IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2005-07-18

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MudryHi! Any zope3+sqlos guys around? I have some problems (any possibly some partial solutions) getting it working..13:35
srichterMudry: there are usually no sqlos guys here; try #z3-base or the mailing list13:45
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Mudrysrichter: thanks14:03
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mpFooContained means "a thingy that is contained in containers of type (class, interface) Foo"?20:53
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srichterFooContained usually specifies the containers in which Foo can be21:20
mpwhy isn't it (usually) called FooContainer?21:21
mpsorry, my english is not perfect ;)21:22
srichterbecause a FooContainer is a container that contains Foo21:23
srichter*Contained describers the containers a particular object can be in21:24
srichterfor example21:24
philiKONmp, i think you misunderstood srichter21:24
srichterMessageBoard --> MessageContainer21:24
srichterMessageContained would say that Message can be contained by MessageBoard21:25
srichterit is basically the opposite direction of the container statement21:25
mpoh, specifies usint __parent__ = ... "statement", I get it now21:26
philiKONmp, all you really need to know is IContainer vs. IContained21:26
philiKONwhatever you make around that (FooContained, etc.) is totally up to you21:26
mphm.. why isn't it MessageBoardItem then? "Item" is good word, since __setitem__ sets items... ;)21:27
mp"usually" - I'm just curious21:27
philiKONit's a dead chicken21:27
philiKONMessage is shorter and just as meaningful as MessageBoardItem21:27
srichtermore descriptive too21:28
philiKONalso, "item" in __setitem__ is sort of Python terminology21:28
philiKONZope 3, apart from its component architecture terminology, doesn't really need that21:28
philiKONif you want to invent your own nomenclature, be my guest...21:28
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mpis there a way to have circular containment constraint for interface? that is X contains Xes only, Xes are contained in Xes and in Y...?21:43
mpwithout specyfying lots of interfaces..?21:44
J1mThe current approach is less than ideal21:44
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J1mI'd like to move toard a subscriber-based model.21:45
J1mI'd like to move toward a subscriber-based model.21:45
tvonIs there a default traverser I can call if the name passed to my publishTraverse is of no immediate interest to me?21:49
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J1mYes, there are several. :)22:02
J1mYou need to know their classes.22:03
J1mSomeday, maybe in 3.2, I hope to have something like "super" for adapter lookup.22:03
MrTopfis there any way to debug Five? It does not want to adapt and I am wondering why because it seems very similar to the simplest FiveDemo..22:04
MrTopf(and this is working)22:04
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MrTopfand interestingly, when I copy the Five parts from my product to FiveDemo/ they work22:19
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srichterJ1m: I started playing with wxPython a bit today; I agree now that the CA would be extremly useful for such UIs23:26
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srichterI defined all my data with schemas23:45
srichterit would be so nice to have Widgets now ;-)23:45
srichterand it seems pretty easy as well23:45

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