IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2005-07-19

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bob2one of my doctests tries to access an object's metadata using IAnnotations01:05
bob2in the zcml file, the object's class is delcared as implementing it01:05
bob2will that magically be parsed by the doctest, or do I need to do magic?01:05
bob2I assume there's something I'm missing, since the test failts ;p01:06
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AJCin the current SVN, zope fails to startup zwiki because the lines for getSiteManager & setsiteManager in the zcml are redundant (there twice)01:07
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srichterAJC: feed free to fix it01:18
srichterbob2: no, you have to register the adapters yourself01:18
srichterhowever, there are some nifty helper functions in[ztapi|setup]01:18
bob2ah, thank you01:18
bob2page = Page() ; zope.interface.directlyProvides(page, ; IAnnotations.implementedBy(Page) -> False01:21
srichterIAnnotations.providedBy(page) -> True01:22
srichterbecause you made a statement about the instance not the class01:22
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bob2ah, right01:22
bob2that distinction just doesn't stick for me, for some reason01:23
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srichterwell, if you have:01:28
srichterclass Foo:01:28
srichter  f = 001:28
srichterfoo = Foo()01:28
srichterfoo.f = 101:28
srichteryou would not expect Foo.f to be 101:28
srichtersame is true for interfaces01:28
bob2yeah, when I think about it I understand it, I just forget to think ;)01:31
philiKONbob2, also, IAnnotations is probably the wrong interface. you probably want IAttributeAnnotatable01:33
philiKONor some other flavour or Annotatable01:33
bob2yeah, I just realised that01:34
bob2I have 'directlyProvides(page, IAttributeAnnotatable)', then 'self._annotations = IAnnotations(context)', which fails with a "can't adapt" error01:35
bob2where context = page01:35
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bob2hm, if an object directlyPRovides IAttributeAnnotatable, should IAnnotations.providedBy return true?01:59
bob2I'm guessing not, and it's just that there's an adapter from IAttributeAnnotatable to IAnnotations02:00
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AJCsrichter, i can't fix it as i don't have developer SVN access.  it's faster for someone here with SVN access to edit the file, there are about 5 lines to remove.10:50
mexiKONAJC, you can become a contributor quite easily11:13
mexiKONwe can't check in somebody else's code11:13
AJCi don't have enough knowledge to become a contributor, i just spotted an error in the zwiki configure.zcml that doesn't run with the latest code11:14
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VladDracfile a bugreport + patch in the collector?11:46
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AJCVladDrac, it's really not worth it.  any developer here could do it in a minute.12:19
AJCless even12:19
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srichterAJC: please file a bug; this way we will not forget13:58
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srichterMacYET: you said you were at a concert the other day; which group was playing; REM?15:07
MacYETconcert? when?15:07
* MacYET thinks15:07
srichterabout 2 weeks back15:08
srichtermaybe 315:08
MacYETah...RSO STG :)15:08
srichterah, I see :-)15:08
MacYETradio symphonie orchestra stuttgart15:08
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srichterAre you coming to the Neckar sprint?15:13
* MacYET reads15:13
* MacYET lives in tübingen :)15:13
MacYETso it's just down the street:)15:13
srichtercool :-)15:14
srichterso it's mandatory for you :-)15:14
srichter(Didn't you tell me one time you live in Saarbruecken?)15:14
MacYETi moved two yrs ago15:15
srichterI see15:15
MacYETjust added myself to the participants list15:19
srichtercool! :-)15:19
* MacYET reads "catalog"15:22
* MacYET should better cancel15:22
MacYETdie stimme auf dem off15:28
mexiKONsrichter, wow, you're coaching? you're in .de at the time?15:28
mexiKON(i won't be unfortunately)15:28
MacYEThow bad :(15:29
srichtermexiKON: Uwe's Institute is so kind to pay the travel costs15:31
MacYETmy taxes :)15:31
srichterMacYET: don't worry, mine too :-)15:32
MacYETyou#re paying taxes in DE?:)15:32
mexiKONsrichter, ah, right, i remember there was something like that15:32
mexiKONsrichter, he asked me too whether i could coach, but, as you now know, i can't15:33
srichterMacYET: I did till this year; I had a German company and the gov got plenty of it from me ;-|15:33
srichterright, he told me15:34
mexiKONah, you were still doing business w/ your german company?15:34
srichterMacYET: but this year we unregistered in Germany and we are now officially non-domestic citizens15:34
srichtermexiKON: shifting it to the US right now; less taxes :-)15:35
* bob2 wonders why germany just doesn't implement the INotTaxTooMuch interface15:38
Theuniit does15:39
MacYETGermany implements a lot of interfaces derived from ISucks15:39
Theuniyou have to provide an adapter from ISuckyPolititicansAndIndustry15:39
srichterbob2: because: if tax[2005] < tax[2004]: raise CollpaseOfStateError15:39
bob2but also ISocialServices, I hear15:39
bob2srichter: haha15:39
* MacYET works on ranking for txng15:40
srichteroh, time to watch tour de france :-) (I know, I know; the coverage starts late in the US)15:40
srichterMacYET: I am looking forward to a good intro to txng in general ;-)15:42
MacYETread the sources :)15:43
j-wsrichter: its already clear who will win anyway...15:43
bob2I made a disturbing realisation the other day15:44
bob2er, had15:44
bob2even tho zope3 is pretty complicated, the source itself is really quite readable15:44
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* MacYET goes spanking some co-workers indenting ZPTs with tabs15:51
srichterugh, ...15:57
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faassenis it possible ZOPE_WATCH_CHECKERS is not being responded to correctly?18:34
faassenI'm trying to debug security but setting ZOPE_WATCH_CHECKERS is not very helpful; it tells me when some stuff is allowed if I put the value high enough, but not the denieds I'm interested..18:35
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AJChow many instances of a zope daemon can I run on one machine?  i'm trying to have a development server on 8081 and production on 8080... doesn't seem to work19:18
Theuniwhat's the error message?19:23
AJCnone, z3.log is empty19:23
Theuniyou can run as many as your hardware holds on to (cpu, memory etc)19:23
Theunitry starting it with zopectl fg19:24
AJCzopectl seems ok, just can't connect19:24
Theuniso the process is still running?19:24
AJCi can run in the foreground just fine with 'python bin/runzope'19:24
AJCseems ok with fg19:25
AJCbleh, seems fine now.  thanks19:27
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SteveAfaassen: ZOPE_WATCH_CHECKERS is most likely broken19:49
SteveAbecause it seems that whenever someone introduces C code into zope3 to optimise something19:50
SteveAthe tests run only with the C libraries, and not the equivalent python libraries19:50
SteveAso the python libraries rot19:50
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AJCwhen does it make sense to use Zope3 FTP?20:02
faassenSteveA: well, but the problem with that theory is..20:05
faassenSteveA: is taht it subclasses the C version and wraps it.20:05
faassenSteveA: but that seems to be failing. of course, there appear to be no tests for this behavior.20:06
faassenSteveA: for Python or C. :)20:06
faassenSteveA: but yeah, the python libraries also rotted away20:06
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