since i installed from svn)17:38
srichterhorizon5: I have not updated the book for the trunk17:48
srichteriow, the trunk must be fixed for the book17:48
srichterI have not looked at the workflow support for a long time; it surely needs fixing17:49
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MrTopfhi srichter!18:52
roymFolks, How do I (in zcml) specify default values for a property that18:53
roymis a 'List' of 'TextLine'... here is what I tried (without luck)18:53
roym  | answers = List(18:53
roym  |     title=u"Answers",18:53
roym  |     description=u"List of possible answers to this question.",18:53
roym  |     required=True,18:53
roym  |     default=[u"text of answer1", u"text of answer2", u"text of answer3"],18:53
roym  |     value_type=TextLine(title=u"Answer")18:53
roym  |     )18:53
roymSorry - not zcml, but in the interface...18:54
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srichterwhat was the traceback you got?19:08
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roymsrichter, I got no error - just that the default values never showed up...19:11
srichterthey did not show up where?19:12
roymsorry, I meant in the "Add" page UI19:13
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srichterI am pretty sure you must have a choice or so available; otherwise there is no widget for a list19:13
srichtersearch through the code to see examples19:14
roymIf my value_type is a Choice, then the following works19:15
roym  | hxDxTx = List(19:15
roym  |     title=u"HxDxTx",19:15
roym  |     description=u"whether in Hx, Dx or Tx",19:15
roym  |     required=False,19:15
roym  |     value_type=Choice(vocabulary="hx/dx/tx"),19:15
roym  |     default=[u'Hx'],19:15
roym  |     )19:15
roymHowever, for a TextLine, I don't see how to specify the default.19:15
srichterTextLine will not work with Forms anyway, as far as I remember19:16
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srichteryou would have to write your own widget for that19:17
roymCurrently, for Textline, a button shows up - clicking it causes a checkbox+entry widget to appear19:17
roymThis can be done multiple times...19:17
roymCan I not force it to initially display some entry-fields with text in them?19:18
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wiggysrichter: trunk seems to be 3.2; I'll probably tinker with the 3.1 bit first to make sure to have something that ships working20:28
srichterwiggy: trunk is 3.120:47
srichterroym: probably; we have not explored this type of use case much20:48
wiggysrichter: ah, ok20:51
wiggyI figured it would be 3.2 since doc/CHANGES.txt documents new features for 3.2.020:51
wiggyI have this crazy idea of maybe rewriting gforge on top of zope320:52
wiggyso I'll probably be poking a fair amount at things in the nearish future20:52
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roymsrichter, thanks for letting me know.22:04
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